Saturday, June 29, 2013

All Your Hair Can Be at nuNAAT

When I was growing up, I always  have a long dark hair.  My Mom would always remind me to comb my hair neatly or else she would cut it short.  We never  had fancy products to use then so sometimes, my Mom would treat my hair with fresh coconut milk which makes it  shiny and free of tangles.
However, when I was in college, I got so  skinny that long hair makes me look  old  that I cut it very short.   When my husband met me, my hair was very short so he suggested that  I should grow back my  hair longer again when I showed him  a picture of me with a long hair.  So since then, my hair is long again.  Oh boy, pardon me for the short travel  down memory lane lol.

Okay, back to reality now  folks.  I was given a chance to try  a whole set of fine  hair care products  from nuNAAT.  They sent me this  whole set of NAAT  Silicon with Fortifying options.  I have been using this for almost two weeks now and so far I love it.  Tghe set includes  a 16.9 fl oz bottle of shampoo,  10.5 oz  leave-in, 8.8 oz fortifying  hair mask, and 3.3 fl oz  hair serum hair polisher.  

The shampoo has a strengthening and revitalizing hair agents that provides flexibility and shine to your hair.  When you lather your hair with it, leave it for about two minutes before rinsing.

After shampooing my hair, I put this fortifying  hair mask, leave it to act for three minutes before rinsing it  and oh, the smell is just  divinely delicious!  This fortifying mask has a  moisturizing agent that helps nourish and revitalizes  the hair, leaving it stronger and  more manageable.  
I usually put the leave-in cream when my hair is just a little damp before brushing it.  This helps moisturize and detangles  my hair.  No rinsing is needed on this one.  This also helps prevent  dryness of your hair.
Now if your hair is a little frizzy like mine, you  would want to put this  hair polisher.  This gives you a pearl shiny hair.  To get in touch with nuNAAT,  like their  Facebook page  or follow them through  Twitter and connect with them.  You can also  look at some of the testimonials of the customer s through  the  Youtube videos.

So what   separates nuNAAT from other  hair care products?  nuNAAT uses natural strengtheners like Ceramides and Keratin, plus shine enhancers like Silk and Pearl Proteins, in addition to the taming powers of Silicone combine to restore even the dullest, driest, most damaged hair.  Those combinations  leaves your hair shinier and  even more beautiful.
Thank You nuNAAT for making my hair  shinier and  more manageable.
Disclaimer:  The author of this blog  has been provided by the above mentioned products for FREE in exchange of a fair review.  NO monetary compensation was received in facilitating the review.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Beauty Stop Online

My daughter love her long hair but she doesn't like it when I brush her hair and it hurts due to tangles. We tried a product before and it worked fine in detangling her hair but the problem is that, it doesn't smell very good. So I looked for something that I could use for her hair and found the Miracle Leave-In product from It's a 10  at  Beauty Stop Online.

It's a 10 created this  Miracle Leave-In Product that does things instantly which includes:

  1. repairs dry and damaged hair.
  2. add shine
  3. detangles - a very important factor that I was looking for
  4. control frizz
  5. seals and protects hair color
  6. prevent split ends
  7. stop hair breakage
  8. create silkiness
  9. enhances natural body
  10. flat iron spray and thermal protection

Beauty Stop Online also sent me this Clairol Professional.  Sadly, I won't be able to use this as it says in the instruction that only licensed cosmetologists can use it and it also needs creme developer so I might give this to  a colleague I know who works at a beauty salon.

I also have one more product to review from Beauty Stop Online.  I will be posting the review at my shopping blog as soon as we use it already.  I am still waiting for my husband's hair to grow a little longer so I can  cut it with the Babyliss  haircut set that I got from B.S.O. 
I cut 5 inches out of her long hair, it's getting so long that it's hard to  brush it.
I finally found a product that  makes her smile every time I brush her hair.  NO more tears, hooray!   Thanks a lot Body Stop Online!
If you are having a problem with your  daughter's hair and need an effective detangler, this one works!

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog received the  products mentioned above for evaluation purposes.  NO monetary compensation was received  in facilitating this review.

Madonna High School's Soccer Field

Photos below were taken  at the Madonna High School's soccer field  when me and Ms. Burrito took our   dogs for a walk.  The second graders were given a day off after their  communion ceremony so  we decided to  take our dogs for a stroll.  The bleachers at the soccer field are very sturdy.  The school did a great choice buying this kind of bleacher.  

I let the dogs loose  and  Ms. Burrito  played with them.  I was concern that they would take off but they just  run around with my daughter.  It was a joy watching the three  chase each other.

