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Rylie's Highlights before She turns Eighteen

Our daughter is such a remarkable young woman, she's very mature for her age.  At seventeen, she has accomplished a lot of things.  
Knows How to Read and Write Before Kindergarten

We taught both of our two children  at home during their pre-school years.   Hubby and I agreed that I stayed home and take care of our kids.  It's not  ideal  financially but it's a great decision that hubby and I made.  We knew that our daughter  is one smart cookie even when she was way little.  She just have that  eagerness in learning new things.
She has that patience and focus for learning compared to our happy-go-lucky son lol.  I mean, our son is equally smart as hers but he doesn't have the focus that she has.  She knew how to read and write before she started kindergarten which I am so glad that my husband and I were their first hands-on teachers.  Her friends even joke about her being smart because she was homeschooled during pre-school.

Winner of an International Smile Contest

She was the winner of an international smile contest for the month of October 2009. This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.  We were in South Korea when this was held.  

Gifted Program from 2nd Grade to 8th Grade

When she was in second grade, she was tested for the gifted program at school and passed.  It was a great middle school learning experience for her as she got to do extra stuff that she didn't do in the regular classroom.  Below are some of the projects she did.

Doodle for Google State Winner

She's into arts when she was young so her art teacher  (thank you Mrs. Wright!)  recommended her to enter the Doodle for Google contest.  She was the winner for our state, West Virginia.  Some of the representative from Google came to Weirton to celebrate her win and brief her what to do for the national round which was held in California.  She didn't win the national round but it was a great experience for her and for us as well. We got to explore the Google headquarters.

Kinsley S. Ard Memorial Talent Show Winner

First Prize on  the Kinsley S. Ard Memorial Talent Show held at Milton J. Weinberg Theater, on March 28, 2014 against 14 other participants.  She played Hunter on the piano.

Anti Bullying Contest Winner

She won  the anti-bullying contest art contest in 2016.  For her entry, she  combined her passion for arts and baking into  one idea and it turned out well.  

A Time To Heal Racism Art Contest Winner

She was the grand prize winner of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development art contest with the topic I mentioned above.

Healthy Soils Full of Life Art Contest Winner

She won the art contest dubbed as Healthy Soils: Full of Life sponsored by the Northern Panhandle Conservation District on May 5, 2017.  She received a cash award sent as check in the mail.  We were not able to  go to the  awarding ceremony due to schedule conflict with her sports but it was really a good opportunity  where her art talent shined.  

History Bowl Finalist

Her team was the runner up in the History Bowl  in the regional round in Wheeling and was one of the finalists on the championship round in Charleston, WV.

Aquinas Medal Awardee for 2019

She was named and awarded 2019 Aquinas medal Recipient for St Joseph the Worker. We attended the  25th Annual Bishops Dinner for Catholic Schools on Sunday, April 7, in Morgantown, West Virginia where the awarding ceremony was held. This is the highest honor a student can receive from the diocese. The award recognizes students for their outstanding qualities of faithful discipleship, academic excellence, leadership and service to school, parish and community, reflecting the ideals of Catholic education epitomized by St Thomas Aquinas the patron saint of students.

Class President, Freshman to Senior Year

She served as the class president from freshman year till senior year.  (2019-2023).  This is a great leadership experience for her.  We let her lead without us interfering too much, she gets to decide what fundraising they do and we just support her whatever she needs.  I think it is important that class officers make decision and not the parents.  If parents would decide for them then there would be no learning avenue for these kids.  I am glad that our daughter gets to do it with very little influence from us.  I think she did a great job.

National Honor Society Member

She is a member of the National Honor Society.  She excels in academics that's because she put her 100% effort into it.  

National Merit Semifinalist

She was one of the 3 named as National Merit Semifinalist in Northern Panhandle schools.  

The National Merit Scholarship Program is an annual academic competition in which high school students compete for college scholarships and recognition. The program is administered by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), a privately-funded non-profit organization. Winning a National Merit Scholarship is a fairly difficult undertaking.

SAT and ACT Scores

Our daughter doesn't have additional preparation in taking the ACT and SAT, she rely on the information she have learned from school.  Some of the kids in her class has tutors prior for taking these tests so they have advantage.  Our daughter does good though without tutors.  We bought her a couple of books but she doesn't really have time to read them.  We're pleasantly surprise though that her scores are very high.  Below is her ACT the very first time she took it, then the second time she scored 32, then she took the last one last Saturday (Oct. 22).  

