Monday, November 26, 2012

Carabao Ride

I grew up in a farm and my father used to own carabao that helped us in tilling the rice field. My late brother and I used to ride the carabao after the day's work. When we first visited my family back home, I let my Burritos experience riding a carabao too.
Such great memories.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chinhae, South Korea

When we were still living in Chinhae, South Korea, family walk was always one of the fun things we did as a family.  We used to bring the double stroller when the Burritos are not in the mood to exercise their legs lol.  I noticed that in these series of photos, me and  hubby were all smiles while the Burritos  were so serious!
Our son was talking about the "blue house" (that's what he called the home we lived in there) today and it made us all nostalgic.  We wish to visit there someday when budget permits.

Amy Adele

As early as it is, I already have some  personalized holiday cards and I got it for free  at Amy Adele.  The owner of the company, Amy,  is  very kind to let me try their  awesome products  without  any cost.  She even sent me a sweet note.   Thank you so much Amy Adele!  
Amy Adelle specializes  in making/designing stationery, invitations,   holiday cards, gifts, and more.  What I like about it is the fact that they used recycled  paper for all their products.   For a sucker   at personalized card, I highly recommend their  products!  
The photos were taken  during night time so it's a little  dark.  It doesn't do justice to the beautiful products but I can  attest  on how these cards were done  very neatly and nice!
You can check out their selection by visiting their website  through the link I have provided above.  They have sale  going on   that you can avail to save money for your order.  You might want to like them at their Facebook Page to  stay  connected and  get updates with their  sale and other  promotions.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hot Wheels Fan

Mr. Burrito is a hot wheels fanatic. He love collecting cars and other items from hot wheels.  He think he looks cool in the photo lol.
Glad I got this uploaded few weeks ago.  I am running out  of photos to blog wahhh.  The technician called and said that he has to install a new motherboard.  Hubby wants  to buy a new PC but  I want my PC restored  because of the photos.  The technician said that it would cost $120 for the whole thing, installation, recovering my photos and and stuff.  Sigh..

Strumming a Guitar

I have been browsing online and trying to  find some deals on piano lately  because we promised our daughter that we are getting it for her this Christmas.   I wasn't looking for a guitar but I thought it won't hurt to look at the selections and  they have  different kinds online.  I kind of miss strumming  a guitar, although I am not good at it but I like it as a past time hobby.  I should have brought  my guitar with me when I came here.  I learned to play  guitar when I was ion college and I am not sure if I could still play, it's been so long.

Elegant Mini Dress in Black

I got this black elegant mini dress at Eden Fantasys.  This dress is available in  different sizes from  small to extra large, so you have the chance to get it  no matter what size you are.  This is also available in red color which was my first choice but I chose the black instead.  I like their selection of sexy dresses, if only I have the body to flaunt them lol. I would wear this one out but with a blazer or a cardigan as I am not comfortable  wearing a very sexy clothes outside.  
I am eyeing for the black bow mesh moulded bra next time if I get the chance to buy me another product from them again.  They have plenty of selection of brassier and other kinds of lingerie so if you are planning to buy some, just visit them through the links I have provided in this post.

Disclaimer.  This is not a paid post.  I received the  above item for free in exchange of my honest review.  The opinion being expressed is 100% solely mine.

On the other note, I was going to post  a photo of my  7 year old  Nike running shoes but  my PC just recently bailed on me so  the photos above are the closest thing I could include in my subject.  Those were taken my son was two years old trying to  wear his Dad's  shoes.

Anyhow, back to the running shoes I was talking about, even though it is 7-year old already, it is still in good condition and I still use it till this day.  In fact, I just got done with my  2-mile run  at the tread mill at our mini gym downstairs.  I burnt 300 calories  in 33 minutes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I am blessed to have given the opportunity to work with one of the clothing company called Swanque. It is a company that sells inexpensive clothing for women. They have huge selections of brand name clothing that you can buy for a lesser price compared to other online stores.  They sent me  the two items below for free in exchange of my honest review.  
The "Black is Back" dress fits me okay but the Prep Cardigan is big for me.  I  have  overestimated my size.  Well I used to buy medium in the store so I  chose medium but they are too big for me as you can see. 
But anyhow, if you want to buy fashionable clothes  for less, check out their selection.  This company is located in downtown Los Angeles but you can shop through their online  store, just visit the link I have provided above. You can also check them out through their Facebook page.  You can enjoy  a FREE priority shipping  with   any purchase of  $50 or more.  The owner was very kind to give me a coupon code that you can use to save up to 15% for your orders of $35 or more.  Just use the code CHUB15.  

Thank you so much Swanque for the opportunity, it's been a pleasure working with you.

On the other note, I found this decor in the attic and wondering if I should keep it or throw it out.  I am not good in tinkering  and dunno if I could do something  to make it pretty.  Anny suggestion?
Disclaimer:  Products mentioned above were received for FREE for review purposes.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Activities at Home

Mr. Burrito lost hist first baby tooth last week.  We were frantic when he started  crying while we were eating our dinner.  After we found out what happened, we all burst out  laughing which makes him cry even more lol.
After I calmed him down, I was able to encouraged him to  smile for me for photo documentation.
Weekend at our home is always busy.  Aside from weekend cleaning, we  also  do the Burritos' projects and assignments.  
Ms. Burrito was doing her  Science assignment on this pic while  Mr. Burrito  below was doing her  project poster.
Some of the outdoor shots I took when we went for  a walk.
My marigolds are still  in full bloom.
Keeping your children busy while at home  is a key to  avoid them from getting cranky and bored.  This weekend, we did some crafts and  I let them helped me clean the  house and do laundry.  It's always fun to let them  enjoy what you do!  I gave them  stickers to let them know that  their help is always appreciated.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Love is Time

We attended  holy mass today at church.  Ms. Burrito was part of the choir and Mr. Burrito was dressed up as a  a saint  as part of the All Saint's Day  celebration they had  last Thursday.  
I like the homily/sermon that the priest gave  today.   He talked about family, love, and time.  He said that according to a recent survey, an average American family only spend 15 minutes a days  talking to each other and because of  food chains around, they seldom sat down and eat together as a family at home.  

The priest said that Love is Time, that when you love someone, you have to make time for them, spend  quality time with them, and  make sure to let them know how much they mean to you.

I am thankful that even though hubby and I don't have all the riches in the world, we still have time for each and for  our children.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Renovation Project at Home

I painted the ceiling of our bathroom a couple of weeks ago and I also peeled the wallpapers. 
Last weekend, hubby and I gutted it out.  We removed the old  cabinets, sink, and toilet.  It was a pain to remove the  linoleum tiles but we got it done eventually.
We work  on it till late last night  and we were able to laid the  backerboard.
The Burritos are always willing to help and get involve with any projects we do at home.    Even our fur babies were curious of what we were doing lol.
I am painting the wall today and hubby is planning to  lay some  tiles tonight after he gets off from work.  Those  are the progress we've made so far.  We were suppose to  do this  home improvement next year but we decided to do it now.  What prompted us to do it now  was  when the commode was clogged up and  we were not able to unclogged it  by ourselves.  We  had to call a plumber to do it and it cost us a painful price.