Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Elegant Dress

Red elegant dress - Mini dress
My work out  at home is paying off, my  tummy fat is getting small and I am more inspired to  continue with what I am doing.  I am motivated   not because of the result I am seeing but I want to stay fit and healthy  for myself, my husband and most especially for my children.  I am turning 40 years old next year and I  have a desire to be able to wear a  red elegant dress just like this one that I found at Eden Fantasys.  

Last year, I slack on  doing my work out routine which  caused the tummy fat  to build up but now I am ready to take responsibility of my action.  I want to continue  being fit  so I could inspire my kids to do the same as they grow up. 

So what made me get back to working out again?  It's when my husband pointed out the  cellulite that is visible in my legs.  My daughter also  mentioned  that I should lose the fat in my tummy.    That really  woke me up and I hope that I could continue doing this.  

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  1. You are beautiful within as well ~ good to keep healthy and in shape ~ (A Creative Harbor)


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