Her SAT scored improved as well, I forgot what she got the first time but below was the second time she took it.  She took the last one this month and brought her score up to 1540.

Krivak Tuition Scholarship Winner

She won the Joe Krivak Tuition Scholarship for two years (2021-2022) with $500 prize credited towards her tuition.  Every year, the school encourage students to write an essay to be selected as the scholarship recipient.  Sending  our kids to catholic private school is expensive but it's worth it.  These scholarships helps a little.

First Job as a Fastfood Crew

As soon as she turned 16, she started working at Taco  Bell.  My husband was against the idea of her working but I supported her  decision on working.  I think it is a great avenue for her to deal with people which is a hard thing for her being an introvert.  It also give her the freedom to have her own finances.  She pays for her gas and occasional eating out and she's so happy that she have her own money in the bank.

Rhododendron Girls State

This wasn't one of her fondest experience but I think it pushed her out of her comfort zone for being shy.  Although she said she didn't really enjoy the experience but it's something that she realized that in life, not everything is a bed of roses, that there are  a lot of curbs and bumps along the way.  I still think that Rhododendron Girls State was a good learning experience for her.  She's an introvert so meeting new people and interacting with them can be very uncomfortable at first but I'm glad she went, she gained few friends that she still keep in contact with.
Nomination to the Academies

On October 10th, she received the nomination for both Naval and Air Force Academies from Rep. McKinley.  She interviewed for the Senator Manchin virtually.  She forfeited her interview with  Sen. Capito because it was on the Homecoming Court Day.   This process has been difficult.  We were not sure if she was still interested in going to the naval academy because she didn't put much effort in putting together the stuff that she needs.  We were on a time crunch but eventually sent her applications on time.  We're glad and relieved that she got the nomination.  Got her physical test and medical exams done  and submitted her application.  She attended the Academy Training Day that Sen. Manchin hosted at WVU on August 27th.  Now, the waiting game begins and that's the hard part.

OVAC AllStar Volleyball Player

She was selected to play for the OVAC (Ohio Valley Athletic Conference) All Stars representing her school for volleyball.  She played with different other all-star athletes from other schools in West Virginia at Morristown Ohio.  It was an exciting match and so happy that the mountaineers won.  WV team hasn't won the match for few years so it was so exciting that my daughter was part of the winning team.  The game took place last November 21st of 2022.
She did a really good job representing her team and the school.
US Presidential Scholars Program Candidate for 2023

We received a letter from the United States Department of Education informing us that our daughter is named as a candidate in the 2023 US Presidential Scholars Program.  I think it's a huge honor not only for her but to the school as well.  We have the Madonna faculty and staff to thank for,  for providing quality education to the students.
National Merit Finalist

In September 2022, NMSP (National Merit Scholarship Corporation) selected about 16,000 students.  The school was informed that our daughter advances as a finalist and sent this certificate of merit.
St. Aquinas Medal Awardee

She told us that the Madonna High School principal informed her that she will be this year's St. Aquinas medal awardee.  We still yet to get the confirmation for  it from school so I can't say for sure yet but I will definitely update this when that time comes.  
It's official, she will have the St. Aquinas Medal.  

US Naval Academy Appointment

It is now official that she will be attending the US Naval Academy.  She was sick last week when Senator Manchin's office called to inform her about the appointment.  She didn't get to share the big news with us until this weekend when she was feeling a little better.  She received the certificate of appointment this week and accepted it.
I'd like to thank St. Joseph School and Madonna High School for nurturing and instilling great catholic values in both of our kids.  

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Learning How To Truly Unwind

It’s really important for your general wellbeing that you know how to properly unwind and relax. The truth, however, is that so many people are not actually aware of what it takes to unwind properly, and if that is something that you are keen to turn around, then you might need to spend a while figuring out how to truly unwind. As it happens, there are a few key ways you can do this. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the best ways to unwind well, so that you can relax more in your daily life and enjoy its benefits.

Spend Less Time At Work

There are certainly many good reasons to work hard in life, and we are not arguing here that you shouldn’t. But there is definitely a lot to be said for taking care not to spend all your time at work, and if you are keen to try and unwind better then you will definitely want to think about this in particular. You are not going to have a chance to truly relax if you don’t take some time away from work every now and then, so it’s really important that you are doing that as best as you can.

Have Some Me Time

If you don’t generally manage to find much time, this is something that you will want to change if you are keen to unwind and relax a little more. Without enough time, you will struggle to relax properly. So how can you make sure that you are able to get this time for yourself? One way is to schedule it in, which is of course going to be easier to achieve if you are working less and making the time in the first place.

