Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Christmas Party at a Friend's House

We spent our Christmas day at a friend's house.  We normally just spend it at home relaxing but last year, my son's godmother invited us so we went there and had a great time with other families.  They prepared so many food that I almost over eat!  But can you blame me? Ha ha!  It's hard   to avoid temptation when it's all out in the open especially food that  reminds you of home.  It's been a long time since we attended a Filipino gathering and I forgot how much food there is.   Anyway, I burned it off the next day, I punished myself by working  out extra hard.
I am glad that we  went because I miss catching up with them.  There's nothing enjoyable than talking to friends and eating.
There's  only five  families but my friend's house was packed!
 We exchanged gifts and the kids received some monetary gifts  as well.
 One thing about Filipino parties, picture taking is a must lol.
 It was a  fun night for Filipino-American families.  The kids had a good time singing karaoke and playing games while the adults catch up.  Thanks a lot Ate Agnes for hosting, we had  an awesome time.

 We might be hosting the party this year for Christmas, we will see.  At least we got appointed to do so ha ha.

I don't mind doing it, it's once a year and it's fun.  My youngest sister is planning to visit us this  year so hopefully, she could be with us during the party so she won't miss celebrating  the holiday in the Philippines.  I would say that Christmas celebration here is way different than in my native country.  I've been living here for  almost 14 years but still can't totally get over with my homesickness especially during Christmas.  Being from a collective family, it is hard being away.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Edgeworth Club in Sewickley PA

On July 17, 2018, the West Virginia Warrior team (the summer volleyball team formed to participate in the Pittsburgh Volleyball Elite games) was invited for an after-game  party at Edgeworth Club in Sewickley, PA.  That place was  beautiful.  
 This place was founded in 1893, the Edgeworth Club is a private social and recreational club set among the stately homes of historic Sewickley, Pennsylvania. According to their  website, this club was  founded for the purpose of promoting friendship among its members and their social enjoyment.  I am glad that even if we were not members there, we were able to enjoy their place.
 The kids enjoyed swimming.  It was a great opportunity for them  to freshen up after the game.
I would have loved to take a plunge but I am don't know why my body won't cooperate when it comes to events.  I always end up  having my monthly misery on those events so  my desire to swim is always  hendired byu it.
The ambiance  is so relaxing so even though it was so hot that day, the breeze  from around the garden made it a bit cooler there.
We enjoyed catching up with other parents while the kids were having fun swimming at the pool.
Dinner was served for individual orders.  Everything was paid for so all we had to do is order what we wanted to eat.
It was nice that  the   country club even  printed this welcome sheets for us all.  It included the menu so it was easier for us to  order.
I had the crab cake slider.  I love the jalapeƱo popper garnish that came with it.
Hubby had their Greek burger.
We stayed there for  two to three hours.  It wasn't enough time especially for the kids but glad that we had the chance to unwind for a little bit.
I get to   talk to other parents about school stuff  especially high school matters.  I am a bit nervous  that my daughter is entering  high school next year.  It makes me  a bit  weary but that is part of parenting I guess.
It was late when we  departed the place but we had a blast.  
Swimming and volleyball,  what a great combination to have fun with friends.  Edgeworth Club is absolutely a beautiful place. 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Crystal Clear: 15 Years and Counting

Love works in mysterious ways!  I would have never thought I would end up  here in "Almost Heaven, WV" but it must be fate, thanks to this wonderful guy who  got smitten by  a little Bicolana from the  Southern part of the Philippines (lol).  He convinced me that love can survive just about anything.  You just have to work together, have faith, and be honest and respect each other.  Not everyone I know  believed we will ever get this far but it is CRYSTAL CLEAR now, the naysayers were wrong.  
Through the Years
 Growing up, I never dreamed of  marrying a foreigner.  In fact, my childhood dream is to  finish school and  find a job and that's it.  I thought having a family is hard as I watched how my parents struggled raising us 9 kids.  My goal since I was a kid was to succeed in school no matter what the circumstance is  so I could find a good job when I get done.  That explained why I was already 30 when I  got married.  Thanks
Since it is our 15th year, the crystal represents it.  It said that the costliness of crystal is representative of the sacrifice and investment that the  couple has made to the marriage over the past fifteen years. It  also symbolizes clarity and transparency, reflecting the state of the couple's relationship. Below are some of the crystal things we have at home.  My husband's chinese animal is rooster and I am an oxen, he got these when we were first got married to represent us.
 He gave me this  swarovski crystal roses  when we were just dating.  I thought, it's way better than fresh roses.
In 15 years, we have traveled quite a lot in different places.  That's one of the many things we have in common and enjoys a lot doing together with the kids.
6th  anniversary - Mount Seorak South Korea
8th anniversary - Disney World
12th anniversary - Hershey Park
I am so glad I  gave the online dating a try.  I have one of my  student assistant to  thank for that.  If it wasn't for her, I would have never  discovered  this  online dating thing lol.  I was busy  writing my  thesis back then and she   told me she is going to make me a profile, I just laughed and thought she was just kidding.  Well, the rest is history.
11th wedding anniversary
14th anniversary - Grand Canyon, Arizona
We don't do  lavish anniversary celebration.  We  sometimes pre-celebrate our anniversary with our travels but mostly we spend it at home.  Above are just some of the most memorable ones we  have had.  Actually, every year is special, I just don't have time to dig  each event ha ha.  I might update this post later when I get a chance.  

