Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Little Lady Attended Her First School Dance

Our daughter  is attending a school Spring dance tonight.  This is her first time attending  a dance in school  and she's kind of nervous but excited to  be with her friends.  She's not much of a dancer so she never really had any interest in  participating  with the past dance events in school. This time though, something has changed, she mentioned the dance to me  this morning  so I asked her if she wants to attend, she perked up lol.  
These photos were taken  on the first week of March after we got home from church.  She's my  partner in crime when it comes to  taking photos.  The boys  are always  against it  but her and I  always have fun taking photos.  She's usually the subject and I am the photographer.  
 Between my two children, my son has the long eye lashes and  my daughter always wish that she has her brother's long eyelashes and the eye color.  I told her that since she is a girl, those would be easier to fix since you can just use  eyelash extensions and you can also  use  different colors of contacts.
I was offering to put  some of these  Sweep  eyelash extension on her eyes but she didn't want to.  I think my little lady is like me, she is not much into cosmetics.
 This month's Beauty Box 5 is all about  intensifying the look of your eyes.  There's  the true metal eye shadow, cosmetic glitter, lash primer, lash helper, and lashes.  
It has everything that you need  to  level up the look of your eyes.  I told my daughter that this is something she need to learn because I never really had any interesting in applying make up when I was growing up so up until now, I am okay with just lip gloss when I go out.  
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Spring Forward to an Optimal Health with Natural Dynamix #FamilyPictureMarch

Oh where do I begin?  March has been a tough month for  my family.  We lost a loved one who kept us all  feel loved but now he's gone.  To continue on with  my goal of taking family picture every month, here is for the month of March.  

Losing someone whom  you dearly loved is so hard but we hold on to the memories that he left us and that comforts us.  It's not an easy thing to go through.  Even though we know that he would go anytime soon but still hard to think that he is now on the other side, that we won't see him in this   side of life.  It is comforting to know that he is now pain free and resting in peace with his  dear wife and two  sons.  
I didn't think that it would affect me too much but it did.  It was like  going through with my father passing  over again.  He was the one who assured me that I was home when I first came here in the US so it was a tough loss for me.    I have never seen my husband wept that much.  
In times like this, even your eating habits is  affected.  I am glad that we have something  to supplement our  healthy habits in this difficult times.  Natural Dynamix sent me these  three different products to try.  

Natural Dynamix is created by a group of individuals that are into nutrition and health.  People, planet, and Profit are the three P principals of their foundation.  They believe that they can only feel good about making a profit if they are helping people in a way that doesn't hurt the planet. 
I have been wanting to do some body detoxifying so I am  thrilled to find this  Green Detox  in the box.  It is a is a powerful formulation of bioactive compounds, phytonutrients and antioxidants which stimulate and support optimal health.  This really works and I am glad that  blkoating feeling that I used to have  is now gone.  If you are looking for something to help you detoxify, I recommend this green detox from Naturla Dynamix.
Having a good night sleep is what I struggle  the most especially if I am thinking of something.  I tried  different kinds of  sleep aid and although it works, it somehow  had some side effect on me  so I was  kind of hesitant to try this one but I am glad that I did because this is so different.  First off, it is in the form of gummies so it's not hard to take it.  Then it really put me to sleep without me waking up in the middle of the night.
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The Fiber DX is an adult gummy that provides 4 grams of fiber per serving. The reason I am not fond of taking supplements is the yucky taste and texture of pills but this one I don't mind at all because they're like candies. The gummies are easy to chew and swallow. What I like is that it is gluten free and made no added sugar. My husband love taking it too because it helps him regulated.

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

Second Year for Young Musician's Audition

Our daughter will be participating again to the Young Musician's Audition at West Liberty University this year.   Last year was her first time and she did great, she got the highest grade that the judge gave out to all the participants.  Unfortunately, they did not  get many who have the higher grade so they didn't  got to play again in a recital.  I guess the judge last year was very hard and only gave out  the highest  grade to few.  Hopefully this year, lots of  young musicians will get the high grade so they could have a recital.   West Liberty University has awesome PA system, just like this    fender passport, check it out at  I hope that she'll be  in great health condition this Friday, she caught a cold  last week and kind of clogged out this weekend.  

