Thursday, October 31, 2013

Center for Music and Arts

We went to the Center for Music and Arts last weekend, the place where we bought our piano last year.  We informed them that the guy who delivered  it never  returned to tune it as we have agreed   that it would be tuned  as part of the deal when we bought it..  Anyway, they said that they will contact him and let  him know.  The guy called us and said that he is coming this Tuesday.  While we were there, we looked around and see some  galaxy audio and other music  and arts stuff.  Below are some of the photo I took.  
Do you notice that the establishment's roof looks like a  musical instrument?  I am not sure if  it's a grand piano or a shape of a guitar.  
After our trip there, we  dropped by at the mall and   have the kids played miniature golf.  That would be another post  folks.  Thanks for dropping by.

Bongo Roll Tub Sleeve Top

I am wearing the plus roll tub sleeve top that I bought for $2.99 at Sears.  Bongo  clothing were on sale when I chanced to drop by at  the  store  last week.    I did not have time to  try this on at the store since I saw this when we were leaving already so I grabbed the small one which  a bit tighter but I can still wear it.  The medium one would have been a good size for me for this one.  

I love it that I can wear it with jeans or with leggings and it is comfy as it is  made of 100% cotton.  My clogs looks good with it too.  Again, my  big thanks  goes to the little man who took this picture.    

How to deal with a Vindictive Spouse in a Divorce

Divorce is never an easy process. A vindictive spouse is an element that can make a divorce more difficult than it already is. Vindictive spouses exist in almost 50 percent of divorce cases. Emotions are typically the root cause of some of the vindictiveness. The woman may feel that she lost time and efforts on a person who did not appreciate it. The man may feel he worked hard and did not receive the proper respect. Jealousy and anger play a role in these situations most of the time. 

Not being able to work out agreements with a spouse before the court hearing can prolong the process. Battling over child custody, assets, and support can be as taxing as the process is lengthy. Therefore, a man or woman who is having issues with the spouse may have to refer to a legal specialist for help. The divorce process can be very taxing on both parties and when kids are involved expect that the emotional toll will increase exponentially.

Dealing With a Vindictive Spouse

Dealing with a vindictive spouse may seem difficult. However, someone has to deal with the person to complete the divorce. The best way for the non vindictive spouse to deal with the vindictive spouse is to ignore negativity and antagonizing. The vindictive spouse will want to create drama and possibly use it against the other spouse. Ignoring such provocations will cut down some of the chaos. If some of the chaos starts to get out of hand and using the ignoring tactic no longer works, you may have to involve authorities to protect yourself and your interests. 

A vindictive spouse may also attempt to withhold children from the other parent for visitation and then try to use that incident against the parent. This is a tricky subject that again must be handled very carefully. The best way to handle this is for the violated party to document each time the vindictive spouse has denied visitation. During the hearing, an attorney can bring up these points. The court frowns upon parents who do not attempt to foster healthy relationships between the child and the other parent. Such denial may determine the court’s assignment of custody. 

A person should seek advice from an attorney if the other spouse is behaving in an irrational manner. A well-seasoned attorney can deal with the vindictive spouse formally to prevent contact between the bickering parties. This person can act on the innocent spouse’s behalf or begin mediating. A reliable attorney can also file a motion for a restraining order if the vindictive spouse becomes violent or participates in harassment of any kind. 

If you are in a messy divorce and do not yet have representation, it is imperative that you find established counsel. Most lawyers offer free consultations or inexpensive consultations. In this meeting the attorney will go more in depth about the services that he or she can offer to help. When interviewing an attorney for your divorce, make sure that they are well versed in your particular situation.

Article provided by Phoenix Divorce Lawyer, David Michael Cantor. The Cantor Law Group is an AV rated Family Law firm in Phoenix, AZ.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Levis Jeans and Bongo Fleece Jacket

I bought me a new  hooded fleece jacket at Sears last weekend.  It is a Bongo brand  and it was on sale for $19.99.  I was going to get the red one but I already has a red coat so I took the brown one.  

It seems like I have been shopping a lot lately but I am not spending an arm and a leg for my purchases.  I  am just taking  opportunity of low prices as the  there are so many off season sale in different stores.

The other day, I found out that KMart was  having a 90% off sale on summer  clothes so I went and bought some.

The jeans was the Levis that I  snugged for $16 during the opening of the TJ Maxx in Steubenville.
Thanks to my 6 year old son for taking the photos.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Healthier Beautiful Skin

I love it when  a company liked your review for the first time and then afterwards, they contact you again to do another review.  I worked with   Seabucks Wonders before  when they sent me a box  full of  healthy  products.  They asked me  what products  I am interested in trying this time, I just picked the ones that I loved when t I first tried their products and it includes the body lotion, facial cleanser, hydrating serum and  facial cream.

