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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sweet Stain - Beauty Box 5 October Edition

Just like the previous months, I love the selection of products  on this month from  BeautyBox5.  I am nit a make-up kind of gal but once in a while, I'd like something  light to appear in my face.  So when I got this Cheek and Lips Stain in Pink by Bellapierre Cosmetics, I was  very happy.  This is something that you can use  when you just want a natural look.  This can do a double duty for an easy and quick lighter color.  What I love is that you can use your fingertips to apply it to your cheeks and lips.  
 The last time, I had the opportunity to  try the Lashem Picture Perfect that eliminates dark circles around your eyes.  This month, I get to try another one, this time it's a nourishing cream.  This  is perfect to use  after you wash your face, it reduces the fine lines on your face.  This also works  a primer blend if you  are not worried about wrinkles yet.  
This double ended wonder balm has two conditioning formula  that will keep your pout protected.  It's a perfect timing too as the weather  is getting colder and I really need this for my lips.  They get so dry  during the cold months and it's nice to have a lip balm like this one.  
I have been using chapstick brand since I came here in America so I have proven that they do work.
Now this  little cosmetic tool is  a great thing to have especially if you uses a lot of beautiful products.  I am sure that ytou have experience having a bottle of something that you really love to use but  when it is getting empty, you  can't use it anymore as the  pump doesn't work anymore.  This cosmetic tool is great to use for that as you can get every single drop of your favorite product.  
BeautyBox5 never fails to  surprise me with their nail polish selection.  Blue and red are my daughter and I's favorite when it comes to  nail polish.  
I don't go to  the nail salon   and I don't paint my nails often but once in a while, I do paint them especially if my daughter wants her nails painted as well.  Red, white and blue, those are our main colors.
I love Nanacoco's selection of nail polishes.  The colors are bright and  they are high quality lacquers.  I tell you,  they  last longer than any other nail polish that I have tried.  
My nails aren't long, in fact, I have  very little finger and toe nails.  That's one reason I don't really go to  a salon.  It's a waste of money.  I can  do it  in no time.
Thank you so much once again  Beauty Box 5 for the fabulous   selection this month!

Disclosure: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Thank You for the Music by ABBA

Music is such a powerful  tool for relaxation.  I love the ABBA song  "Thank You for The Music".  It is one of my favorite songs of all time and they are one of my favorite groups.  I can listen to this song  all day long.  This is one of those songs that I can never forget  the lyrics.  You may  play the video below while reading this post.  It is so nice to have  musician friends and to  have  musical instruments and gadgets that you can listen to.  It's therapeutic.

Anniversary Celebration at Home

I was working at a Catholic school when I met my husband  through an online dating site.  It was around  October  of 2002 when he found my profile online.  After five months of communicating online, overseas calls, and love letters, he came to see me in March of  2003.  I remember being so stressed on those times because I have my final defense for my my thesis that day and  travel to Manila that night to fetch him at the airport  the next day.  I think I look like a zombie when we first met at airport lol.    Defending my thesis  and   meeting him for the first time was too much.  I don't know how I passed  my defense but glad that I did.

He decided to came to see me in March  as his graduation gift for me.  I was warned not to  attend my graduation if I am taking him,  but being rebellious that I am, I attended and made him  escort me on the stage when I received my diploma anyway.  I deserve  to be there, I work hard for it, and I deserve to take whoever I want.     I smile every time I remember it though.
 Five months after that, he came back and we got married in Civil.  Our civil wedding was just a formality  because  it was  against the school's policy for an employee to  be with someone when you aren't married.  Literally though, we were not  together all the time as we were miles apart but  since we both  fell in love online and our  physical meeting  sealed it up, we went ahead and got married.
A year after our civil wedding,  we got married again in church before I migrated here in the US.  So fast forward 11 years, here we are.  Still very much in love and very blessed with two  lovely children.  
We get to celebrate two  weddings in a year and the kids thinks it is so cool and romantic lol.
We had a fun celebration.  We attended church in the morning and then had dinner at the restaurant.  We spent the rest of the  day with the kids, just having fun and being silly.  Our daughter baked us an anniversary  cake which I will post at my food blog soon.
I couldn't ask for more.  God truly gave me a wonderful life with a  loving husband and precious kids.
I must have done something good to be blessed like this, for that, I thank God  always!
Shadow Shots

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Musicianship Book

We went to the  Center for Music and Arts because we  were looking for  a certain book that my daughter needs for her piano lessons and musicianship.  Unfortunately, they were out of stock so we need to go back there again sometime this week.  While we were there, if course the kids can't contain of just leaving the store without looking.  We saw a  roland gr-20 and other music and art-related   products that they wanted to have.  Here are some of the photos I took while we were there.
Our daughter is always fascinated  with   art books.  I think I will get her some  for Christmas.  I will go back  to the store and  get the ones that she  likes.
EJ was  trying to  play the only song he knows to play at the piano.  I think that he can play as good as his sister but  he is a bit hyper so he can't really sit still.  That's why he  didn't last with his piano lessons.  

Friday, October 10, 2014

September Fitness Recap

Now that I am in my 40s, I am more committed with my fitness goal more than ever. I didn't really care about my body's health  when I was younger and popping out kids but now that I am done with pregnancies and stuff, I am dedicated to taking care of myself not only for myself but especially for my family. I want to be able to do things with my kids so that when I am gone, they could look back and say that their Mom was able to do this and that with them. It is also important for self esteem right ladies? I am not the most fit Mom there is (body-wise) but I want to be stronger and be there for my kids.  

Below are my recorded   regular rituals with keeping fit.  Most of these photos are just my walks/jogs.  I did some yoga and other   aerobics at home as well.  Hope you enjoy the photos.
I  usually go for a walk  after dropping off my kids  to school from Monday to Thursday.  On Fridays, my husband is off  so we   go for a walk together.  The weather is  becoming colder so I am not sure if I could continue with my outdoor routine.  I will be back doing my cardio at our little gym in the basement if I couldn't handle the weather outside anymore.  We will see.    Till here folks,  my cramp this month is killing me ugh.  Thanks for visiting.

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