Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shipmate Sweetie Costume that I Like and My Sister

O was chatting with my  youngest sister thismorning via Facebook and she  told me   things about her plans for the future.  I am  so happy that she is finally opening up to me.  I used to get frustrated  when she was still ,attending school because I could never get her to talk to me about stuff.  I finally found the  way to break  her bashfulness.  She was just a kid when I left my former country but now she is  a full grown woman.  Hubby and I sent her to college and now she has a job and  renting her own place,  I am very proud of how much she have accomplished.  I see myself in her, she has the drive that I  have  when I was still there and trying to  live my life as a single.  I told her that she should visit us here but it is just imposible as the expense is too much.  
But anyway, I was  looking at my planner a while ago and realized that  June is akmost over, ugh.  Time do flies these days.  I seems like one day, we have celebrated  Mother's Day and the next day, it's Father's Day.  Oh boy,  Halloween  will be here soon too. Having said that, I was looking at the selection of Halooween costume at Smiffy's and  liked one of the adult pirate costumes.  This shipmate sweetie costume  is pretty descent, I love the design of it.  I think I would be able to pull this off if ever my daughter would ask me again to   wear a costume lol.  What I love is that it is  available in my sze, that seldom happen!

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