I really love their Himalayan Sea Bucksthorn Body Lotion because it supports skin cell functions.  It is made with certified  organic sea buckthorn, it's paraben free, and it's naturally scented with essential orange oil.  I like it that it isn't sticky  unlike other lotion that I have tried.  It makes your skin feel smoother and refreshed.  You can buy this for $14.97.

Sea Bucksthorn Facial Cleanser - when I first use this, it gave me  some pimples but I think it was because my skin was not really use to using  any exfoliating  product but afterwards, the result was  satisfactory.  What I like about this one is that it  does not only exfoliate your skin but it also detoxify it so it leaves your skin  really clean and rejuvenated.  You can buy this for $16.97.

Sea Bucksthorn Hydrating Serum, this is a bit  expensive $34.97) but I like what it does to your skin.  It helps  maintain your skin's moisture balance and it supports collagen production.  Before I reached the age of 40, I never really care to take care of my skin until I started seeing some fine lines that isn't appealing.  I am glad, I am  again given a chance to  use this product.

 Sea Bucksthorn Facial Cream,I love this one as well.  It  makes your skin so soft.  After you  use the exfoliating facial cleanser and you apply this afterwards, it really feels rejuvenating.  You can buy this  for $19.97.

I admire companies  like SeaBuck Wonders who supports a great cause like  the fight against  breast cancer.  Seabuck Wonders provides products such as health supplements and  personal care products that are made from the Himalayan Sea buckthorn berry.  To learn more about  Sea Buckthorn Berry, visit the website through the links provided in this post.  Thank you again Seabucks Wonders for sending me these  products that would help  me  maintain a healthier and beautiful skin.

Disclaimer:  The  author of this blog  was NOT  financially compensated in writing the review.  The products  described above were  provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Five Tools You Need to Keep Your Pool Clean This Summer

When summer comes racing in, and the sun beats down, there’s nothing better than relaxing in the pool. To do this though, we need to maintain the cleanliness of our pools. This can take time and effort. However, with these five tools, you are assured the most efficient way to keep your pool clean this summer.


Vacuums are not only used for cleaning indoors, you can find ones that will clean the floor of your pool as well. By vacuuming your pool floor you keep it clean of grime and rubbish. You can choose between manual and automatic vacuums. The automatic gives you more of a choice regarding pressure and technique, where the manual allows you to save time and effort when in a hurry. A good pool vacuum will have several different attachments to ensure the best ways of cleaning your pool floor.


One of the most important parts of keeping your pool clean is having the right filter. This ensures that your pool is automatically filtered of waste and dirt. It’s important to keep the filter clean, and attend to it as regularly as possible – no matter which type you are using. The more regularly to clean your filter, the less effort you need to put in when you do.

Skimmer and Basket

It’s vital that you own a skimmer and basket to keep your pool clean. By using a skimmer you can catch any leaves or rubbish lying on the surface of the pool, as well as clean off any dirt that has settled on the bottom. Your pool basket will collect such waste over time, so it is important to keep an eye out and clean it whenever necessary.


If your pool is surrounded by plants and trees, it’s absolutely necessary that it is covered with a leaf net. If you leave the surface open, the top of the pool will gather leaves that have fallen from the surrounding trees. By covering your pool with a net, you will catch the leaves before they enter the pool, and won’t need to use a skimmer to get them out.

Cleaning Chemicals

To keep the water clean of germs you can use chemicals such as chlorine and bromine. These disinfect the pool and make it safer to use. You can purchase these chemicals in tablet or granule form. Be sure to use them at or after sunset, as this maximizes the efficiency by preventing evaporation.

To make the most out of summer, be sure to keep your pool clean. That way you can enjoy all that the sun has to offer. These are just a few of the tools to keep your pool as clean as it can be. Premium Pools and Gardens provide a wide range of tools and accessories for your pool. Check them out to fully enjoy your pool this summer.

Early Signs of Dementia For Family Caregivers to Watch For

The very first of the three periods of dementia may present with memory difficulties the person has the capacity to conceal. Other signals of dementia may demonstrate as depression, lack of curiosity or initiative in certain persons, or in other words the inability to perform strategies. Still others might start to possess some character changes and start to possess trouble with expressing feelings.

Being conscious of the early signals of dementia and seeking early treatment might extend the early period of the disorder. In the present time, there isn't any remedy for the progressive dementia, for example Alzheimer's. The current treatment with this disease is drug, nourishment and behavioral strategies.