Do What Makes You Happy

Everyone truthfully has their own way to be happy, and we are all keen to do this as much as possible in our lives. So if you are keen to make sure that you are unwinding properly and fully, you should focus on what makes you happy as much as possible. That is the kind of thing that can really make a huge difference to your ability to unwind, whether it’s Delta 9 THC, eating chocolate, writing about things that inspire you or you're passionate about much like this article by Daniel Lerner and David Lerner Associates, or whatever else it might be for you. However you do it, just pursue what you actually really enjoy.

Spend Time In Nature

No matter who you are, you have to agree that one of the best ways to properly and effectively unwind is to spend some time in nature. Even just going for a walk in the woods and the fields once a week can be a real tonic for your mental health, and you will find yourself generally being a lot more relaxed as a result of following this simple rule. Wherever possible, give yourself the chance to spend as much time in nature as you can and you will be glad that you did soon enough.

A Simple Guide to At-Home Injury Recovery

You may feel a little lost if you've been injured in an accident and are now recovering at home. So how do you know what to do to make a full recovery? This guide will walk you through the basics of at-home injury recovery, from resting and healing properly to taking care of your physical therapy exercises. Follow these simple tips, and soon you'll be on your way to a complete recovery!

Via Pexels

Rest is Essential

The first and most crucial step in at-home injury recovery is to get plenty of rest. Your body needs time to heal, and resting will help speed up the process. Of course, this doesn't mean you should spend all day in bed - getting up and moving around a bit is crucial for blood flow and preventing stiffness. Just be sure to take it easy and give your body the necessary downtime.

See a Physiotherapist

You'll likely need to see a physiotherapist if your injury is serious. A good physiotherapist will help you create a personalized rehabilitation plan tailored to your needs. They can also provide guidance and support throughout your recovery process.

Visit a Chiropractor

In addition to physiotherapy, chiropractic care is another treatment option for at-home injury recovery. Chiropractors focus on the musculoskeletal system and can help with everything from pain relief to improving range of motion. In addition, you might be able to claim recoverable damages for the cost of medical care if someone else's negligence caused your injuries.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy foods helps your body recover in a few different ways:

  1. Nutritious meals provide the energy and nutrients your body needs to heal properly.

  2. Certain foods can help reduce pain and inflammation.

  3. Eating healthy helps improve your mood, which can significantly boost recovery.

Some great foods to eat during at-home injury recovery include: leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale, fruits like oranges, strawberries, and blueberries, omega-3 rich foods like salmon and walnuts, whole grain and lean protein.

Of course, you should also avoid foods that make you feel worse. For example, if a particular food gives you indigestion or makes your pain levels spike, it's best to steer clear.

See a Psychiatrist or Psychologist

In addition to physical injuries, accidents can also cause psychological trauma. If you're struggling with anxiety, depression, or PTSD after an accident, it's essential to seek professional help. A psychiatrist or psychologist can provide therapy and medication to help you manage your symptoms and start feeling like yourself again.

Start Exercising

Once you're feeling well enough, begin adding some light exercise approved by your doctor into your daily routine. Exercise helps improve circulation, increase flexibility, and release endorphins, which can aid healing. Just be sure to listen to your body and not push yourself too hard. If something hurts, stop doing it.

A few good exercises to try during at-home injury recovery include:

- light cardio like walking or swimming

- gentle stretching

In conclusion, at-home injury recovery takes time, patience, and effort. But by following these simple tips, you can make a full recovery. So don't get discouraged - take things one day at a time, and before you know it, you'll be back to your old self again.

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Why Choose a Moissanite Oval Solitaire Ring?

Considering a moissanite oval solitaire ring, several factors include the stone's quality, price, and setting options. However, if you're considering getting one for your significant other, keep reading to learn more about this gemstone and its benefits.

Moissanite oval solitaire ring

Oval-cut moissanite can look great in almost any setting. It can be set with four, six, or eight prongs. The higher the number of prongs, the more secure the stone will be. Oval-cut moissanite also makes the stone look larger than its carat weight. The oval cut gives the stone a pronounced appearance, making it an excellent choice for modern ladies.

When choosing the perfect moissanite oval solitaire ring for your partner, consider the look and feel of the stone. A square cut will appear to be the most traditional option, but if you're looking for something more contemporary, you should consider a diamond-set ring.


