Saturday, March 5, 2016

Letting Go of Things

Between the hubby and I, he is the sentimental one. He find it hard to let go of things that bears sentimental value whereas I can easily let go of things that I no longer need and doesn't use.  Having said that, I have been in the cleaning mode lately and I have this urge to get rid of things like jewelries that he gave me   when he was just courting me but I don't really use them.  I thought of selling the gold ones because gold is high right now and we  could put the money towards the  kids school fund.  That's what we did with this  set and one of the rings that does not fit me anymore.  I  still have many pieces that I am planning to sell but the ones in the picture, we sold it for $420 at the local place  that buys gold.   
Looking at the prices of  jewelry at masonic rings, I thought, it's too much but then again these are rings that you customized and stuff.  It reminds me of the ring that I have when I graduated in college.  I still have it and probably won't have anything of value in the market but I will keep it as it  signifies my perseverance in finishing my education on my own.  

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