Drugs will help with a few of the irritability, stress and restlessness that lots of persons with dementia experience. The most effective method of providing treatment for the person is via social communication. This isn't an easy job, as from the time the analysis of dementia is provided, the mind has started to deteriorate.

Conversation is challenging not just for the health care providers, but also for the person with this particular analysis. They are having trouble remembering any advice. They have little to no capability to save any new info and minimal capability to fast recover and react to your predicament in a timely manner. This causes aggravation, restlessness, a rise in nervousness and rage, in certain persons. Negative and unwanted behaviours, commonly exhibited by the person with dementia, are from rage, frustration and restlessness. There's nevertheless an understanding of the inabilities to convey and comprehend everything.

This knowledge causes frustration and confusion and commonly leads to acting out behaviors.
Early Indications of Dementia for Family Caregivers. Hints for an Effective Method of Providing Care.

There are many distinct things a man with this new analysis and family members caregivers should execute directly into their lives. Study now demonstrates, that brain fitness as well as physical fitness, encourage new links to form within the brain. Therefore a brisk walk, everyday, and using a brain fitness program as well as playing cards will probably be critical to encouraging and keeping wellbeing. These activities can reduce the danger of sleeplessness, stress, depression and negative behaviors.

Good nutrition, like a heart-healthy diet is significant. Full of dark-green leafy veggies, fish, whole grains and fruit that can be, a brain nutritious diet!

Sensory disability increases the possibilities of negative behaviors and feelings of melancholy. It's significant to enable someone time to see, hear, taste and touch. It's significant they have proper-fitting teeth, hearing aides in and operating, or eyeglasses to see.

Persistence and empathy are the secrets to creating positive feelings within an individual experiencing dementia. It's significant for the health professional to concentrate on which the person can-do at this given instant versus what they're not able to perform. Once per function is dropped, it's not going to return. As challenging as it's, you shouldn't say "no." You can't change the behaviours of the person however you can transform their reaction. It's extremely significant as a health professional to not make an adversarial relationship with all the person for whom you're providing care. The aim of each interaction would be to produce a favorable emotional response.

This strategy requires a whole lot of private growth to the part of the health professional. Your aim would be to attempt to comprehend what the behaviors are attempting to inform you. Every behaviour is a kind of communicating. Should you recognize the person is becoming upset or frustrated, try to find out what's causing this defeat. Try taking an optimistic approach and implying another action. Another strategy would be to ask questions regarding the issue they're concentrating on. You may redirect or deflect them into another action and aid to give them a favorable feeling instead of fury and discouragement.

Being conscious of the early signals of dementia are critical to an early identification and treatment. Using a proactive method of learning as much as possible concerning the kind of dementia will help the family caregivers to get ready for your future treatment demands. Learning the instruments to concentrate to the person's strengths, will encourage a better standard of living.

People in the middle of their lives are often busy caring for their children, as well as their parents, while working full-time jobs. This is why Daly Care Associates, a home care provider in Pittsburgh

5 Extreme Things People Go Through For Thicker Hair

Unfortunately, many people aren’t blessed with the thick, luscious hair that they desire. They struggle with hair thickening products that just don’t work. This turns them towards extreme methods to get thicker hair. Transitions Hair have compiled a list of five extreme things people go through for thicker hair.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are long thin lengths of hair that can be easily attached to your hair in order to add more length or to make it more voluminous. Hair extensions are a great idea for the special occasions or nights out, as they can be easily taken out the next day. However, you can get more permanent hair extensions, such as hair transplants, which are used to create more volume around the crown area of you head.

Using Feminine Products

One of the more controversial ways to obtain thicker hair is by using Miconazole Nitrate, an antifungal agent used to treat yeast infections in women. One of the reasons using feminine products is a good way to thicken your hair is because Miconazale contains an antifungal cream that that kills off fungus on your scalp that prohibits natural hair growth, allowing it to cleanse your scalp and helping your hair to grow more voluminously.

Wash Your Hair In Onion Water

You may think that onions are only good for stinging your eyes while you’re trying to chop them up for dinner, but they are also good to thicken your hair. By boiling onions and washing your hair with the water, your hair will grow extra fast and thicken overnight. The scent of the onions wont linger in your hair, though if you want to be sure, just rinse it a couple of times in cold water.

Eat More Spicy Food

Spicy food means thicker, fuller hair! Because hair loss is caused by an inadequate flow of blood to the hair follicles, certain spicy peppers increase the blood flow to your hair follicles, resulting in healthier follicles and thicker, stronger hair. If you’re not a fan of spicy foods, simply add cayenne pepper directly to your hair.