We have been getting  rains  lately and couldn't take our dogs for a walk.

Therafit will Make your Whole Body Happy!

It's been  months since the last time I ran.  I have been slacking off  although I am  doing my exercise routines at home.  I finally decided to  go back to running again.  I started last  Monday and oh boy, I ran out of breath so shortly.   That's one thing I  don't like when I stop  running as it is hard when you start again.    

Anyway, I was given an opportunity to review one of the  products from TheraFit.  They sent me this black and pink Deborah Women's Sneaker which I really love.  It is very  light very comfortable to wear  especially when you run or walk.  Deborah is Therafit's lightweight athletic trainer that is made of breathable  mesh  and soft synthetic materials.  

I  like it that they even wrapped the  shoe box like a gift before  they sent it to you.  They also sent me a DVD to watch about the  shoes and a  bag that you put your shoe in if you want to bring it in the gym or somewhere.

It is  summer time which means that  a lot of women prefers to wear  sandals such as the ones you see   at the photo below.  Therafit  offered me to review one of these but I asked if I can review the  running shoes instead because I have  wide feet  and my feet does not look really good with this kind of sandals.  I always buy the ones with close top so no one will see my widespread toes lol.  For you guys  who have beautiful feet, you can dare to be bare by these beautiful  sandals.  

To see how the shoes would make my feet  feels like, I went  for a jog the other day around the neighborhood and I can attest to it's  total comfort.  It did not make my feet hurt unlike the  Reebok or even the Nike that I have when I first  used them.  
You can buy this   shoes  for $95 by visiting the site through the link above.  The photos below were taken  before I went for my job.  I did some stretching  and warm up   at our backyard first.

Deborah  shoes is  great  for walking, running, working out in the gym, or even for a casual stroll in the mall or in the park.  Thank you so much Therafit!  Oh, before I forgot, I love Therafit's blog called  Mind, Body, and Sole.  You can read parenting tips, healthy tips, and more at their blog.  You can also be a contributor if you want.

Diclaimer:  The author  received the product mentioned for FREE.  NO monetary compensation was received in facilitating the review.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

4 Ways To Be A Healthier You

 We all know how important physical health is but what about mental and emotional health. Eating healthy and working out has become a huge trend (which is a wonderful thing) but if that is the only kind of health that we are focusing on then we are missing what is really important. We are missing the root of the reason why so many people are not physically healthy. Health starts in our mind. Health is a state of the mind, which determines the health of the rest of our body. Here are some ways to achieve better mental and emotional health.

1. Friends
How are your friendships? Do you have real friends that you really share every aspect of your life with? If you are married then you have your spouse but other friends are almost as important. Having a friend or friends that you can share any struggle or problem with is essential to mental and emotional health. It is not healthy to hold things inside. As humans we have a psychological need to connect and care for others. This is something we were designed to do. If you do not have a friend or group of friends that you share this type of relationship with start pursuing it. Start deepening your friendship so that one day you can be at this point with them.

2. Work
Do you work in an environment that you like? Do you love what you do? Do you enjoy the people you work with? For those of us that work full time jobs we spend just as much time at work as we do outside of work. Since your job is something that you invest so much time and energy into don’t you think it should be something you enjoy? Working at a place that you do no like is the same as waking up every morning and banging you head against the wall for an hour. If you don’t like where you work for the sake of your mental and emotional health get a new job! I promise you will be a better overall person for it.

3. Relaxation
Do you ever take time for yourself? Do you ever just stop and do nothing? Putting life aside for a while and doing nothing is one of the most important things you can do for your mental and emotional health. With the craziness and chaos of life your body needs to relax. Relaxing looks different for a lot of people. Relaxing might look like taking a nap, hanging out with a friend, reading a box, doing crafts, tanning, etc. Whatever it is that relaxes you do it, and do it often.

4. Stress
Stress is one of the things that will eat away at your mental and emotional health the quickest. Living a life style of stress can destroy a person from the inside out. Do yourself a favor a really examine your life and pin point the things in your life that cause the most stress and get rid of them or resolve the issues. For women especially stress can come from not feeling safe. A great way to reduce this kind of stress from women in by getting a home security system. I found a company called Smith Monitoring that specializes in home security, they offer features such as cameras inside and outside of your home that play a live feed via an app on your smart phone and the app will alert you immediately anytime anything is wrong in your home. Imagine how much peace of mind this could bring to a woman.

