Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Honeymoon Guitar

Looking at this martin guitar case 000 at m123 makes me nostalgic.  Hubby and I bought a guitar when we had our honeymoon  in Cebu , Philippines but I wasn't able to bring it when I came here.  I thought that by leaving at my  mother's place,  I would be able to  go back and get it  someday.  Unfortunately, the said guitar was  broken when we visited, Mama said that  someone  borrowed and accidentally broke it.  I was pissed off.  If only I have a case for it, it would have been a difference scenario.
Martin '000' Style Guitar Case  


  1. Sorry about that mommy Rose. That case would have been useful. Lovely guitar case too.

  2. Sis Rose, that is one beautiful guitar :-) Do you like to sing while playing with a guitar Sis? I beat it sounds cool and romantic :-)


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