Use A Hair Nutrition Dietary Supplement

A healthy diet promotes healthy hair growth. Lifestyle problems such as unhealthy eating, and medical and emotion issues, can prevent your body from absorbing all the nutrients it needs to allow your hair to grow as full and thick as you want it to be. Significant trauma can lead to hair loss, which may be temporary, but can be permanent. Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth is a 100% drug free dietary supplement that is clinically proven to nourish your hair and promote healthy, thick hair growth. Its formula includes AminoMar, which has been clinically proven to help speed up the growth phase of the hair growth cycle.

If you’re struggling to get the hair you always wanted, why not try these five extreme things to get thicker, fuller hair? They may seem odd, but they really do work!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sneaker King

All running shoes are not created equally. When it comes to finding the right shoe, the shape of your foot and your running style are far more important than designer brands. Here are some simple tips to help you find the right running shoe:

1. Know Your Terrain

Trail running. If you are an off-road runner, trail running shoes may be a good fit for you. These running shoes feature aggressive outsoles that provide more traction. The base of this shoe is also fortified to offer greater support, stability and better underfoot protection. Trail running shoes are well suited for rocky terrain, mud, tree roots and a wide range of other off-trail obstacles.
Road running. These traditional sneakers are designed for running on pavement. Although they can withstand other surfaces like nature trails and fire roads, they are best suited for pavement. This sneaker is light and very flexible. They are designed to provide your feet with comfort and stability as they make repetitious strides against solid surfaces.

2. Know Your Feet

Size. Knowing your shoe size is critical to finding comfortable, well-fitting running shoes. If you are not sure exactly what your shoe size is, you can have them measured at most major shoe retailers. Using a Brannock device, you can determine the exact size of each of your feet. You may even find that one foot is slightly larger than the other. In such a case, consider going a half size up to ensure both feet have ample space. 

Most women’s shoes are designed for a B-width foot while most men’s shoes are designed for a D-width foot. If your foot is narrow, do not be hesitant to try a women’s shoe. If your foot is wider than average, consider trying a men’s shoe. The important part is to find a shoe that is comfortable.

Arch. Your arch shape is another important factor to consider as you look for running shoes. In order to identify your arch shape, try placing your wet foot on a white sheet of paper. The shape left on the paper will help you identify your arch shape. Typically, most people have a high arch, normal arch or a flat foot. Once you know your arch type, look for shoes or inserts that provide the support you need. Stores like Sneaker King offer running shoes to suit a wide variety of arch shapes.

There are lots of factors to consider when looking for running shoes. These simple tips can help you find a shoe that provides just the right balance of support and comfort.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mix and Match Style for Less

This is the  pair of flip flop that I  bought for  99 cents at KMart.
Sometimes, even if you are just at home, you feel the need to mix and match your   style .  Even the pot of my  plant matches lol.
I like it when I find something on sale in the store.  Immediately, you think right there and then, what can I wear that with?  I am not that good  with high fashion, I wear whatever my budget  can afford and what I feel is comfortable.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

VH Nutrition Produces Appetite Stimulant For Aging Adults

A good healthy appetite is a great attribute to possess and even though it is not a factor you think about every day, appetite is connected with general health and metabolism. Having an active lifestyle, or participating in sports, or exercising also keeps your appetite alive.

As we age, most of us tend to slow down. Our metabolism changes and along with this comes a decrease in appetite. As you get older you will find that eating two hot dogs and a jumbo, hot fudge brownie sundae is not as appetizing as it used to be.

A decrease in appetite can lead to listlessness, fatigue and sometimes will negatively influence your outlook on life. Loss of appetite is not something you have to put up with; you can do something to change it!

Taking all natural appetite stimulants is a good and healthy way to increase your appetite. Eatmor Appetite Stimulant is not a medical drug, but an all-natural dietary supplement that encourages regular hunger symptoms. Eatmor has no reported harmful side effects. It is fast acting and will put healthy weight on the user in as little as a week.

You must make excessive calorie intake your goal 
and Eatmor will help you achieve that over-all goal. Taking Eatmor on an empty stomach before breakfast is reportedly the most effective plan. Breakfast is the one meal people tend to skip, so eating a wholesome breakfast on a regular basis along with Eatmor is the key element in gaining weight.

Don’t take coffee, or other stimulants with Eatmor. Stimulants create a reverse effect on the appetite and therefore render weight gain supplements powerless. When you think about all the people out there struggling to lose weight, think of the fun advantage you have of eating good food to put it on! Along with Eatmor here are a few other natural home remedies to cure appetite loss.

Natural Syrup Remedy

This is a great appetite enhancer. Blend 100 grams each of sour and sweet pomegranate juice. 250 grams each of lemon juice, apple juice, mint leaf juice and natural sugar. This soothes stomach and liver problems as well as increases appetite.

