Monday, March 26, 2018

Transitioning my Skin Routine from Winter to Spring and some Home Office Workouts

It's been 3 weeks since I started taking Omega-7 Complete sea buckthorn oil blend and I love  what it does to my body.  These softgels  have bioactive nutrients and is high in antioxidants.  It also helps to have a healthy skin which is a plus because as you know, when the season change, the need of your skin also changes.  This is also great for immune support, urinary and cervical health, and also great for gastrointestinal, heart, liver, and your cholesterol.  The other products that I am also using from SeabuckWonders are  the exfoliating facial cleanser and the facial cream.  Unlike other  facial cleanser and cream that I've tried, these two doesn't give me  pimples or irritation.  I have a very sensitive skin  that's why I don't really use make up because it makes me itchy.  So I am glad to find products that  works for my skin type.  

I have made some changes  with my fitness plan this year.  Last year, I was working out but did not really have a   specific  plan that I could follow so the result  is not that great.  This year, I am following the fitness program at  There is a big support system there too who are  trying to live a healthy lifestyle or trying  to change ways to make life  a lot healthier.  
This year, I am focusing more on the problem that I have identified like BIG GUT, BIG thighs with cellulite, and toning the glutes.  Identifying the problem and focusing on your work to address it is important.  
  • Since my pregnancies, my lower abdomen have never  shrunk so it is always big.  So I have  exercises that I do to address it, they are  hard and sometimes I just want to say "forget it" but no one is going to do it for me but myself so it has to be done.
  • Growing up, my thighs are huge but I never really had cellulite in them until recently so part of my solution is  getting rid of my office chair.  I work standing now and I also do   some exercises for it.
  • I always tell my husband that the bump in my lower abs should be in my glutes  so it would  make it look a little better.  The bumps in my body  are  showing in wrong places lol.  So I am also doing some  glute toning exercise.

One thing that I like about  working from home is the flexibility of doing things.  When I am doing  the  hopping threads, I usually  let the pages  load for  a couple of minutes and I do these  home office workouts.  Another great advantage of working from home is that, you can be in your jammies or  in your athleisure outfit and you can do your job without anyone staring at you or saying anything about  your outfit of the day.
So far, March is almost  over again and my weight is still the same.  I do however  noticed some changes in my body, my glutes is a little toned but the big gut is still there so this will take forever I am guessing.  I am also getting defined muscles in my arms which is kind of exciting.  Lifting weights have never been  my thing but I am enjoying it lately.  

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the complimentary product/s mentioned  for testing purposes and to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.