An oval Moissanite solitaire ring is a beautiful choice for a woman who wants a classic, timeless look. Its shape helps to accentuate her ring finger. Because the length-to-width ratio of an oval stone is not uniform, it can look particularly beautiful when set in a diamond pave-set band. The shape is also a popular choice for vintage-inspired jewelry. An oval moissanite ring is available in a variety of metals and settings.

This women's ring has a large 8x5mm oval moissanite stone. The stone is securely set in a solid 14k white gold setting with six prongs. The band is highly polished and features a classic, high-polish design.


There are several different types of moissanite oval solitaire engagement rings available. They all have unique features, so you must consider what you want from your ring before buying it. Your preferences, budget, and unique situation should guide your purchase.

The quality of a moissanite oval solitaire engagement ring is determined by the material used in its construction. It should be made of durable and easy-to-use materials. A moissanite oval engagement ring should also be able to withstand daily use.

Setting Options

When it comes to setting a moissanite oval solitaire ring, there are many options. The secret garden setting, for example, is fun and whimsical. However, there are some cons to this type of ring, including its tendency to feel too predictable.

Choose a metal that matches the stone's color and cut it when setting your moissanite oval solitaire ring. For example, yellow gold will contrast beautifully with the cool tones of moissanite. Another option is a cluster ring, which creates a dreamy, symmetrical effect.

Bow-Tie Effect

The bow-tie effect is inherent in all moissanite oval solitaire rings, but it can be minimized and still make the stone look stunning. The result is caused by the stone's internal cuts, which means that light cannot reach all corners of the stone evenly. This creates a dark band through the center of the stone, similar to a man's bow tie. However, it's not a flaw; a good cutter can minimize the effect.

The bow-tie effect can be difficult to discern without a loupe, but the best way to ensure the diamond is perfect for your engagement ring is to see it up close.

A jeweler should be able to show you each stone under a loupe so that you can compare it side-by-side. You should also tilt the stone to see if the bow-tie effect is apparent.


A moissanite oval solitaire ring is durable and an excellent choice for everyday wear. Moissanites score a 9.25 on the Mohs scale, making them nearly as hard as a diamond. Other naturally occurring gemstones are lower on the scale, and a moissanite oval solitaire ring will remain flawless for many years.

Moissanite is also heat resistant and can withstand high temperatures in a house fire. It will change color temporarily but return to its original color when it returns to room temperature. However, wearers of moissanite should still take special care of their rings and follow general jewelry care tips.

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Thinking of Homeschooling? Check Out These Tips

When it comes to homeschooling, you may be completely overwhelmed by the idea. The extent of it is enough to turn people off the idea. The fact is there is a lot to consider and take on board, but that does not mean you should give up. In fact, homeschooling can be very beneficial to your child. They get one-on-one teaching which is a great advantage when it comes to learning and absorbing knowledge. They cannot hide behind the other students and never raise their hands. They also will not suffer as many distractions as children who attend the local school. There are so many positives to homeschooling. But it is not easy. There are so many subjects to consider, and then you have to consider and adhere to all the rules and regulations. Many questions will cross your mind. Will you be able to teach them in-depth on all subjects? Will youtube be able to do this to the standard set by the state? And many more! With so much to think about, let's take a look at some ways you can get set up for homeschooling:

Image from Pixabay

Do Your Homework

Yes, when it comes to homeschooling, the first thing any budding teacher must do is their homework. And by homework, we mean conducting a lot of research. You cannot expect to be able to just sit your child down and teach them; you have to have some kind of background knowledge. The good news is you don't have to have everything down to a tee before you start, but a good grounding is essential. So, go out there and research, Go online, go to the library, subscribe to homeschooling magazines, read books, etc. The more you can find out, the better. It is a difficult task. There is no doubt about it. But if you intend on doing it properly and setting your child off with the best possible start in life, then you need to start in the proverbial classroom too. Indeed, this who process will be as much a learning curve for you budding teachers out there as it will be for your child. The more you find out, the better armed you will be. Additionally, you will discover whether or not this undertaking is really something you can do.

Find Homeschooling Communities

Another way to get much-needed information is to join a homeschooling community or group. You may be able to find these online or by asking at your local library or town council. A homeschooling community can offer you personal stories and tips, and advice in real-life scenarios. They can advise you on their personal struggles and what they found works and what doesn't. Learning from other people can be far more valuable than reading all the rules and regulations associated with homeschooling. You may be able to attend community meetings too. There may even be the opportunity to talk to people who were homeschooled, and they can explain how it feels on the child's side. Groups are good because they offer support, and you can ask any question you feel necessary. It gives you that sense of community and makes you feel far less alone in your endeavor too.