Sage Tea

Boil a teaspoon full of powdered sage in 6-8 ounces of water and drink 1-2 glasses a day. Sweeten with honey. This is a wonderful natural appetite enhancer and also cures many ailments.

Carom and Ginger Powder

For strong stomach muscles and increase in appetite mix equal amounts of carom seed and ginger powder and soak in ginger juice. Allow to dry at room temperature, grind it and salt to taste. Use 3-4 pinches in a glass of water twice a day.

Cardamom, Fennel Seed and Cumin Powder

This remedy gives you a lean, healthy body as well as increases appetite. Combine equal amounts of cardamom powder, fennel seed powder and cumin seed powder. Fry in a dry pan for 10-15 seconds. Cool and store in a glass jar. Take 4-5 pinches with water after every meal.

Drink Cold Water

Cold water speeds the digestion process and makes you hungry faster than room temperature water.

Carol N. has traveled to the three islands in the Bahamas and has lived in Texas, Alabama and Florida in the U.S. She loves reading, writing, debating, shopping, exercising and research. She believes that media in all forms is the most powerful and effective tool for teaching, helping and informing the world.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Woman's Pain

Hello everyone, how's your weekend so far?  I just got done with my weekend cleaning and taking a break for a while before doing my laundry.  I might skip that part and do it  tomorrow instead.  I am in so much pain due to dysmenorrhea.  I forgot the pain  while I was cleaning though but now, it's back!  Bad Lady in Red, I don't really like you! Lol, NO, I am not  losing my mind, I just want to vent out to ease this pain of womanhood.  On the lighter note, I am sharing you the photo that I saw in the school's wall of art, it is my 6 year old son's drawing of our family.
Here are the other  drawings that are displayed on the wall.  It is so nice to see how creative little kids can be.
I hope you guys are having a great weekend.  It is raining at our end, how's the weather at your end?

Why Choose Scottish Cashmere Sweaters

If you ask a number of people what their favorite piece of clothing is, many of them will answer something random like "my mother's scarf," "my worn out jeans, or "my little black dress." I would answer: "my cashmere collection." This is because cashmere is quite unique -- it is soft, lightweight, and extremely comfortable to wear. This material does not come from sheep, but from goats. 

Cashmere clothing can include anything from shawls and gloves to socks and hats. However, among those, the most renowned and well-loved products are cashmere sweaters.

When it comes to cashmere sweaters, one type stands above the rest: Scottish cashmere sweaters. They have long been considered the pioneers in luxury and stylishness. Scottish cashmere is said to have been produced in the 1830s and since then, has become a mark of excellence in clothing.

Although there are other types of sweaters on the market, nothing can beat a sweater that is made of Scottish cashmere for the following reasons:

Only the Best Fiber is Used
Cashmere is known as the rarest natural fiber in the world and therefore is very expensive. There are some manufacturers that sell cashmere cheap, but only Scottish cashmere sweaters have the best quality. Pieces of clothing are finely produced by companies with the right skills and experience in crafting the high quality finished products.

Herds of goats are nourished and well taken care of to ensure quality hair. These goats survive for about seven years only and their hairs are combed once they reach their second year. Unlike wool, cashmere is not sheared but it is hand-combed as the manufacturers gather the materials that they need from the animals.

A Painstaking Journey
Cashmere can be of different colors: it can be brown, gray, and pure white, which is the most precious of them all. Once the fibers have been gathered, they will be hand sorted according to their color. Most manufacturers will even categorize them based on the grade. These people are eagle-eyed due to their years of experience in selecting quality.
Raw cashmeres are matted and greasy once they arrive in Scotland. Thus, they have to be treated to remove the dust and grime using clean water that is neither hot nor cold to avoid damaging the delicate cashmere fibers. Once again, the raw materials are meticulously hand sorted, which often results in losing half the original package.

A Luxury Feel
Cashmere sweaters, when produced, cannot be rivaled by other sweaters made of man-made fiber. They are very luxurious and soft to the touch in addition to being warm and light in weight. The finished product is all thanks to around 30 different processes right from its raw state to completion of the fine quality clothing. The Scottish weavers have skills that are unmatched and the results are hard to replicate. Cashmere sweaters are ideal during winters and cold months. They actually provide more warmth than wool without being too weighty, giving you the comfort you deserve.

For hundreds of years now, cashmere clothing has become an important part in the rich cultural heritage of Scotland. With Scottish cashmere sweaters, their expertise and proficiency allow them to produce comfortable and stylish finished products that other weavers cannot reproduce.

