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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Making Dresses Into Skirts

I have two dresses that Ionly worn like twice with a cardigan because it is too revealing.  The magenta color dress  is  very opretty but  it has a very low neckline.  I really love the bottom part of it but since it has a revelaing  cleavage, I can't really enjoy  it.  For a flat chested like me, this kind of dress is not sexy lol.  The lady on the photo by the way is not me.  
The second one is also gorgeous but it has the same problem as the first one.  I fot this as a prize on a contest.  Sp to make it work, I thought of making it into skirts.  It was easy turning them into skirts.  All I needed  was an inch  size garter for the wasteline and voila, I have two skirts to wear this summer.
Okay, I am trying to find tops that would look good with these skirts.  Tell me your ooinion, you can be as honest as possible with it.  You can also give me your suggestion on what would look good.  The first one pairing wuld still  work  for Spring since it is still cold here in our neck of the woods.  
 I have this floral print bloue that I bought when I was still in the Philippines and thought it would look nice.  Do you think, it would look alright with a red shoes?
 II am not sure if green works with his magenta color but I would like to try anyways.  I wish that my Blowfish shoes fits, it is an inch  longer than my feet!
 Okay, here is the second skirt.  I think  the blue top wiukld look alright.  I can't really  wear it  with out a cardigan because  this is the kind of top that is short.
 How about this mustrard color top, would this look alright with the skirt?
Okay, for a more relaxed  pair, another blue top and a red  flats.  
I am not  good with fashion, in fact my fashion style is (out of style?) lol.  So your honest opinion will matter.  I am more on  comfort than style but sometimes, it wouldn't hurt a 42 year old Momma to wear stylish  outfits right?  Comeon, speak up your mind.  Thank you!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bloom :April Showers Bring May Flowers

Disclosure: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the products mentioned  in exchange of my honest  opinion which may differ from yours. 

I am so glad that spring has sprung finally (except a possible frost this coming Thursday, oh boy) but I am not complaining.  I am just happy that  winter has finally left and we can stay  outside and  enjoy a warmer weather and at the same time savor the  sweet scent of the blooming flowers in our garden.
Yesterday was our first day of cutting our grass.  I also tilled our garden using our garden claw which is a great exercise.  We decided to expand our garden this year so we could enjoy eating more fresh veggies that are grown in our backyard.

Do you know what else is blooming?  The April edition of Beauty Box 5 is full of  it.  With these pretty things you can  break out your winter dry spell  with a blossoming attitude and flourish all month long!  My favorite  of this month's box is the  twinGloss and the  organic lip balm.  The other three products inside is the Hula bLiss body lotion, nail polish applique set,  and facial cleansers.  
 I love the these First Aid Beauty Facial cleanser, it is so gentle to your skin when you use it to wash your face after a long day of staying outside love it that it has a PH-balanced cleanser and it's paraben-free.  It is safe for sensitive skin, I am thinking of  buying the regular size of this cleanser since I like how it make my skin feel after I wash it with this.
 This Incoco nail polish applique set is very pretty.  I haven't had the chance to use it yet since I am doing a lot of gardening lately so it would be a waste if I use it.  
 I love organic  lip balms so when I see this  Lasting Smiles passion fruit mango  organic lip balm, I  smiled.  The current one that I am using is a coconut and hemp organic lip balm which I really love so this mango would be a great replacement for it.  I like the fact that a percentage of every sale of this lip balm will go to a charity that give funding to  cleft surgeries for children.  Imagine, while you smile, you also give a smile to someone else when you buy this specific  lip balm.
 Two is better than one, they always say, well this twingloss   is a proof.  This fun tubes mix complimentary shades  every time you apply for non-sticky, super shiny lips.  This is perfect for summer!
 Okay, I have never tried any product with goat milk so I was hesitant to use this  lotion but I was very surprised that it actually  hydrate my skin really well.  This Dancin Goat Hula Bliss lotion  also has coconut oil, lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary which is why, it  will make your skin feeling so soft.
Okay, that is it for now. My outdoor fitness continues now that is getting warmer.  We been hitting  our neighborhood with our family walk.  
Shadow Shots
My husband have signed up to the Biggest loser contest at his work so he is very motivated to be working out regularly once again. We are planning to sign up also for the marathon a that his company have attended last year. Hopefully, we could train for it and participate, it would be fun to do it as a family.  Only my husband have participated last year because we did not really know what to expect but since we witnessed it and saw  that it is doable, we would love to  participate as well.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Carefree: Fresh is Fierce