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Being Healthy 101: Solutions, Suggestions, And Strategies

People who are serious about living on purpose and with passion should know that being healthy is the prerequisite to maintaining this mindset and mode of living. Unfortunately, many people put their health on the backburner and fail to realize that this lifestyle choice will prevent them from realizing personal and professional dreams. If you're ready to start implementing health strategies so that you can maintain the vitality and dynamism necessary to live fully and freely, this is the article for you.

Read on to learn more about which techniques you need to deploy for the purpose of getting healthy this year:

1. Do Yoga.

If you're serious about getting healthy this year, give yoga a shot. This exercise modality has worked wonders for millions of people around the world, and for many reasons. First, individuals who are looking for a great way to get in a good workout can rely on yoga to enhance their cardiovascular endurance while also improving their flexibility. Yoga also enhances balance and range of motion, thereby empowering practitioners the ability to operate more effectively when completing other forms of physical movement. Yoga is also a great stress reliever, and this factor is important for individuals who find themselves continually bogged down by anxiety resulting from complex work environments, troubled personal relationships, self-doubt, etc.

2. Eat The Right Foods.

If you're really serious about being healthy, note that eating the right foods is imperative. This the case because the food you eat plays an integral role in facilitating or impeding the energy production processes which facilitate mental vitality and physical stamina. When you eat life-giving foods like fruits and vegetables, your body's ability to complete regulatory processes that contribute to energy production is enhanced substantively. On the other hand, eating processed, junky foods will typically engender unwanted outcomes such as lethargy, brain fog, constipation, etc. In understanding these realities, start gravitating towards trail mix, green smoothies, huge green salads, and other delicious, nutritious options that will fill you up and keep your body and mind in optimal condition. Also note that if you're looking for gourmet seasoning blends, there are a wide range of companies that can provide you with the products necessary to spice up your nutritious, delicious meals!

Bringing It All Together

Two strategies that you can implement to become a healthy person include doing yoga and eating the right foods. Implement these strategies individually or in conjunction to start experiencing a level of vitality you've never had before!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

How to Begin a New Hobby and Stick to It

Hobbies are great ways to help us expand our interest and to make time for the things that we love. It is a mistake, however, to assume that hobbies form naturally. You might love to paint, but unless you actively make time for that activity, you will never progress or finish any project you start. It is important to know how to begin a new hobby and stick to it, so that you gain the full round-up of benefits, from relaxation to fulfillment, to progression. To start your next hobby and to stick to it, follow these steps: 
Gardening - A Relaxing Hobby
1.    Find Hobbies Based on Existing Interests
The first step to beginning a new hobby is to choose one. The right hobby for you, however, might not be something you expect or even knew about. That is why the first step to adopting a new hobby is to first find out things you can do or learn based on your existing interests. You can check out  redjuice.co.uk and adopt a wide variety of new hobbies.

2.    Learn What You Can About the Hobby Beforehand
Before you get into a new hobby, however, you will want to learn what you can about it beforehand. Choosing the right customization options  can feel really overwhelming when you start, for example, but by reading up you can choose the right components for you. Similarly, sometimes new hobbies should be prefaced with classes, in the case of carpentry or other tactile hobbies that have specific safety requirements.

3.    Try it Out  
If you are unsure about starting your new hobby, or don’t have the skills to really enjoy it, the best way to circumvent these issues is to take a class or course. You can try it out, learn the skills you need to start and better yourself, and even make friends while you are at it. The more difficult the hobby, the more likely you will need to take classes to progress your skills. Learning to sew, for example, will likely require several levels of classes before you can feel comfortable taking on projects at home. Simpler classes like pottery, however, can give you the skills you need to start and experiment on your own from there.  

.    Invest in It
Hobbies can be something you do to get out of the house, or they can be your newest passion. Either way, if you decide you like and want to continue this new hobby, it is important to invest in it. This might mean investing in the necessary equipment, finding a workshop you can use, or just starting. What is important, no matter what hobby it is, is that you keep working at it. This is particularly important if you aren’t the best when you start. Don’t let your talent get you down, you will get better so long as you make time for it and keep at it.

Hobbies are great because they help you relax and expand your skills or experiences. When you can also produce great pieces and enjoy the fruits of your labor, however, then your hobby has paid off in a whole new way. Start a new hobby, and stick to it, and you can better your life.

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