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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Family Walk

We have been getting  cool and rainy weather lately so are taking the opportunity when the weather is  nicer and go for a walk.   Soon, Fall will be here and  Winter follows.  Cold weather seems longer than the warm weather.  It's still July  but the weather is slowly turning into  a Fall-like weather.
Our son prefer to ride a bile than walk which is fine with us because he  burns more calories that way.  
My daughter and I are both cold-natured  so we always feel cold  even though it's the perfect temperature for the boys.  I will miss this kind of activities when my kids are bigger and have their own lives.  They grow up so fast.

Fitness Recap

I took a little break from strenuous  work out this week as I went through  the woman's not-so-fond moment.  Hubby encouraged me to go on a power walk with him instead.
July 21 - Power walk with hubby, 5 minutes plank, and 20 squats.
July 22 - Did laundry, mowed grass, 5 minutes plank, and  20 squats.  That's pretty much about it.

July 23 - help other Moms in school in sorting out donated uniforms.  Also did some hula hoops and stretching at our backyard.
July 24 - 27 -  Did some  stretching and yoga and  family walk.  Glad it's over for this month.  It's hard to do anything when I have it since I always have cramps and migraine.

Which Tennis Player Are You?

Photos were taken back in April when we went to a tennis court at Starvaggi Park.  Do you play Tennis?  Would you like to find out what kind of tennis player are you?  Share your answer through the comment.  Thanks.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fitness Goal.. A Family Thing

Some habits are hard to break.  Take for instance smoking, some people  really find it hard to  quit smoking no matter how hard they try.  I am so glad that my husband no longer smokes when I met him as I find it really hard  to inhale when I am around  smokers.  I mean I can tolerate  it but not for  long because it triggers my migraine every time I inhale or even just smell the smoke from a cigarette.

On the other note, he lost another two pounds since his last weigh in, making his total weight loss of 30 pounds, wohoooo.  His next goal would be to get down to 150 this year.  Way to go hubs, I am proud of you!!!
His team won the mid-weigh-in  for the Biggest Loser competition in  their company.  Each members received a 25  dollar gift card.  They are looking forward to increasing their weight loss  so they could win the whole thing for the big prize at the end of the year.  Good luck to your Ground Zero team Hon!!! 
I love it that I can wrap my arms around him when I hug him ever since he lost all that weight from his tummy.
Ever since I started working out again, I gain  confidence to wear bathing suit.  Although I am not there yet to where I really want to be, it's quite alright.   Fitness should be a lifetime goal especially that we have kids.
Last week was a lighter week for me, fitness wise because of monthly woman issue.  I did yoga and other stretches but no cardio.  I am one of those  unfortunate ones who has migraine and  cramps when I have my period and the worse is, it last for a week.  
These two are our main inspiration in keeping fit.  Hubby and I started  our  family at a later age (31 and 35)  so we want to be  around  them as much as we could and we can't do that if we are not in the best of health. 

Walking in Maryland was Fun

As I have mentioned in my former post we walked the whole time we were in Ocean City. We never drove our van anywhere went. We figured, mine as well walk and enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean. So even going to the park which is a bit far, we also walked. Glad our kids are real troopers lol.
The restaurant that we love  is very far from our  hotel  but we always walk so  we could burn whatever we eat going back lol.  It was fun though because the kids don't really notice as we walk to the o shore going back.
The rate of these hotels by the ocean  are so expensive.
See, we busied ourselves picking our seashells  going back so walking wasn't really tiring.
Imagine  if we didn't walk the whole time we were there, I could have gained  5 or ten pounds  instead of just two lol.  Ocean City is beautiful but it is just too busy for us.  We are  used to living here in our little town that a busy  place like Ocean City is too much!  We had fun though.

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