Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Best-Kept Secrets about Seattle

Everyone knows about Seattle’s infamous Space Needle and all the gourmet coffee shops around town. But odds are you’ve never heard of any of these little gems that can be found in Seattle, unless you’re a local yourself.
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Gasworks Park
Seattle is known for its fabulously gorgeous outdoors, from the climate to the mountains. But to soak in the incredible Seattle city skyline, there’s no better place to do so than at Gasworks Park. Here you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the high rises of the downtown core, as well as the Space needle. Gasworks Park extends between the U-District and Fremont off the Burke-Gilman Bile Trail. In the summer, you’ll be able to see kayaks and sailboats, and at night you can catch a glimpse of the amazing city all lit up.

Theo’s Chocolate Factory
While New York has its Hershey Store, Seattle has its own awesome chocolate factory: Theo’s Chocolate Factory, to be exact. This place offers tours of the facilities that include sampling of their delectable chocolates. Located in the Fremont area of Seattle, Theo’s will give you the opportunity to see the process of how the cocoa beans are transformed into mouth-watering chocolate bars.
Kinokuniya Bookstore
This isn’t your average bookstore. In fact, it’s so high-tech that you’ll think you’re perusing an online bookshelf from your virtual bookstore rather than shopping in person.

The Kinokuniya Bookstore — located adjacent to Uwajimaya, the largest Asian specialty grocery store in the International District of Seattle — sells all sorts of goodies in addition to books, like plushy toys to decorated socks. There’s also a big selection of comics in the English language, in addition to Japanese and Chinese books that are otherwise hard to find.

Seattle is certainly a haven of culture, which is why hordes of people are flocking to this amazing city! If you’re in the market to search for Seattle luxury real estate, be sure to get in touch with the professional agents at The Stroupe Group today.

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  1. Hi! It has been a while since I have visited. Hope you and yours are well. This was a cool post, filled with great info. I have always wanted to travel to Seattle, so my hubby could visit the Bruce Lee Museum there. I appreciate your info and hope your week is going well. Stop by soon. xo Anne


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