Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Plug Socket Fillers

Everyone with children knows that they are incredibly curious and it's often difficult to know what they'll get up to if you leave them in a room for two minutes on their own. Little fingers might wander into plug sockets, they could climb onto furniture to reach things you thought were out of reach and those surprisingly strong little arms might be able to open things they shouldn't. You need to come up with ways to make your child's space safe, and we've compiled some good starting points.

 Firstly, plug sockets can be extremely dangerous. Even if you've turned off the switch, a curious child can easily flick the switch back on, allowing power into the socket, and it's only a matter of time before their wandering hands end up jammed into the holes. This can lead to electrocution which can seriously harm a child, so make sure you have plastic plug socket fillers to prevent any nasty accidents. These should be placed in all the plugs the child has access to.

Any trailing wires could be a tripping hazard or could be a way to pull heavy equipment down from high places which could fall on the child. Pull all wires up from child height or firmly secure them, for instance to the sides of furniture using a 'wire tidy' to make it harder to move them. Also check all wires that can't be moved to make sure none of the plastic casing has split, leaving the metal wires themselves exposed.

If you have any objects you don't want your child to access, put them in cupboards secured with locks. The sturdier the lock, the better. Just make sure you keep the key well away from the cupboard itself, as children are surprisingly adept when they're determined to get in! This includes items like medicine packets and bottles, sharp objects, lighters, matches and anything which poses a choking hazard, but think like a child: what would you be interested in picking up and investigating if you were a three year old, and could it hurt you?

Make sure there is no furniture your child can climb on to access higher shelves or storage units. That delicate glassware might be on the top shelf of a cabinet, but if there's a chair next to it it's more easily accessible than you might think, so keep all furniture well away from anything you think your child might want to clamber onto. This means you don't have to worry about items being pulled down, and your toddler can't climb even higher.

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  1. These would really be good for homes with children. Must have!


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