Friday, February 13, 2015

Sailor Folding Table and Chairs

 The weather is getting  intense  everyday but  I think that the peak of Winter is almost over.  I can't wait  to Spring to  come so we could enjoy outdoors once again.  Home and Patio Décor Center has a great selection of teak patio sets that I was looking for and I hope that I would be able to save up some money to bu-y one of those that I like.  Below is the picture of the royal teak 5-piece sailor folding table and chairs bistro that I took from the website,.  I love the design, it would fit perfect to our  small back porch, the only problem is the price, it's too expensive for my budget.  I think that my Veteran Sailor would also love this set.
Photo isn't mine.  
It is on sale now for $1080 from it's original price of $1539.99.  A bit expensive isn't it?  Well, for my  budget standard anyway.  The good thing about this set is that, you have the option to  choose the color of the cushion's fabric.  I bet if you have the craftsmanship in doing this kind of project, you ,will be able to  make this kind of furniture for  a  much lesser price.  Too bad, none of us has that in my household so the only option is to buy.  Maybe, if I win the lottery, it wouldn't be a problem to buy this kind.  

Anyhow, I am wishing you all a happy Valentine's day!

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