Monday, January 25, 2016

Blood Pressure Monitor with Hypertension Color Alert

Hypertension is something that affect  my side of the family.  We always have to watch for my  Mom's  blood pressure  because it tends to  go up whenever she is stressed out.  I am missing my Mom so bad, her birthday is coming up here in two days and I wish I could see her and  hug her.  I talked to her via an overseas call  a couple of weeks ago  and I plan to call her again on her birthday if  she  goes to the city and visit my  youngest sister.  Cellphone signal is very  difficult to find at  her place so I always   call her when she is in the city.
Mama and  sister Mae during her graduation
I wish my Mom  a happy birthday and  may God continue to bless you with good  health.  I wish that I could see you soon.  I would love to visit but I can't afford it financially but I am  saving little by little  so we can  see you again soon.   I love and miss you so much! 
I definitely want her to have this portable, accurate, and simple-to-use arm cuff design blood pressure monitor   that I got from Ozeri to review.  It has a  clinically proven technology with an advanced hypertension indicator color codes.  The Systolic and Diastolic readings are in  green   for normal,  then orange  for prehypertension,  and red  for hypertension.  It is easy to read so my brother can assist  my Mom with this.
The monitor is compact and comes in a nylon zip case and  has a pocket for the instruction booklet and for your  notes. You can buy this  at Amazon through this link for a 59% off discounted price of $48.95 from its original price.    Ozeri makes  good   blood pressure monitor.  We have one that we regularly use at home because we have to  monitor my husband's blood pressure too from time to time.   It works great and very accurate!

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Plump for Joy: Not Your Mother's Haircare

"You can get away with almost anything if your hair is styled and your nails are on point"
- BeautyBox5
Daughter and I  have so many  things in common and not in common but  two things we  always  have fun in doing is  taking care of hair and nails.  Although I miss the times when I can still fix her hair but I am glad that she is  starting to explore that part by herself.  She  usually browse pinterest or watch videos on YouTube on how to  fix her hair and stuff.
We both love painting our nails.  Last year, I discovered that she's been clipping the skin   around her nails and  clipping her nails so short that it looked awful already.  So as much as she  would love to be independent, I  hid all the nail cutters and  told her that I would be the one to cut her nails  until her finger and  nails  goes back to normal.
We both have long dark hair so we uses  the same hair products.   I am however hesitant to let her try new products sometimes unless I tested it first.  I like this  bamboo sprout deep conditioning treatment.  I use this for my  hair only because her hair is healthy but mine  needs  some treatment.
I love this Keratin gloves .  I let her used this  to  strengthen my daughter's nails  and nourish her skin  and cuticles.  I thought this was a perfect product for my  daughter's hands due to the  condition that I have  mentioned above.  She said that her hands feels good and she also said that her nails seem to be stronger.  She said that when her finger nails  grow a little longer, she would be trying this nail wraps. 
It's been a while since I used a hair spray. Hair spray reminds me of  my teenage years  so it's fun to have this  salon grafix hair spray.  
My  hair  keeps thinning out which  concerns me sometimes so having this Plum for Joy gives my hair the extra boost it needs to get thicker.  This is a great product to  put after you shower, it gives your hair that extra oomph!
I love the products that Beauty Box 5 have put together this month.  I also love that  instead of the  normal five products, they added one extra which is awesome!  If you are into  beauty products, BB5 might just be your thing.  It's a monthly subscription of $12 a month with free shipping.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Microfiber Towels and Flip Flop from Aurarae #ProductReview

Now that winter is in full force, I am back to  doing my  workout indoors.  I don't go to the gym  so I just use my   fitness stuff at home including  treadmill, core ball, yoga, pilates, jump rope, and  hula hoops.  
Hubby and I are continuing our fitness goals that we started a couple of years ago.  We are not getting any younger so staying  healthy is our main priority.  We want to be around  with our kids and possibly see our grand kids.   Below are just some photos I post on  Instagram.   