Author Bio: Ally is a writer, wife, youth mentor, and health nut. Follow her blogs for all the current trends on home, health, and family.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tree Hut Hand and Foot Care

Summer is officially here and the weather is really nice.  I  prefer to wear sandals during summer time because it's comfortable and it's easy to take it off and on.  Having said that, my  feet is not covered so I always  scrub   them when I shower.   I was very delighted  when Tree Hut gave me an opportunity to try their  new products, the Hand and Foot Care.

These three new products from Tree Hut are Certified Organic Shea Butter   It smells good and it makes you really feel good after you use them.
This Moroccan Rose Renewing Hand Cream has a natural  Moroccan  Argan Nut Oil.  This is a really good product to moisturize your hand especially when  they're very tired.  It has a natural anti aging  and healing properties.  What I like about it is the fact that it is non-greasy compared to other creams out there.  
This Peppermint & Sugar Exfoliating Foot Scrub  has 100% real sugar  and natural peppermint oil.  The pure sugar gently exfoliates  the dry and thick skin, which is my problem.  It makes it  silky  and it revitalize  which makes your sole feels so good!

This Aloe and Peppermint  Soothing Foot Cream is perfect when   come home from a long day of work or  when you  come home from your work out.  It refreshes your  tired feet.  Just like the other two products,  this makes you  feet and hand feels so good and it smells so good as well.  Thank you so much Tree Hut, I really love these three.  I will definitely buy these again when I run out!

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog received the above mentioned  products  for evaluation  purposes.  NO monetary compensation was received in facilitating this review.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Awaken Your Soles... Do More than Walk. Connect!

I was delighted when  I received  the  shoes that Juil company has sent me.   I learned about Juil when I was blog hopping.  A blogger wrote a really good review about them so I got curious and checked their website out. 

Juil is a  new footwear brand that is based in Milwaukee, WI.  Their company is  comprised with  an eclectic team  of yogis, fitness enthusiasts, and footwear experts. Their footwear is based on a concept known as “earthing” or “grounding" thus  Juil shoes was  created in order to give   your feet that  calming feeling when you walk using their footwear.  

Juil is  right about the calming effect as I immediately put this baby to test.  went for a walk with my kids  using my Copenhagen clogs  and I thought for sure that I would have a blister  or my feet would  get sore after the walk but I was wrong.  It really is  so comfortable and not only that, it makes   great shoes for walking as it  is very  light and gave me that calming effect.  

You may purchase this Copenhagen Clogs for $85 by visiting the link or you can browse their  great selection of  footwear available both for men and women.

Not only that  you have a  healthy benefit from using this shoes but at the same time, it is very fashionable.  You can wear it  with pants, jeans, yoga pants, or  shorts just to name a few.   No wonder they  have been featured to Nordstrom, Athleta and Hiffington Post.  

This is the first time that I find the right size for me, a size 5.  I always end up buying a bit longer size whenever I am in the store to buy shoes because it is hard for me to find the size  5.  

So yeah, I  definitely recommend this shoes  for those of you  who are looking for a stylish and yet  comfortable shoes.    So are you ready to awaken your soles?  You can do more than walk, you ca also connect  with earth by using Juil shoes.  Thank you Juil for giving me an opportunity to try  one of your  shoes!

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog received the above mentioned product for evaluation purposes.  I was not compensated  in facilitating this review.  

Extended Stay

We love the hotel where we stayed at during our vacation in Texas. The customer service is great and the supplies like shampoo, lotion, and conditioner just keep coming in everyday even though we were not suing it. I think, next time we go on vacation, I am not even going to bother to bring some toiletries in order to avoid hassle from the airport. I am not sure if the hotel get their supplies to one of the Hotel Supply Online but it made me smile to see a kit that they provided us is from the company that I recently work with for product review online.   It wasn't the  Atlanta Hotel Supply  though.  

We stayed at one of those extended stay type of hotel so everything was in there like Hotel Bar Supplies, kitchen, and other things.  It was an awesome experience.  There's only one thing that we were looking for that they don't have and that is the safe.  We thought that it was weird that they don't have one.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Toning Wheel

My husband bought this Weider Toning Wheel few years ago and we love using it.  This aims to tighten your upper body including  your arms, shoulders, back, and core.    The comfortable grip and anti-slip wheels  provide a comfortable  and effective workout.

