Saturday, November 28, 2020

Mother's Day 2020

 Motherhood is one of the best things that ever happened to me.  Growing up with 8 siblings in poverty was tough so I told myself that I don’t think I will become a mom seeing how hard my mother worked to raise us.  I thought my Mom was out of her mind for popping out so may kids but now I understand how she chose to not give up on us even if it meant for her to carry all the weight on her shoulder.  I respect and love my mom for that.
I only have two and sometimes still tough but I’m glad I chose to personally raise and take care of them.  I think it makes a big difference on their development emotionally.  I had to give up my career the moment I learned that I was pregnant with my first born due to complications but I have no regrets, I love them dearly.
I was their first teacher.  I thought them at home during their ore-school years so by the time they were ready to go to kindergarten, they can read and do numbers already.  To me, it was a great reward of motherhood, to be able to teach my kids the basics stuff that they need for school.
Now both of them are straight A students and we’re very proud of both of them.
I have my husband to thank for supporting me to be a stay-at-home-mom.  It’s not easy financially especially that we send th both to a private catholic school but we are managing.   

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Mid Section Fat

These photos were taken last year.  At the  beginning of the year, I made  a vow to really stay on my fitness  to shape up.  I wanted to see if I could lose these bulges around my  waist and  lower belly.
I have been trying top get rid of this lower belly fat but I don't see any improvement.  I sometimes neglect to follow through with my goals and  goes back to my old shape.
I envy those women who can lose the pregnancy belly fat few months after they gave birth.  It's not easy for me.  Just to  maintain my weight, I do have to watch my diet and exercise here and there.  The belly fat however, never goes away, it lingers.

Ugh, just looking at this side pic makes me want to go down the gym and work out lol.  Unfortunately, my knees has been bothering me so I haven't been working out religiously.
The good thing about having the gym  at your home though is that, you can workout anytime.  The downside is that, if you lack motivation, the gym just collects dust ha ha.
Anyway, I just want to post these photos to remind me that I need to workout and keep at it.  
Being in the late 40s though, it's getting harder and harder to do things that I normally could do without  problem but now, it is difficult.  At least my weight is  still 100 pounds.  The heaviest I am allowing myself is 105, after that, trimming the  weight I gained is my priority.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

I'm Grateful for 47 Years of Good Life

I’m not sure how much time I have time left in this Earth but I’m grateful for every single day that I wake up and breathing.    I have to admit though that  the age is catching up to me physically.  There are things that I find it difficult  to do especially certain exercises. I no longer have the flexibility that I had in my 20s but I like testing myself anyways so I practice yoga every chance I get.  
I can't believe that in three years, I will be in the golden years weeee, here I come!  My husband asked me if I wanted to go somewhere on my birthday but I told him I just want to stay home and if he really wants to take me somewhere, I'd love to go to Lowe's lol.  He took me there and I found some plants, yay!  He also got me a chocolate vine, so hopefully I can let it grow so when it blooms it will remind me of my birthday (just in case I became forgetful in the future).
My son took these pics as a little token for my birthday, thanks my Love!
It rained the night before my birthday with a strong gust of wind so all the peonies were down the next morning. I cut them all and made a bouquet and displayed it in our living room.  Peonies doesn't have a great scent but they are beautiful.  
My son was very proud that he shopped for a birthday present by himself  and he spent his own money.  He said it made him so happy that he could do that now where in the previous years, he would just make some things to give me.  I told him that homemade gifts are the best anyway but I do appreciate his thoughtfulness.  I'm also grateful for a friend who never forget my birthday, thanks sis Dhemz.  As always, my daughter makes the  best homemade cards.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Birthday and #ValentineGift ๐ŸŽ Ideas Plus a Giveaway

I am so glad that January is over, it was a rough month for us health-wise.  We all got sick except for my son which I am grateful and  still praying and hopeful that he won't get sick.  I think his basketball activities helped his body in combating sickness.

My husband 's birthday is three days after Valentine's day so getting gifts for him is quite tricky sometimes.  A lot of times, I just combine both gifts in one, it is easier that way.  I am so glad that his birthday this year falls on a holiday which is the President's day so he is off, yay!  

Anyway, when it comes to  gift giving, I am more on the practical side.  I always think what is more useful for the recipient.  Below are some  birthday and Valentine gift ideas.  Don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post.

Winter Necessities -  Since it is winter season, giving winter items such as gloves, scarves, coat, thick clothing, and skin care are my best choices.  I got this Knocker Terry Bomber Jacket from and he loves it.  According to him, it is light but also very warm.  
Photo Session  - My husband never likes being photographed but I always encouraged him to play with me since it is his birthday pictures.  I said, he would only turn 51 once so might as well enjoy it.  I got him laughing while taking these photos.  He was actually in tears as I chase him with the camera lol.  The good thing about having your own camera is that it is less tense when the photos are being taken.
Outdoor Walking - Although it is not an ideal material gift but offering your love ones to go with you on a walk even on a freezing day can really help in relieving stress.  My husband was stressed out this week for an audit  at his department.  He  just started a new position as a an Occupational Healthy and Safety Specialist so was quite anxious of how it will go.  Today is the last day of audit since Monday and he said that it is going well so far.  There's no topic that he didn't know how to respond to so I am quite relieved as well. I know that he would do well on this job especially that he is doing  something that he knows and love.  So yeah, an outdoor activity is also a good kind of gift.
Wallet - I also got him a personalized wallet which I can't reveal yet  along with a couple more birthday surprises so hopefully, he would like it when he opens it up comes Monday.  I think he would love the wallet because his  current one is getting so worn out so he definitely need a new one and it also has a personalized message engraved inside it.
Brassiere - while I was shopping at 247Frenzy website, I saw this set of multi-colored Et Tu push up bra and thought of gifting myself this one lol.  Yeah I know what you are thinking, you might be rolling your eyes right now lol.  But honestly, there is nothing wrong with buying yourself a gift.  Not that my husband would not buy it for me but it was a perfect opportunity for me so I seize it.  I have been wanting  different colors of bra  but buying them individually is more expensive but glad I have  found this set.
Mini Roses - My husband got me these early Valentines gifts.  A pot of mini roses which I totally love since I  plant them in our garden when Spring comes.  I prefer these over a bouquet of flowers since this continue to grow.  
Jewelry - Aside from perfume, I also love jewelry especially earrings.  I like hoops and dangling earring the most.  Hubby got me this sterlingsilver Mia Fiore earring that is made in Italy, I love it.  It's an elegant piece to wear to complement even a simple dress.
For the fun and exciting part of this post is the giveaway that 247Frenzy is offering.  Five lucky winners will receive each a $25 e-gift card which can be used towards anything on their site.  All you have to do is FOLLOW their Facebook Page HERE and follow me on Instagram.  The giveaway runs from February 13th to February 29th.  Please send me your contact info via direct message on Instagram or Facebook.  Good luck!

Have a heart-filled Valentine's day everyone!