Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Staying Warm at Home #Family Bonding

Celebrating birthdays doesn't have to be extravagant.  Simple celebration  with family is  enough for us.  Our son just turned twelve  last week and we did not go anywhere but stayed home.  We are however  planning to take him somewhere later when the weather permits.  
The weather here at our side of the world has been so cold that we were not able to  go anywhere, even school has to cancel and operate on two-hour delays because of the extreme weather condition.  Staying at home wearing the most comfortable clothing like their favorite tees while Mom  snaps few photos while they bond, is the safest thing to do.  
Aside from the severe weather condition, my body was also  not in good  condition to go somewhere.  Hubby and I thought that we probably having a third child because I was 6 weeks delayed but then bloody mary came so there's that.  But then we knew it's impossible because I am almost 46 so it was really a wishful thinking on our part.  I am thinking that I am nearing menopause?  What do you think?
Anyway, we got him some  sweets as part of his presents.  
 I tried to make him a card but I think I failed ha ha.  He loves  minecraft so I looked on Pinterest for some DIY cards and this is what I came up with.
 We got him a cookie cake asd that's what he wanted.
 His present was a new bike since he outgrew his bike already.  He won't be able to use it till the weather gets warm.
 One more year and both our kids are teens.  My daughter will soon be preparing for her  driving lesson and I am kind of nervous about that.  Driving is one of my biggest fears so I am even  scared that it would be my daughter.  I think she will do good though, she's very courageous and also cautious.  Parenting never gets easier, I thought for sure when they are a bit older, it's a lot a lot easier but I am wrong lol.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sweet Times at the Relaxing View of the Buffalo River in New York

Aside from the educational part  that you will learn from the Naval and Military Park , it also possesses the beautiful scenery as it is located  by the  Buffalo river.  If I live in this area, I would probably go on a walk or run  everyday just to be able to  enjoy the view.  New Yorkers  that lives in this area are so lucky.
Rivers like the Buffalo River plays an  important role in the  development of  an area like western New York.  I know that the Ohio river  is a huge part of the success of the steel mills here around West Virginia and Ohio.  According to the information I read online,  when the shipping began to bypass the Erie Canal in the 1950s, and later with the decline of heavy industry in the region, the transportation and industrial use of the river greatly declined and many adjacent factories and grain mills were abandoned.   However, they  began to  focus more on  cleaning the quality of water for the  natural habitat and the restoration projects like the Commercial Slip adjacent to the naval park.

I am so glad that we decided to explore this part of New York before coming back here at the mountainous region.  Although we have the Ohio river near us, we don't have a beautiful park such as this one.  I always tell my husband that if given a chance, I would love to  buy a boat just so we can travel via  river and enjoy mother nature's beauty through another view.

Hubby said it is fun traveling by boat.  His late brother had a boat and would invite him to come with him when he was young.  I grew up in a coastal area and riding a boat is something I miss.  It's beautiful to look at the beauty of the land when you are traveling by boat.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Christmas Party at a Friend's House

We spent our Christmas day at a friend's house.  We normally just spend it at home relaxing but last year, my son's godmother invited us so we went there and had a great time with other families.  They prepared so many food that I almost over eat!  But can you blame me? Ha ha!  It's hard   to avoid temptation when it's all out in the open especially food that  reminds you of home.  It's been a long time since we attended a Filipino gathering and I forgot how much food there is.   Anyway, I burned it off the next day, I punished myself by working  out extra hard.
I am glad that we  went because I miss catching up with them.  There's nothing enjoyable than talking to friends and eating.
There's  only five  families but my friend's house was packed!
 We exchanged gifts and the kids received some monetary gifts  as well.
 One thing about Filipino parties, picture taking is a must lol.
 It was a  fun night for Filipino-American families.  The kids had a good time singing karaoke and playing games while the adults catch up.  Thanks a lot Ate Agnes for hosting, we had  an awesome time.

 We might be hosting the party this year for Christmas, we will see.  At least we got appointed to do so ha ha.

I don't mind doing it, it's once a year and it's fun.  My youngest sister is planning to visit us this  year so hopefully, she could be with us during the party so she won't miss celebrating  the holiday in the Philippines.  I would say that Christmas celebration here is way different than in my native country.  I've been living here for  almost 14 years but still can't totally get over with my homesickness especially during Christmas.  Being from a collective family, it is hard being away.