So far, we are doing good.  It's not a rigorous  exercise regimen,  even little   activities is fine as long as we  keep moving and  stay active.  
Anyway, I got this Women’s Yoga Mat Flip Flop from Aurorae and I am loving it. It became my favorite slip on footwear that I regularly wear around the house.   I love how  invigorating  this flip flop  feels in your feet when you walk.  Auraorae's flip flop is made  from  real EVA Foam yoga mats and are available in many of their  Aurorae yoga mat colors.  They  are eco safe and free from toxins which is great so you don't have to  worry about it.
This is so soft that it  provided my feet comfort.  I hurt my left foot  before New Year when I was organizing my son's  toys.  I accidentally dropped  one of his big trucks on my foot and it immediately bulged up.  The next day, my whole foot was all bruised.  I think I  had a n internal bleeding, as you can see it is still  bruised when I took this photo a couple of weeks after it happened.
It didn't bother me  during the first week but on the second week, it  was painful.  I still can't  bend my toes  for now but it is getting better.  Hubby said it might have been the cause when  I fainted while I was doing my exercise and feel on my knees.  I didn't even feel  it came, it was  so sudden.  I don't remember falling, the only thing I remember when I opened my eyes was  my two dogs licking my face as they always stand  by me when I am at the basement  working out.  My husband wanted me to go to the doctor but I am fine.  My knees hurts and all bruised up but I think I will be fine.  Having said that, my #1MileaDay goal was put on a hat for now.
A photo posted by rose (@chubskulitrose) on

Photos below were taken before I hurt my knees.  For now, all I can do is hula hoops and  some arm exercises.
Working out at home is  convenient, the only downside of it is  lack of  motivation sometimes.  I sometimes tell myself that I would do my work out later on which is a big mistake because when you do it later in the day, you are already tired so you don't do as much. 
I prefer doing it in the morning before  doing my online tasks because my energy is still full.
It has been  a while since I did yoga so it feels so good to be able to do it again.  Planking is a good exercise too.
Anyway, aside from the flip flop, I also got this swim towel from Aurorae.  It is super absorbent and  lightweight.  I brought it during our  Kalahari adventure last weekend.  This towel  will be great whether you plan to stroll on a beach, linger poolside, picnic at the lake or sail off shore.  Aurorae's towels are  over sized yet compact which I really like.  It is available in  many colors such as Bermuda Sands, Caribbean Breeze, Cayman Island Coral, Fiji Sunset, Kauai Coast,   Pacific Twilight, and  Sanibel Sunrise.  Mine is the Mediterranean seas color.
Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Vintage Guitar

I am browsing   some of these guitar manufacturers and  there are some   beautiful looking ones especially the vintage.  I love this  1959 Gibson  Melody Maker Solid Body Electric Guitar Sunburst.  It is used  but still cost a lot and that's because it is vintage.  Iwonder what happen to my grandfather's  music instruments?  I hope my relatives  took good care of them.  It would be  a great collectible if they have them.  I remember my  grandpa had  violin, banjo, and guitar when I was a kid.  

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 is the Year of the Monkey

As we said goodbye to  2015, I want to take this opportunity to thank  you guys for being part of our wonderful year.  I wish you all a peaceful, blessed, and prosperous 2016.  My God help us realize our  goals  for the new year.  
 2015 was a bit rough on us financially but we  were blessed with healthy lives which for me matters most.  We tried our best to be as healthy as we possibly could and we plan to continue  that in 2016.  Hubby and I are not getting any younger so we are prioritizing our health.  
I made a platter of fruit and veggies to snack on while we waited for the ball to drop.  I am glad to start the new year with a clean and organized house.  I was able to  accomplished  my goal of  cleaning at the last week of December.  

I wish that the new year will bring us all  great opportunities and good health!  In Chinese  zodiac sign, 2016 is a year of the monkey.