My husband and I motivates each other to stay fit and healthy for our children.  I might have slipped with my fitness routines  during the Winter season  but I keep track of my diet  in order not to  gain weight.  Having said that.I was very happy when we went to the mall  this weekend and found  me some  clothing in extra small size that fits, yay!   Here are the three sweaters that I bought on sale at Macy's. I found all of these at the Junior section.  I only paid $23.75 for all these, tax included.  I saved $104.86.  This is the time of the year when I want to shop for  cold  season clothing because they are on sale.
 The first one is originally priced  at $49 but I only paid $6.86 for it.  I like how it fits on me but hubby is not very fond of the long  flop at the back lol.  The second one is my favorite it is designed to hide a bulgy tummy like mine, woot.  I paid $8.62 only from it's original price of $44.
 The last one is alright, it fits me well and I like the material.  The big  stripe however makes me look like  wider but who cares, it's comfortable and I got it for only $6.66 from its original price of $34.
Okay let me go back to   staying fit and healthy that I was talking about.  Being active and keeping fresh is  two  things that sometimes doesn't go   together if you aren't ready or equipped for it.  That's why  I always have a pack or two of pantiliners at home because I love  feeling fresh no matter what I do.   
 I received a pack of this  Carefree Acti-fresh pantiliners from Influenster to try.  I have used this   brand  for so many years already that I have proven  it's worth.  This is one of my trusted brands when it comes to sanitary napkins and pantiliners so I was so glad to received one.
Carefree pantiliner is one of my secret weapon  for staying active and feeling fresh even after my workouts.  Carefree definitely gives you that confident fresh feeling.  When you feel fresh, you are fierce!
Alrighty, I am ending  my March  with a good note.  Hopefully I could keep this up  till the end of the year.  Good luck to me and good luck to all of your goals as well!  Let me leave you these two quotes that I love reading.

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. John F. Kennedy 
Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live. Jim Rohn

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hurt by Christina Aguilera

My father passed away few weeks before I got married, it was devastating.  He could have been 63 years old  on the 7th of this month.  I still miss him after 12 years of being gone and I always wish I could have done different things  with my relationship with him.  This music video by Christina Aguilera always  makes me cry, it always reminds me of my father and the way  I handled things when  he was still around.  I will have to deal with this guilt that I have for the rest of my life, for not  taking  all the chances that I have had  when he was still around.  
If I knew things back then what I know now, I would have done things differently.  He was always so proud of me with everything that I did but I always gave him a hard time for his drinking problem.  I was always bitter towards him for not doing his best.  When he suddenly passed I realized  that  everything he did, he did it for us, to the best of his ability.   I wish I could turn back time but couldn't.  I am saying this because I want other people to learn from  my experience.  It is very important to let your parents know that you appreciated them, while you still have time.  
If your parents are still around, make time for them, reach out and  tell them how much you care for them.  I never got to do that for my  father.  I am so fortunate however that  God gave me another chance to  somehow do things for my father-in-law when I came here, the things that I failed to do with my own father.  I feel like, it is my second chance to correct the mistake I have made and I am so happy I get to  do  that with my husband's father now that he needs  it.
We were visiting the other day and I noticed that his  toe nails were so long  already.  I offered to cut and he said no because he  is the type of person who won't  ask favors from other people but I insisted of doing it.  I am glad he agreed  eventually because he can't see anymore.  He is almost 93 years old and he lives alone at his house.  We make sure to visit him every chance we  have because I know that   he won't be around for  long.  I always  remind my kids how important it is to spend time with their Pap while he is still around.  He might not recognize us  most of the times because of dementia but at least we still get to see him and talk to him.  

Friday, April 10, 2015

Wear Your Tablet or Laptop: Literally—How It’s Possible and Why It’s Important Molly Nox

There are countless jobs that require us to use our laptops and/or other mobile devices. What we find happening is that we can only get so far on our phones or tablets, and then we invariably wind up busting out the laptop. But where… and how? Wearable ways to do this are important more now than ever with apparel, especially for specific occupations, including bike couriers, those en route to a flight, and pretty much anyone else on the go. If you’re trying to open an Excel spreadsheet to make edits and send it back to the important people back at the office within just a few minutes, making that happen on your iPad or even another type of very versatile tablet can become more than overwhelming.
So clothiers are starting to come up with options—mainly jackets and other “over clothing” options—that cater to this new need. While the PADX-1 LEDGE pullover is designed for iPads, it will also fit other tablets of the same size as well as other compact laptops such as the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the AirBook, along with of course competitors' laptops of the same or similar dimensions. The coolest thing about the LEDGE pullover, also known as the Wearcom, is that it doesn't just sit comfortably at your midsection when not in use. The Wearcom comes fully equipped with a harness that lowers like a drawbridge of sorts when you unzip the compartment. In this way, you can power up, check on emails, social media and the like, then power down and zip back up.
Photo isn't mine
Right now the PADX-1 is suited just for Apple products, though one could easily “life hack” their tablet into the current model. Not to worry, though, the Wearcom line of apparel is on the rise with plans for options for a number of other core options for tablets from Samsung and other touchscreen and mobile devices, of which the Airbook and other small laptops will be accommodated.

But there’s more to the PADX-1 LEDGE pullover and Wearcom technology, which you will surely be seeing more and more of when we factor in things like airport security checkpoints, the not-so-user-friendliness of backpacks and briefcases, and of course, the weather. Maybe the most soothing feature to buyers of this type of tech-friendly apparel is that the Wearcom pullover is made of waterproof materials, including several layers of water resistant fabrics, including a thermal soft-shell that doesn't just protect against the elements, but also against bumps and jolts you may experience in a crowded airport, subway, or city street.

Available in sizes from small to extra large, the PADX-1 LEDGE pullover  is sure to do well, and without a doubt will soon be the recipient of flattering knockoffs boasting the same or similar protection for your high tech gear. Priced at just $285, it's really not that expensive of an item when you consider the insurance you're buying for your tablet or laptop along with a pullover that is actually quite  attractive, functional, and warm.

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