Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Fun

The photos below were taken   two years ago, our very first pumpkin carving as a family.  We don't have this  holiday/tradition in my country so it was my  first time as well.  We had so much fun!
Below is a photo I took of my  dearest "PUMPKINS"  at Janoshki's in PA.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


If I own a big land with an open space, I would definitely develop a farm that would invite other people to enjoy things that are not common in the city or in busy places.  Unfortunately, I don't have a big land so all I can do is go to a  farm such as Janoski's lol.
It's  obvious how  my family enjoy the  short time we spent at  the farm.  The kids get to pet  animals and they got to ride  a horse.  
Outdoor activities is something special that every child  should experience, there is something  out there that is  enjoyable more than  playing any expensive  gadgets.  It's a special time that you can spend with your kids, a special bonding that they would remember  when they Overjoyed are older and have  families of their own.  So spend time with your children often.  Time flies and  you won't realize how much you miss  unless  they are no longer  at your care.
 We were Overjoyed!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Winter Boots

My husband is hinting  to have a red wing winter boots this year.  His work boots that he owns for  years now is showing a wear and tear so he wants to have a new one.  I found some  great selection at Dave's New York website so I will show this to  my husband and see if  it's something that he would be interested in.  I would like to get him a pair of winter boots  but I want to make sure that he likes what he will get.  I can't just buy what I think he would want, I want to make sure that he is involve  in looking for it lol.

Last year, my husband  bought me and my daughter each a pair of boots and we both love it.  My  daughter used it the whole winter last year and she still uses it  this year.  It's nice to be able to find  shoes that fits perfectly and  comfortably on your feet.  I have three pair of boots but this one is the  one that I like the most.  

Ozeri Digital Life

I am grateful and lucky that I was given an opportunity to work with  Ozeri company. They  sent me the Ozeri Touch II, a digital bathroom scale for free in return of my honest review.   As I have mentioned in my previous post, hubby and I are trying to  get back on track of staying fit  by  doing our exercise routine once again.  We  slacked off from working out last year but this year, we are trying our best to be healthy and in-shape.  This  Ozeri digital bathroom scale will be of great  help for us in tracking our progress in managing our weights.

You can check out the selection of  Ozeri Products on Facebook or you can can visit directly at their website.  They carry different  gadgets for your bathroom and kitchen.  I like their selection of kitchen products.  Ozeri is a way for a digital life, so thank you so much once again Ozeri!
Ever since I started working again, I noticed that I did not lose weight at all but my tummy fat was starting to go away and I am gaining a little bit of muscle so I am happy of the result of my work out.
These photos were taken in  the pumpkin farm we visited last weekend.
Link  with me every Friday through ColoConnection.  You can post any color that you like. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Duct Tape Bag

One of our closest neighbor, gave Ms. Burrito two rolls of craft duct tape. We haven't done any craft using it so yesterday, she asked Ms. Burrito if she wants to do it with her.
They made this  handbag out of the duct tape.  Ain't it cute?
This is one of the main reasons why Ms. Burrito  cried when we said that we might move to the house that we looked at  a couple of weeks ago.  All the neighbors in our street are very close to us and they treat us like  family.  I personally don't want to leave either but there is a possibility that we have to.  Not certain when but in the future, we really have to.

Fashion Accessories - Giving a little love to your home

Color and tone represent our personality. The more extrovert among us have a tendency to choose more of a modern look when designing our homes whilst those who take a more business-like approach choose steady shapes, symmetric furniture and neutral colors for each room in the house. The type of person that you are will have a bearing upon the look of your home and dictate the kind of fashion accessories you sprinkle around your furniture.

It can be fun to play around with various themes in different parts of your home. Your living room can adopt whatever feel that you like, such as with memorabilia from a particular decade or maybe graphic art or something very unique. The kitchen doesn't have to adhere to the same old designs that we have seen time and again, it can be laid out with bold bright visions and original crafts. You are the limit to your own imagination. 

A window dressing can take away from or accent your interior décor. Blinds, shades and curtains can add more life to a room if correctly applied with the rest of the décor. For rooms with more neutral tones, wooden blinds work well, while curtains and drapes are a better fit with rooms that have more of a contemporary feel. 

It may be that flooring is what is needed to be changed in order for everything to work together. If everything has been changed around, including the position of where everything is located and you can't work out what is not making it not all fall though, it could well be the flooring. Hardware flooring, throw rugs and carpets can all be used in order for the intended atmosphere to be created in your home. 