I can only do like five of this back and forth and I am done.  It makes you sore the next day but it does work.  I used to have a  saggy looking  arms but using this somehow  tighten it.  I just wish that I could do it more often lol.  If you are looking for something that could  stregnthen, tighten and tone your upper body, this one is  a god one to consider.  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blue Accessories for her Blue Dress

Ms. Burrito  planned to wear her red dress during the music recital but changed her mind at the last minute.  She  chose to wear this blue dress instead, luckily, I have some blue accessories that she can wear.  
The earring that she was wearing is the gift that I got from a dear friend of mine when we finally  see each other in person in Disney World a couple of years ago.  I only wear this pair of earrings on occasion so it is  still new.
The bracelet is from  my former boss and godmother.  She gave it to me as a birthday gift  about ten years ago.  It has a  silver heart with R initial on it.  She was also wearing the  silver necklace that her grandfather gave her, it has  an onyx pendant.

The recital gave Ms. Burrito  more confidence.  It brings us joy and makes  us very happy that  she is doing good in  playing  the piano.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

24/7 Frenzy

This is just an update of the post below the line.

Customer Service at 24/7 Frenzy is great.  I informed them of the issue I had with the  pants that they sent me (below) and they  were very apologetic.  They also sent me another product to review which I really love, the TWO TONE SOLID PRINT CONTRAST DRESS.  What I like about this dress is that the material is very soft and high quality.  It has elasticized waistband which  will accentuate your curves,in my case I have none (lol) but still love the dress.  It is on sale for $49.99 now from its original price of $65 so if you want to look at it,  just visit the site to see.
Don't it look like I am wearing a  skirt and a blouse?  I love the style of this dress!

I was given an  opportunity to review one of the products  from 24/7 Frenzy.  They sent me this 100%  Cotton DRAWSTRING PANTS with front and back pockets in black.  This is available in size small, medium, and large.  Colors available for this is  lime, black, and grey.  I got the small one but still big for me, gladly, there is a string  where I can tighten it up in my waist.  

It is very soft, stretchy, and comfortable.  This kind of pants is great to wear when you just want to wear a very comfy pants.  You can still be  sassy and fashionable just by jazzing it up with  a  classy shoes and pair it with a  nice top or cardigan.  

I am just disappointed that there is a big tear by the  waist, about two inches , so I had to stitch it up and patched the torn part.  Other than that, I like  the pants even though it was a little bigger for me.  They have   beautiful  dresses, tops, rompers and jumpsuits, intimates, and other   products.    If you want to check them out, just visit the link above.

Disclaimer:  Product mentioned above was  given for free in exchange of  a fair review.  There's NO monetary compensation received in facilitating the review.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Getting Your Body Summer Beautiful

With summer just around the corner, we're dreaming of long, lazy days on the beach and slipping into the pool for a refreshing dip. We've been thinking about how to make sure we look our best around the poolside, and with so little time to go, it's about time we enlisted some professional help to get ourselves summer ready and looking fit and fabulous.

 The first thing to consider is the state of your skin. Winter can really take its toll on our skin, with heating drying it out and bitter winds leaving it sore and chapped. That is why as temperatures soar and the layers come off, we need to think a little bit about prepping our skin for the summer. Exfoliating scrubs away all the dead skin cells, and nourishing moisturizers can be used to quickly reverse the winter damage. Body masks and wraps are a good idea if you need a quick fix.

 We all know that sun damage can be extremely ageing and dangerous, so it's better to fake it to avoid any long term skin problems. Fake tan has come on in leaps and bounds, and it's not just the biscuity-smelling orange liquid out of a bottle anymore. Streaks and stained hands needn't be an issue, as professional spray tans are becoming more and more reasonably priced so that everyone can enjoy a sunkissed, golden glow. This works especially well with this year's massive white trend, so you can don your pristine white sundress and feel confident that all eyes will be on you.

 There has been a lot of focus on nails recently, and thankfully nail trends are catching up with the times. Your manicure choice is no longer limited to the classic French manicure and vampish red; you can now opt for a whole host of creative, fun designs which work perfectly for summer. Experiment with colours, patterns and jewels. Nail wraps are the latest big thing, as they are easy to apply and give you intricate, effortlessly chic nails. Don't forget your feet, and get yourself a manicure to sort out cracked heels, and opt for a zingy bright shade or a sultry metallic. 

 Summer hair shouldn't look primped and preened to within an inch of its life. Summer parties are a far cry from the glamorous winter affairs, so keep it loose and casually swept off your face. A messy bun is the perfect summer look, though big, beachy waves also look fantastic as the sun is setting. Some subtle golden highlights create a gorgeously summery look, or summer's hot hit, hair chalks, can be used to create temporary streaks of perfect pastels or stylish dip dye effects.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Cutting Edge Therapy with Zeta Products

Working online is a dream job for  Moms who like to stay at home, take care of the family, and at the same time, earn a little bit.  I work at home and I spend most of my time typing in my keyboard.  That somehow build up muscle pain  from my  palms up to my  arm.  My right arm is the mos painful sometimes.  I have to use   my pain  ointment to ease the pain.  My husband teases me sometimes and told me to stop blogging.