Thursday, March 9, 2017

#Yogatastic Morning with @AuroraeYoga

It's been a while since I did yoga and  I miss doing it  regularly.  Yoga is developed  in India thousands of years ago.  It is a system of physical, mental, and spiritual practises , with the ultimate goal of union.  Yoga is suitable for most people.  When I first started yoga, I thought there is no way I could do it because it is difficult  at first but just like many other things, you get  used to it and  it becomes easier as you do it regularly.  Yoga professional even advised you to consult your doctor before starting yoga if you  have a medical condition.  
I gotta tell you, before learning yoga, I thought my balance is pretty good but I was wrong lol.  It does improve your overall flexibility and agility though.  The stretches and poses and proper breathing  really helps  to have a relaxing mind and body.   
 Taking up yoga doesn't cost a lot.  You can start at home by buying the  basic  things that you need such as yoga mat, yoga apparel, and other accessories that you need.  When it comes to yoga  products, I highly recommend Aurorae Yoga.  They have a huge selection of yoga mats, yoga footwear,  yoga clothing and apparel, and  other yoga accessories.  
 I got one of their  classic thick yoga mat in midnight color and it's awesome.   It is available in  illuminating colors like sea mist, royal plum, infinity, hope, camaroon green, and many other  colors.  It comes with a free non-slip rosin pack that you can use if you don't have  the non-slip 5-toe socks.  I love those socks by the way, you don't really need the rosin if you have the socks.  As you can see in the  photos, I am wearing their  non-slip 5-toe socks and it has been one of my favorite socks to wear.  
 I also like their yoga headband as it is designed to stay on your head during high athletic movements or gentle yoga  poses.  Their apparels are comfortable too, I have their  top and  love the   material they used although I always used a sports bra underneath it  even though I am at home because  the  stitches  at the back bothers my ultra sensitive skin but other than that, they are well made.
 My poses aren't perfect, in fact I am very rusty since it has been a while since I did yoga.  Now that I  started again, I plan on  keep  since it helps me relax and sleep good at night.  I have problem falling asleep at night and yoga helps me  address with that issue.
 Practicing yoga at home is great especially if you have  a DVD  to watch since you lack  that someone to do it with so watching the video really helps.  
 A yoga session will take the body in all directions such as forward, backward and lateral or sideways bending. All your  main joints  will be exercised if you do yoga.
If you want to learn yoga, you can buy a book that has DVD in it and you can start from there.  I got this one  a  couple of years ago and this  is where I have learned some poses.  I can't do a lot of the poses yet but I think that if I do it regularly, I will be good at it.  It is something I have enjoyed doing.  Sometimes I forgot that I am 43 and thought that I was still agile and I always find out that my body ain't the way it is used to be anymore lol.  Hard reality  of  getting Old I guess.    Again, practice  always makes it easier so I will continue  practicing.  
Weighed myself this morning and  I still weighed the same  as last week.  I've never struggled losing  what I gained but this time, it is  definitely kicking my tosh.  Most of it too is stuck in my mid section, ugh (not a pretty sight).
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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Solid Wood Cabinets Can Improve the Value of Your Home

If you are interested in improving the value of your home, a kitchen upgrade is always a good idea. Custom cabinetry Pennsylvania residents recommend can be one way to change the look of your space. You can improve your kitchen's value and functionality by choosing cabinets made out of high quality materials. Add as many cabinets as you have space for to make sure that you have plenty of room to store items in your kitchen area. 

Long Lasting Choice
Custom cabinets made out of solid wood will make a great addition to your kitchen. This type of cabinet will be made to last. Wood is a material that will stand up to everyday wear and tear with grace and beauty. It is a strong and durable choice for your kitchen area that can be renewed instead of replaced.

Different Styles
You can pick out the best solid wood style for your home. There are many options that will add beauty and value to your property. You may want to go with a shaker-style cabinet to bring simplicity and a historical look to your home. A raised panel cabinet can bring a touch of elegance and style to your home as well. Pick out a color that will enhance your kitchen.

Wood Goes With Anything
You may want to go with a beautiful white shade, or you could choose to stick with a natural looking wood color that will go with anything. Wood blends in with any color of flooring or wall. It also matches any type of countertop or appliance you may want to add to your kitchen in the future. By going with wood, you can be sure that you can create the kitchen of your dreams with ease.

Wood is a material that will look good and last. You can enjoy how this type of material will bring a warmth to your kitchen. You can choose to have as many cabinets as you need to improve the function and appearance of your kitchen. Make sure that you always have space for your dishes by choosing beautiful custom wood cabinets.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Vera Wang, Fancy Feet , and More #RosyVoxBox #Contest

I love this International Concept coat that my husband   gave me  on Valentine's day.  It's a perfect  coat to wear when  going to church because it is  dressy.   I am not very fond of white coat because anything that  gets in there is so visible but I thought this was a very nice one.  I wore it yesterday when we attended the mass.  Cold  weather is back at our  neck of the woods.  We had a week of warm weather but it was  just a tease from mother nature.  
 I also love the Rosy Voxbox  from Influenster.  It has Fancy Feet Ball of Foot Cushions, Secret Clinical Strength deodorant,  Purell Advanced hand sanitizer naturals, and Vera Wang Embrace  collection of fragrances. 
This Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Soft Wave sea salt spray will be great  for my daughter's hair. It is infused of seasalt, aloe, and sea kelp for a soft tousled look.  I like that it is free of  sulfate, paraben, phthalate, dye and gluten.  

 Anyway, some of you might notice that I am not really big on make up but I love  perfumes, colognes, and other fragrances.  I was excited that there are two samples of Vera Wang's Embrace fragrance.  One scent is  rose buds and vanilla and the other one is  marigold and gardenia.  I like the rose bud and vanilla more because  it is not  so strong, it has a very  sweet scent to it.  
 I haven't  tried the Secret Clinical Strength deodorant before so this is a perfect opportunity to try it to see if  this is something I can use  from now on.  I actually tried  this yesterday since I was  wearing a white blouse and I didn't want it to be stained.  After my workout today, I  found out that this provides  woman like me who have an active lifestyle  the sweat protection that I need.  So yes, I can say that this would be  the one I will be buying from now on.  
This white and black shoes is one of my favorite  pair of shoes to wear on  special occasion.  I don't wear  it often because my feet slips  forward  sometimes.  Now I can give the ball of my feet a break with the Fancy Feet by Foot Petal's ball of foot cushion.  This   would help add stability and shock absorption to any;one's strut  while keeping your foot from sliding forward with each step.  I love that the invisible cushion is breathable  and formulated with antimicrobial  technology which keep  my feet  cool and dry.  I would  definitely buy more pair of this for my other shoes  that slides forward.  

As I have mentioned, I only  wear this shoes  on occasion because of sliding issue.  The photo below was taken two years ago  during my  son's confirmation so it has been  two years  since I used it.  
I was going to wear it yesterday but I changed my mind and wore my blue shoes instead.  

 As a Mom, having a sanitizer in my purse is a must for me when we go  somewhere.   This time around, flu and cold has been going around so it is  important to  wash  our hands frequently or sanitized them.  Kids can't help  themselves from teaching things so  it is a must to clean them before eating or  even touching their faces.

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