Thursday, July 11, 2019

Forty Six

Oh my, I am 4 years away of being in golden years lol.  I turned 46 last month but you know what's odd?  Although my body  tells me I'm getting old, I still feel like I am in my twenties.  At least that's what my mind tell me to believe  ha ha.  It's a good thing I guess.  Age is just a number.  Getting old is inevitable but we can choose  to  feel young and be  positive about aging. 

Our two children are still young and I worry sometimes if we will be able to be there for them before they settle down.  That's why I told myself to stay as positive as I can with everything that comes our way.  Getting married in the 30s and starting a family late comes with pros and cons.  I gotta say, it's been a blessing every step of the way.  I'm learning more and more everyday especially dealing with my patience.

Below are some words I can relate to or of importance to me which I listed as FORTY SIX.
F - FAMILY .. When I was a kid, I told myself that if ever I would have a family of my own ,   I don't want to have so many children.  I grew up with 8 siblings and life was tough but looking back at it now, I was blessed with brothers and sisters whom I can depend my life on.  We didn't have fancy things growing up but we had each other.  I stick with my plan, I only have two children and that's enough for me.
O - Optimism ... Growing up with nothing , optimism  is something that I really held on to.  I had to be optimistic all the time  in order for my life to be a little easier than it was.  My husband is a total opposite of mine, he is a pessimist but somehow we matched perfectly.
R - Responsibility ... My parents taught us responsibilities at an early age.  It is part of the Asian culture.  I am the second child so I was in-charge of my little siblings when my parents are away.  At the age of 7, I  knew how to do basic household chores like cooking rice, doing laundry (manually in the river), sweeping the yards every morning and feeding the chickens .  Now that I'm a parent, I teach my kids basic  things around the house that they need to learn how to do.
T - Tagalog is the language we used in the Philippines.  When my kids were little, I used to teach them how to speak tagalog but I somehow gave up.  I wish I continue to teach them so they can be bilinguals like me.
Y - Yearning ... It's been 10 years since I last visited my family  in the Philippines so my yearning for them is becoming more and more  everyday.  I do hope that we could  push through with our plan to visit next year.
S - Sentimental .. I am a very sentimental  person.  I have things I have hold on to because it bears a sentimental value to my being.
I - Independence .. I learned to become independent early on in life.  My parents taught me that and I am deeply appreciative of it.  

X - Xylophone ... When I was in high school, I wanted to  join the drum and bugle corps because I love playing xylophone but I didn't have money to buy the instrument so I ended up joining the ROTC instead.  
Forty Six is such a great age.  If God will give me an opportunity to live longer, I'd love to double my age.  Who knows what will happen to us, only God knows, right?  For now, I live day by day enjoying even the simplest things in life.  Living the life to the fullest especially with my children and husband.