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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Surviving The Winter In Style: Essential Fashion And Beauty Tips

Winter is almost here, and while this heralds the start of the holiday season, it also brings cold weather. At this time of the year, the conditions can take their toll, but you don’t have to hide away and hibernate. Here are some fabulous fashion and beauty tips to help you survive the chill in style.
Your winter capsule wardrobe
In winter, the aim of the game is to be comfortable and warm as well as looking great. If it’s cold outside, you’ll need to layer up, but this doesn’t mean that your sense of style has to go out of the window. There are lots of different ways you can beat the chill and still look stylish. Invest in a couple of coats, one for more formal events and one for long walks and cheering on the sideline at football games, and make sure you’ve got footwear that will keep your toes warm and dry. Leather ankle boots are great because they go with both smart and casual outfits and trainers and fur-lined boots are ideal for outdoor activities.

While jeans and casual trousers are brilliant for winter, you don’t have to banish all your dresses to the back of the closet just because the temperature has dropped. You can use base layers, add tights and throw on a jacket or a cardigan to winter-proof your favorite styles from the summer. If you’re looking for dress outfit ideas, it’s a good idea to take a look at some fashion magazines and browse options online. You can style almost any dress for the conditions. Take a simple jersey maxi as an example. In the summer, you’d just add sandals, but to make this is a viable winter outfit, you can add tights, sneakers, an oversized woolen cardigan, a hat and a scarf.

Winter beauty rules
When it’s cold outside, it’s particularly important to protect your skin. If your skin is dry and your summer glow has long gone, make sure you moisturize frequently. It’s beneficial to swap light lotions for heavier creams and serums when temperatures tumble. Always remember to cleanse before you go to bed and exfoliate once a week.

If you’re struggling to adapt your look for winter, embrace some cold weather makeup trends. At this time of year, you can be bolder with color and opt for a slightly more dramatic look. Think a bright red lip, a smoky eye and fuller foundation coverage. Make sure you moisturize before you apply your base, as this will prevent dry spots and caking. You can use primer to create a smooth surface and setting spray to keep your makeup intact when it’s blowing a gale outside. Take care to get your foundation shade right. In the winter, most of us tend to be a little paler than in the summer, so you may need a lighter shade.

If you’re keen to look and feel great this winter, take these fashion and beauty tips on board. Adapt your wardrobe to ensure that you’re warm and cosy, as well as chic and stylish and take good care of your skin. Experiment with makeup trends and have fun trying new looks.

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