Anyway,  I was looking for something that I could use without   taking any pill or applying something on my skin and gladly found Zeta Technology's  cutting edge therapy products.  I  have been using these two for two days now and I can attest it's  effective result.  I received two of their   products, the the Zeta Touch Stone and the Zeta Universal Wrap.
The Zeta Touch Stone is intended for hand therapy.  It's  great for athritis, repetitive  stress injury, stroke recovery, stress reduction, and strengthening.    This has a strong emision that can be  used as a heat and cold therapy.   I  put them in my palm and  gently squeezed them to relax my tired fingers.  
J43rucf9hs6ty2w1kagqti497qrdnbch  The Zeta Universal Wrap is a support wrap that  can be used on wrist,foot, neck, elbow and ankle.  As I have mentioned above, my arm is  sometimes painful especially if I  have so many  tasks to write and I don't take a break through out the day.    It is laboratory tested and verified  for safe yet strong far-infrared  emission.  My husband even want one as he work out a lot as well.

Other products of  Zeta Technology Group  includes Zeta Disc, Zeta Touch Stone Acupressure style, Zeta Trigger Point, Zeta Compress Zeta Bath Boost, Zeta Heat Pack and the two products that I mentioned above.    So what makes Zeta products effective in treating  physical pain and discomfort??   They  have  a specific wavelength emission material called Zetathermide built in in every product.    The good thing abut this is, you don't have to take any pills nor apply  lotion or ointment, hence no side effect.  So check them out!

Disclaimer:  I received the products mentioned above for FREE in exchange of my honest review.  No monetary compensation was received in facilitating the review.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pink Sports Bra

 Another  freebies that I got from Listia is this  Champion Pink Sports Bra.  It's an extra small but  it's big on my as it is a 36C size which I totally forgot to ask from the seller.  She did not specify the details and I did not ask as well but I still use it though as it is comfy.  I thought of getting it as it is  a nice pair for my Nike shorts  that I use for work outs.  

I have a very  little result with my work out arrrghh.  The stubborn fats in my tummy is still visible but I am nit giving up, it takes time especially that  I got this from  those two pregnancies.  It would  take  me a long while to achieve the result that I want.
I guess it is one fact that you have to deal with  when you are in my age already, a fact that losing  unwanted fat is not easy!

By the way, if you want to get rid of your unwanted things, list it at listia, get credits from it and  purchase the things that you want with your earned credits.  You can sign up HERE, it is FREE!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Keep Your Family Fashionable

Summer is here, you can feel it in the weather already. The temperature is climbing up each day. I am sure that some families have booked their vacation in going to some beach or somewhere that the whole family will enjoy. We are going for a one week getaway next month and we are very excited. I bought my kids each a pair of sun glasses. I was bummed because I've seen some affordable ones at I think that is now the leading online store when it comes to providing eyeglasses and contact lenses. They own their lab and there is no middlemen involve in the transactions which is why they can offer their glasses for less as oppose to other competitor.

You can tell  how popular they are now by the number of their fans in Facebook.  This only means that they satisfy  tons of customers with the quality and prices of their glasses.  Their designer brands  are way cheaper in price   when you compare it to  other store.  I like the fact that  the whole family can order  glasses without going anywhere as their online tool is very easy to use.  How about getting you a pair of Vera Wang Tabac for only $148 or  a pair of Armani Exchange  Havana for  under  one hundred dollars?   Yep, it's that  inexpensive for the  name brand glasses at so if you are planning to get your whole family  some eye glasses, check them out!  Keep your family fashionable with!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Camping in the Backyard

It's the second week of my  precious children's  vacation from school so to keep them occupied, I have been doing a lot of things  outdoors with them.  That explains why the update in my blogs is crawling like a turtle lol.  Some of the activities we do includes bike riding, going to the nearby woods with our dog, walking in our neighborhood, gardening, and  we camped at the backyard.

I will post them separately when time permits,  up first is our backyard camping.  We have some  camping gears that we bought, although we haven't ventured  out in camping in the real woods but we have been using it  at our backyard.  It's fun.

Hubby set up the tent at the very first weekend that the kids were off from school so it was a bit cold that's why they are  using blankets with their sleeping bags.  We brought snacks and books  and camp out for  almost a week.

They caught a cold after  that but at least they got to enjoy  camping.
We put  them away yesterday as we are leaving  next week for our vacation.