The Curriculum

It is essential that you learn about the curriculum. That is because the curriculum sets the basic standard of teaching and learning across the country. It sets what needs to be learned and is the teacher's guide to teaching their students. It is there because all examinations will be created using what is taught in the curriculum. So, if you do not follow it, your child is not going to pass those exams, and this may haunt them for the rest of their life. It will show you want textbook and worksheet, such as the appropriate second grade worksheets you need to be using as well as everything else. So, you need to be well-versed in the curriculum in order to teach appropriately. The curriculum can help you when you want to advance your child in terms of specializing in particular subjects. It will help you develop avenues of study.

The Teaching Room

If you want to teach properly, then you need a space to do it. Ideally, this will be a room in your home, a spare room, a converted garage, an outhouse, or whatever space you have. Try and make it appear as much like a traditional classroom as possible. Your desk facing your child with a blackboard behind you. Ensure you have all the necessary teaching items too, such as a computer. Think about how you want the space to look. Will you cover the walls with teaching posters, such as a map of the world? What you want is for this space to be an aid to your child's learning. It will also help you step into character too. Perhaps you can insist on a school uniform which may help with the overall effect. The room should only be used during schooling hours which should be regular every day. All this helps with creating that teaching environment. Most importantly, the teaching space should be quiet and aid in your child's learning, not a distraction. For example, one of the worst rooms to use is your child's bedroom.

Your Teaching Style

When it comes to the actual teaching part of it, you may need to use a variety of styles. For subjects that your child finds easy, you can pick up the pace and use fewer props, for example. You can delve into more complicated things more quickly and really hone their ability. For things they find more difficult, you will have to slow down the pace and use a variety of teaching tools. The great thing about homeschooling is that you will know your child so well that you can adapt to their needs. Something a school teacher hasn't got the time to do. Addioanlyl you can teach your child more than just school subjects. You can teach them more about the world too. This may be a huge advantage in their lives/.

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5 Reasons To Get A Home Inspection

Photo by Brian Babb on Unsplash

When buying a home, it's important to ensure everything is up to code. A home inspection can help you identify potential issues that may crop up in the future. If you notice any red flags while looking for a dream house, it's worth getting an inspection before making an offer. Here are five reasons to get a home inspection:

1. You want to know about the general condition of a property.

If you're buying a home, you want to know if it's structurally sound. You also want to know if any repairs need to be made or if there are problems with the property. If you don't know about these things before buying, any issues that arise later on could cost you a lot of money and aggravation.

A home inspection will also help determine whether or not the property is safe for habitation. In addition, the inspector will check all major systems in the home, such as electrical wiring, plumbing, and heating/cooling units, for proper operation and function to ensure they meet current building codes set forth by local jurisdictions.

2. You notice structural issues with the property.

There are a few reasons why you should get a home inspection. One reason is if you notice any structural issues with the property, such as cracks in the walls or ceiling. If these are not discovered before you buy the house, they can lead to problems later. For example, if something is wrong with your foundation and wasn't disclosed during an inspection, this could cause severe problems after moving into your new home. This could lead to you needing to make a claim. To learn more, here are some requirements of submitting a claim when it comes to property damage. 

3.  An insurance company points out a potential issue with the property.

If an insurance company points out a potential issue with the property, it's time to call in your inspector. Insurance companies recommend home inspections before insuring a property. They want to ensure that it's safe for you and your family.

Insurance companies can also help you negotiate on price if there are problems with the home. For example, if there are water damage issues in the basement or ceiling from flooding or heavy rainstorms, your insurance company may be able to convince the seller to lower their price.

4. Some doors or windows have been painted shut.

While this may not seem a big deal, it signifies moisture intrusion. This can lead to mold and mildew growth inside your home, which can cause health problems and damage your house's structure. A home inspector can give you the right tips and solutions to help make your home safe, for you and your family. 

5. The home you are looking at is older than 50 years​

If the home is older than 50, you should get a professional inspection before purchasing it. Homes built in the 1950s were not constructed to today’s standards and could have various issues ranging from lead paint to asbestos and mold. Newer homes will generally be more energy efficient, saving you money on utility bills.

After going through all seven reasons above, hiring an inspector would be worth your time to ensure you have a safe and comfortable home if even one applies to your situation.