One way to enhance the feel of any room is to use decorative privacy screens. They can have different painted scenes on them. Some, for example, have dried flowers that have been pressed between the glasses whilst others have sponges, stems, taxidermy birds and other items. This piece can be the life and soul of the room and enhance numerous other parts. Take your time when deciding upon the look and feel of your home as it will affect the way that you feel each and every day. 

For a more playful style, you could add such accessories as bean bags. Visit Fashion For Home's online shop to look at a great example of such an accessory.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Exercise Routine

 When my husband pointed out the  cellulite in my legs,  I told myself that I need to  do something to get back to my  exercise routine.  I slacked with my work out last year as I got busy doing online tasks from here and there.  Now that both of my kids goes to school and I don't have someone to take care at home, I don't have  any excuse to slack off lol.  So I am back and I am planning to  keep it this way.

I usually go for a walk/run or brisk walking around our neighborhood after I drop off my kids to school.
Sometimes, I would bring my camera c just in case I see something  interesting but most of the time I don't have it.  I saw this pink fungus  by the  church and couldn't help  but stop  running and take pictures of it.
 According to Mr. Webster, fungi  are various of plants like mold, mildews, or mushrooms that lacks in chlorophyll, stems, and leaves, and reproduce by spores.
Sometimes when I go for my run and did not have a camera with me, I always murmured  "Oh shoot" when I see the beautiful sunrise but couldn't take a picture of it.

Parents as Tutors

When parents  acts as  their children's tutors, it's a great advantage  because the kids learn things from home that they  can use when they go to school.  My daughter came home very excited today, she told me that er Science  teacher gave her  an extra sticker for knowing an answer to the question that they haven't discussed yet.   She said when the teacher asked what is the molecule that absorbs sunlight and uses its energy to senthesise carbohydrates from carbon dioxide  and water, she  knows that it  was chlorophyll.  My husband love Science so  he teaches   our kids  of the things that he learned from school.   
That is an advantage  that stay at home moms like me  has for  the kids.  When my kids arrive from school, I make sure that  they do their homework first before anything else.  You can really monitor what needs to be done and do it on time.  Not all parents can stay home so  the  existence of private tutors for every different aspect that children needs is vital in helping their  growth in learning.  There are  VarsityTutors for those who are aspiring to become a varsity member of the school and there are many other tutors that you can hire depending on what  help you need.  

One thing for sure, parents as tutors of their own children, is always a great advantage!

Money Isn't Everything... Family IS!

Some thinks  that money is everything but I beg to disagree.  Even if you have all the  riches in the world but you don't have a family that loves you, everything is   meaningless.  Money plays a   role in raising a family  but the most important thing that you can give  them is your TLC, your love and affection, and your time which money can't buy.

 A colleague asked me once  "How come you are not working, you are wasting your time just staying at home".  I want to answer  the said person "Oh I do work and  it's full time  one!"  The truth is, I am not wasting my time, I am investing it into  the most important  thing that my  kids need.  I may not give them   the most expensive things but I am sure that they will appreciate the time I spent with them when they grow up and have a family of their own.

I don't mean to offend   working Moms, in fact  I   admire them for having both,  career and family.  But am sure that  if you ask a lot of Moms who are working, they would prefer to be with their kids as well.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to achieve multiple  goals  in life.  I chose family over career because  that's what matters most to me and my family.

Daredevil Diva

Sometimes I think that both of my kids are daredevils. They love to do things that makes me nervous. Here's one example of a daredevil diva, she learned this from our neighbor. I always worry that she would snap her leg and fall on her back or something but she said that she feels comfortable doing it.  I wish I could be as flexible as a kid again lol.
On the other note, my daughter and I make Saturday our workout day.  While I do the laundry, I spend 30 minutes working with my seven year old who is obsessed of  sating skinny.  Below are the  fitness  equipment we have at the basement.

 This is an old school  treadmill where you literally have to   walk so the rubber mat at the bottom would turn.  It's a good exercise machine, it is just harder compared to the electric one.
 Another old school stationary bike.  I love using this  after I run in the treadmill because it has a built in fan which  gives you  air  when you most need it.
 Our electric   treadmill which I used a lot.  It has different features to make your walking and running  more efficient   
 This is hubby's, I like using it too.  This is good if you want to work on your upper body.
 This is a walking  exercise as well.  Our five year old son love to use it.
This total gym, I am not crazy about so I am ready to give it away.  Anyone wants to have  it?  Just give me a shout out, you can pick it up here.
This bow-flex is the very first exercise machine that  me and my husband bought as a couple.  I seldom use it as you have to attach so many things before you can use it.  Hubby uses it a lot.
 The weight set, bowflex and the treadmill are the ones that we bought.  The rest were given by friends which  we are so grateful about.