This was written by Tory Steward, a cashmere industry expert.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Nourish Your Skin with Remedy Products from Medline

If you have noticed, I have been reviewing products from Shoplet at my  shopping blog but since these new products that I got from them are related to   beauty products, I am reviewing them here.  Thees  products are being distributed by Medline  and  you can buy them at  I received four products to  review which includes  Cleansing foam, nourishing moisturizer, hydrating moisturizer, and flushable wipes.

Nourishing Moisturizer  is nourishing skin cream that you can use everyday.  It is hypoallergenic and non-sensitizing.  This helps restores nutrients and hydration to dry and cracked skin to maintain its natural moisture barrier.  During this time of the year, my skin really  experience severe dryness.  It begins itching and cracking which is why I am very  thankful that I got the chance to  try this one.    It does work and it relieve the itchiness from my  elbow which is  experiencing dryness.

 Hydrating Moisturizer is also a skin cream but with  24% silicone blend.  It is a little thicker than the nourishing moisturizer.  I  love using this to my  cracked  heels as it moisturizes the skin with natural oils.  It leaves a breathable, water resistant film to your skin.  It is a long lasting formula for dry and cracked skin.

Hydrating Cleansing Foam  is a mild head to toe cleanser.  You can either rinse it off or not rinse at all.  This is is ideal  when you are traveling as you can stay  fresh by using this no-rinse everyday use  cleansing foam.  You can gently  spray this in your body that you want to be cleaned and just  wipe it clean with a damp cloth.  

 Flushable Wipes now this is I always carry in my purse especially that I have two children that constantly wants to touch everything when we go out.  It is a fluashable  personal cleansing cloth .
Shoplet not only  offers    Office Supplies like  Office Stationary but they also  provide Promotional Products like Promotional shirts.  So if your company is looking for something that you want to giveaway for Christmas, Shoplet is the   place to check out to.  Thanks again Shoplet!
Disclaimer:  The author of this blog did NOT received  monetary compensation in writing the review.  The products mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Exploring Texas

It was the month of June when we decided to go to Texas.  It was still  cool  from our  state but  when we  landed there, oh man, it was hot!  Gladly, most of the  attractions that we explored offered covered walkways which gave us   some shade.  I think the hottest adventure we did was exploring the Alamo, we  chose the wrong day to go there as it was too hot.  I felt bad for the kids as they were  sweating  and  their cheeks looked pink!

The weather did not hinder us from having fun though.    We   tried to see different things while we were there as we never know when we could go back there again.  My kids were very fond of Shamu attraction in Sea World. They were so amazed how  these big  sea critters can be trained.  

Walking around Alamo was fun as it was very rich with history but the weather was   just intense.   I did not even have the  energy to take photos of the  beautiful surroundings. What I enjoyed there the most was the river walk attraction.  It was a relief to finally  explore the place without walking.

We definitely would want to go back there if we have a chance in the future.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Dental Care Tips For Achieving Healthy Teeth And Gums

Dental Cleaning
How will you feel about how you look after your teeth? Are you currently pleased with your dentist? Is the dentist happy with everything you do in order to safeguard your teeth? There's much to learn, and you ought to continue to see this post to seek out helpful hints regarding dentistry.

You need to brush and clean your teeth carefully after each meal you've got. Don't be afraid to take a little toothbrush and some floss on you to help you clean your teeth wherever you're. Should you not clean your teeth after meals, replace it by spending additional time cleaning your teeth afterwards.

When tooth enamel becomes feeble, cavities result. It's a build up of microorganisms which ends up eating away your enamel and causing cavities to create. To help enhance your dental health, see a dentist two times annually. Through the visits, they are going to X-ray tooth to ensure no cavities have formed.

Ensure you floss. While brush is a great custom, it's not sufficient to safeguard your teeth. Food particles frequently lodge between your teeth; this can result in tooth decay if not tackled promptly. Flossing after every meal will help remove particles from between your teeth so you can make sure best oral health.

Consume more healthy foods. Your diet and complete health can get a tremendous effect in the state of your own teeth. Track what you're eating. Make certain that you will get the nutrients and vitamins your body requires. Your smile will probably be all the better and brighter for this.
Make use of a mouthwash that does not include alcohol. These mouthwashes do not provide you with that burning feeling, and are ideal for healing bad breath. While alcoholic mouthwashes supply one or two hours of mintyfresh breath, additionally they often cause dry mouth. That's one of what causes bad breath.

Oral Surgery in Houston
For those who have stress about visiting the dentist you aren't solely. Lots of people fear the excursion to the dentist, however there really isn't any cause to get anxious. All the staff is extraordinarily trained and generally do their utmost to ensure you're comfortable, whether you're in for an easy cleaning or a complex oral surgery.

