Thursday, October 10, 2013

Exotic Aruba Island

The weather here is getting colder everyday and I am dreaming of a warmer  weather such as spending a sunny walk on a sandy beach in Aruba. I have never been to Aruba yet but judging from the  beautiful images  seen at the   Aruba travel, I am convinced that  it is a beautiful island to be explored!  Just like what  the video  says about the place, I would be really   deluighted to visit there one day.  

These photos shows how Aruba looks like a paradise.  It would be great spend your honeymoon there or  wedding anniversary!
There are many events  that   tourists can enjoy and lots of local cuisine to try.  Those exotic food is what I am very interested in exploring.  It is always nice to  explore  the local foods of a place3 that you have never been into. There are bus services that ensures you to explore downtown, resort areas and  restaurants for a fair price.  If you want to learn  how much  it cost to visit the place, you  can visit the website and  explore the possibilities of fun that you can have  in Aruba.  Another good thing is that foreign and international  licences are accepted so if you want to drive around, you can and parking is free all though out the island.

If you were to go to Aruba, what occasion would you pick to celebrate in this exotic Island?


  1. Such beautiful place indeed :) If it were me, I'd go during a honeymoon or anniversary <3

  2. I would definitely go there to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It really looks like a lovely place.

  3. Ohh wow looks like a beautiful place to visit. I am to chicken to fly though lol

  4. beautiful place... i would love to visit this place this sembreak time. my hubby would love to take a photo of the nature's landscape

  5. That looks like a very nice place for a short getaway. We need to be far from the busy world once in awhile and this place would be a perfect place for relaxation.

  6. a perfect place for newly weds.wish to visit this place

  7. Aruba sure looks like a very interesting place to visit. Hopefully, I can go there with my little man one day!

  8. I didn't know Aruba would make a great vacation destination.


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