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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Run Your Rox Off

When I first met my husband, he was so muscular.  He used to work out  and lift weights almost everyday so he was humongous.   When we got married and  got kids, he slowed down because  he wants to spend time with us  instead of  working out.  When he retired from the  service four years ago, we  bought some  exercise equipment and  have our own mini gym at the basement.  Both of us agreed that we should keep our exercise routine  so we could maintain being fit.  We are not  getting any younger so we have to make sure that we  exercise  as much as we can and  eat a balanced diet.

Last  Friday, August 29, my husband have participated to the 5k Run dubbed as "Run Your Rox Off" held at McKees Rocks in PA.  My husband came home early from work so he could get us and  witness his run.  We planned on participating on the 1k run with the kids but seeing the  venue, we backed out so hubby participated alone in the 5k.
 Driving there, the view was beautiful but when we arrived at the actual venue of the run, we were a bit concern.
 We had to drive down to the Bottom Dollar store to find a parking area.  Then we walked back to where the registration was, it was a vacant building, not sure what the building was.
After  the registration and before taking off, they had a photo opp and so I got  a few snaps of them too.
 Here's the participants  from my husband's company, Industrial Scientific.  I think, they were the biggest  who participated.
 Since we did not participate, the kids busies themselves  playing and doing  activities that were available at the event.
 The organizer have invited   some local business such as  Face Painting and Balloon Party  Decorations.  Here's my daughter after having her face painted.  The  lady did this in  a couple of minutes, she was good!
 This design is called  Princess Crown.
 My son wasn't into face painting but he went to the balloon tent and have him this  Bow Hat.
 Of course she has to get one as well hehehe.
We were waiting for my husband at the finish line when a nice lady approached us and asked my kids if they wanted some   temporary tattoos.
 My son doesn't like to have anything on his body so he refused but my daughter was all up for it.
 She got this I love Music with Hello Kitty and guitar that matches her outfit.
The registration fee was $25 for each participant.  MY husband company paid for their registration fee.  The organizer gave each participant this shirt and  a loaf of Cinnamon Swirl bread.  Each of them were given a number with a chip in it so they could check their time when they arrived the finish line.
 For a 45-year old man, I think hubby did well on his time.  He finished  89th out of 175, which would put him in the middle.  He said that he would try to run a bit faster next year.  His time is 31:08.  I think part of him being slow was because he work the whole day and then  he ran so he was already tired.
 It was nice being there for him especially with the kids.  It's inspiring.
 Over all, I think that the event was nice.  I just wish that  the venue would be a much nicer place.  We saw an older man wiped out because  there was this steep brick road that they have to  go down to  at the start of the  race.  One of the kids have tumbled down as well.  I  think that they should pick a much safer venue for this kind of race.  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Officially Enrolled for the School Year 2014-2015

Kids are officially enrolled today.  We went early but they were already so many  people out there so we had to fall in line.  Hubby and I  set aside a certain amount  for school tuition so that when it's time to  enroll, we can just pay it all upfront.  Here's the breakdown of our payments ($3,725):
  • $3,255 - tuition (fully paid)
  • $400 - books
  • $70 - Discount Cards

We brought all their school supplies and they put it away in their classrooms. My daughter's  teacher is  the teacher aide that they have  last year, she doesn't talk much but she's nice.     
 Here's my son with his classmate Haley.
 My son's  teacher is super nice and very organized.  You will really know what to do as parents because she  make sure to  put it in writing which I really love!
 MY daughter loved her when she was in second grade.  She said that she   might  be the hardest one that she's had but she learned so much.
 We brought home their textbooks.  We covered them , put their name tags on it, and got it ready for MOnday!
I have  some forms to  fill up such as the lunch charts and I need to make  check for it.  I also have to fill up the form for the volunteer work  during lunch preparations.
 In private school, we have to pay our tuition, books, food, every parents also does volunteer work during lunch time as  only one employees is hired in the cafeteria, the rest are all volunteers.
Every year, we pick one Mom to be the classroom Mom.  Classroom Moms plays a major role in assisting the teachers  during  special events and occasions.  

It is expensive to send your kids to private school but it's worth every penny because the teacher can really focus on each child since there not many students in one class.   We also love the fact that the kids can still learn about God in the classroom.   

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August Edition of BeautyBox5

Time really  flies, goodness!  The kids will be back to school again next week and it seems that it hasn't been that long since  they got off.  Believe it or not, it is  a bit stressful for me to send them back to school again.  I am used of having them everyday that it seems so weird that  they would be gone most of the days during weekdays and I will be left alone again at home.  Good thing is, I have plenty of things to do like writing reviews, cleaning the home, cleaning the blogs, look for  an online job, etc.  Being a stay at home is never easier, our hands are always full.

To  relieve some of the stress I am having, let me share you the  fun  I have in unboxing the   August edition of Beauty Box 5.  These are the five samples that are included this month.
  • Purlisse Pur Protect SPF 30
  • La Fresh Travel Lite Facial Cleansing Wipes
  • Nanacoco Lip Gloss
  • ROUX Anti Aging Hair Serum
  • Style Essential Nail Polish

This anti-aging hair serum is great to have although I don't have  that problem but it would still be nice to treat my hair with this.  It has Vitamin A and E, biotin, keratin and UV filters that would really take care of your  stressed hair.  It would make your locks  to look younger while adding moisture and brightness.  I haven't use it yet but I will definitely try it.
I don't really use make up but I love having this when traveling as my face has a tendency to be  oily when traveling.  I have tried this before when I reviewed some of the  wipes they  sent me and I liked it!
Although summer has been very mild this year, it is nice to have this  lightweight moisturizer that has the perfect amount of SPF to protect your skin.
My daughter hogged this  pretty  nail polish.    It's so girly, it makes her  nails shiny without the flashy color.
Take a look how  daughter enjoys her polished nails.  
I saved the best for last because this Nanacoco lip gloss is my favorite among the five.  I  don't usually use lipstick but I am  very fond of using lip gloss when I go somewhere.  
I love how it gives your lips a rush of color and shine with no stickiness attached.    It has Vitamin in it so it doesn't only give  your sassy pout poppin but it also noursihes your lips!
Thanks a lot once again BeautyBox5. It's been a wonderful experience ever since I started your subscription.!

Disclaimer: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Monday, August 11, 2014

11th Wedding Anniversary

Hubby and I had a civil wedding in 2003.  It was a very  simple celebration that  only  two people have witnessed.  Mama wasn't even there because she was still mourning of Papa's  sudden death,  few weeks before our  planned wedding.  We decided to just  have a simple ceremony  because of the very sad circumstance that happened with my  father.  We got married again in church the next year so my family and friends could attend.
 It's been 11 years when we finally solidify our relationship that  started online.  Glad that we both have given  it a try because we are the Yin and Yang of Mixed-Race marriage.  A lot of people have given us a bad vibe that we won't last when we were just starting but  we  proved them wrong.
 I am blessed to be married to the most understanding, patient, and loving man.  Now I understand why God wanted me to be single for 30 years because I found  what is best for me and my family.
 Thank you for putting up with my  stubbornness and mood swings.
 I love you and our children more than anything.
Thank you for the  11 years of happiness and love.
 I am glad I married a clown, an individual whose sense of humor is superb.  We are wearing the colors (yellow and red) that we were supposed to  wear during our first meeting.  He wored red shirt and I wore yellow but he couldn't see me because I tricked him, I hid my yellow shirt with a black blazer lol.
Happy anniversary and may God bless us more with many years of being happy together.

Special thanks  to our 9 -year old daughter for the fun photos hoot!

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