Smoking not only causes discoloration of tooth, it may create serious dental issues. People that smoke have a heightened danger of gingivitis and oral cancer. Receding gums can make the root of your own teeth exposed, raise dental sensitivity and promote tooth decay. 
Smoke also inhibits healing after oral surgery.

For those who have headaches, a debilitating clicking of the jaw, problems chewing or discomfort in your jaw, ear or face, you might have problems with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) illness. Your dentist can diagnose this illness through physical review of the place and x-rays. Aggressive treatments include oral surgery and orthodontic correction.

Cosmetic Dentistry
In case your natural teeth are unattractive, or were damaged, cosmetic dentistry can totally transform your smile. You'll have bridges, crowns or partials to change out your normal but imperfect teeth. These processes could be expensive but the unbelievable change is generally considered worth the cost. Veneers are another alternative, but they're much higher priced.

If you're considering getting cosmetic dentistry work done, ensure you have it done with an acclaimed dentist. Your usual dentist may not possibly be the proper man for the occupation. Be certain you investigate every dentist you are able to in order for your teeth continue to appear as amazing as they're able to.

Now that you will be more conscious about what you could do to be proactive as it pertains to your own teeth, now is the time to begin. Implement the guidance you have learned in this post, and you'll absolutely feel a lot better about your scenario. Now is the time to generate some good changes relating to your teeth.

Stephens Gatewood & Associates is the local dentist for Houston families. Our specialized care and services make us uniquely qualified to handle the dental care needs of any family that walks through our door.

DIY Legal Forms for Families

Keeping on top of your legal affairs is an important administration task for any family and knowing you are legally secure regardless of the situation you have the necessary piece of mind, as well as potentially saving yourself time and money in the future.

There are several different essential legal forms you should look into depending on your circumstances, followed by those that everyone should consider a necessity. With the increase of DIY legal services such as DIY divorces and the rise of information available on the internet it has never been easier to complete some of the complex legal processes on a budget with no lawyers and their expensive bills required!

Some personal essential legal forms include a last will and testament, divorce or separation agreements. In simple cases where both of parties in the situation agree without the need for mediation or complex legal assistance these can very easily be completed by yourself. When doing this though there will be requirements such as witnesses and potential fees to file the forms so once again this shouldn’t be looked at as an easy option, it requires thorough research prior to proceeding and an evaluation as to whether this is the right route for you to take.

If you run a business or own property which you rent out you will need further legal forms, once again these should be considered an essential for your protection. Examples of such include tenancy agreements, contracts, employment contracts and terms and conditions for use of your website and/or sales and returns. When you do download free forms or purchase the premium form packs always ensure that they are valid in your state and country especially. Although most forms have the same principles there can be differences between states so it is important to get the right one from the start to prevent any issues occurring in the future.

In addition to these you may encounter an event in your life which requires some form of legal intervention, at such point you may be worried about the potential costs which can be billed once you start seeking legal assistance. One of the best ways you can get around this is through research and doing as much of the ground work and legal form filling by yourself. Find the legal forms you need, these often come with thorough instructions so ensure you have the time available to correctly complete these. Bear in mind that any errors now may result in further legal assistance being needed in the future and as a result, more unnecessary costs!

Once you have the forms if you do require some form of legal assistance, perhaps you just have a simple question where you can’t quite justify full legal advice and bills you can find the information online. Services such as Just Answer give you the opportunity to ask basic questions to qualified legal individuals for a small fee. You also can read some of the previous submissions made on the site, if someone has had a similar question in the past you can benefit from their answers.

By Luther

Church Wedding

When hubby and I  got married in civil, it was  just a formality because we did it a couple of weeks after my father died.  It was a very unfortunate event that we went through.  Everything was planned but my  Dad passed so suddenly.  After  the burial, we decided not to pursue our plans but my Mom said that it was what my father would want us to do.
Anyway, after  more than a year, my husband  said that we should get married again and this time in church  so the whole family could come and witness our union, so we did.  It was on October 12th.

Glad to know that after so many years my  wedding dress still fits!

Looking at  a different perspectives,  what   happened to my father always reminds me that no matter how dark the future may seem, there is always   positive things that comes out at the end.

Ten years after the tragedy, here's what   what my father could have enjoyed if i he's still around.

 I miss you Papa!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Can There Be a Wrong Match on Christian Mingle?

God is a pretty powerful guy.  He takes care of everything from tiny birds to the deepest friend drama, and he manages to do it for everyone all over the world, too.  Yet even though he has so much control and influence over the big picture, we often expect him to orchestrate the minutiae.   It happens more often than it really should–instead of relying on our own God-given wisdom and discernment, we expect him to come down out of the heavens and make our decisions for us.
One of the areas of life that is often the recipient of this strange approach is marriage.  It’s no wonder, since about half of all marriages end in divorce, that we want to be absolutely positive that we pick the correct person for a lifetime of companionship.  The thing is, this isn’t quite how things were designed to go.  We often are so worried about making the wrong choice that we can’t make the right one.

It shows a sad truth about the box we’ve put God in.  Men and women spend hours scouring Christian Mingle for the one person the Holy Spirit says is “it”.  “They’re wondering if God’s going to tell them one day, ‘You really messed up. I had your perfect spouse all ready and waiting for you, but you went ahead and married the wrong person. Too bad.’” (LaFitte 2013).  This makes God seem like a rather vengeful kind of deity, punishing us for not hearing correctly or for being baby Christians.  Is this really the God we serve? 

Dive into the Bible sometime and you’ll see several mentions of marriage.  Read them all and you won’t find many statements from God saying anything like, “Wait for my signal!” “And it certainly doesn’t talk about marriage and spouses in terms of finding only one uniquely-designed match, yet we’ve strangely adopted this notion when considering a potential spouse” (LaFitte 2013).  The idea of The One didn’t come from the Bible, so it could only have come from society.  God urges us to follow his lead, but when it comes to revealing whether a person is “right” or not on Christian Mingle or any other dating site we must use multiple channels. First, we can pray for God’s wisdom and discernment.

 Second, we can take things slowly to really determine if we feel compatible on critical areas such as values and temperament. And third, we can have our close friends and family give us their feedback on if they feel we’re making a good choice.  In addition, we need to be careful fantasizing about the ideal partner because no one is perfect and we may be setting our bar too high. We are all broken people living in a broken world and must view romantic relationships as one of the best conduits for personal growth and refinement. Through this perspective and the steps above, the future for romantic relationships definitely becomes brighter.

LaFitte, J. There is No Such Thing as ‘The One’. Retrieved on September 25, 2013 from

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Morning Yoga

Okay, if this bunny can do it, I can definitely do it as well.  Haven't done my yoga for days now and it's bumming me out.  I just have  so many things going on right now sigh.  Anyway, I am posting this for motivation, maybe tomorrow will be a better day and I can  exercise again.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Exotic Aruba Island

The weather here is getting colder everyday and I am dreaming of a warmer  weather such as spending a sunny walk on a sandy beach in Aruba. I have never been to Aruba yet but judging from the  beautiful images  seen at the   Aruba travel, I am convinced that  it is a beautiful island to be explored!  Just like what  the video  says about the place, I would be really   deluighted to visit there one day.  

These photos shows how Aruba looks like a paradise.  It would be great spend your honeymoon there or  wedding anniversary!
There are many events  that   tourists can enjoy and lots of local cuisine to try.  Those exotic food is what I am very interested in exploring.  It is always nice to  explore  the local foods of a place3 that you have never been into. There are bus services that ensures you to explore downtown, resort areas and  restaurants for a fair price.  If you want to learn  how much  it cost to visit the place, you  can visit the website and  explore the possibilities of fun that you can have  in Aruba.  Another good thing is that foreign and international  licences are accepted so if you want to drive around, you can and parking is free all though out the island.

If you were to go to Aruba, what occasion would you pick to celebrate in this exotic Island?

Eclipse Sun Sleeves

In the country where I came from, women love to have lighter skin.  One of the most  popular  beauty products there is whitening lotion.  Over here in the  US, it is the opposite.  Women goes to tanning salon  just to have darker skin tone.  We humans are never satisfied  aren't we?  But hey, it is what it is, we are just humans, wink.    

It is comforting to know though that  there are available products that we can buy to  satisfy our needs and wants and most importantly, protect our skin from the harsh   effect of the heat of the sun.  One of the protective  gear that I recently have is the  sun sleeve  from Eclipse Sun Products .  I received  a pair of the  sun sleeves which will be great for cold season.  I can use this when I go for a jog or when we  go for a bike ride around the neighborhood.  
The sun sleeves cost $26.99 a pair  plus free shipping through Amazon.  Eclipse also   has  gloves and   sun protective gears for kids including sun poncho.  I should have  ordered my kids each a pair of this sun sleeves  during the summer when we went to the beach.  However, it is not too late, I can still purchase them  these and they can use it  next year.

I would love to bring this when we visit my county as it is very hot out there.  This would be very useful!  Thank you so much Eclipse Sun Products for providing me  a pair of sun sleeves for FREE.

Disclaimer.  I was NOT financially compensated to write this review.