Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Family Walk

We have been getting  cool and rainy weather lately so are taking the opportunity when the weather is  nicer and go for a walk.   Soon, Fall will be here and  Winter follows.  Cold weather seems longer than the warm weather.  It's still July  but the weather is slowly turning into  a Fall-like weather.
Our son prefer to ride a bile than walk which is fine with us because he  burns more calories that way.  
My daughter and I are both cold-natured  so we always feel cold  even though it's the perfect temperature for the boys.  I will miss this kind of activities when my kids are bigger and have their own lives.  They grow up so fast.

Which Tennis Player Are You?

Photos were taken back in April when we went to a tennis court at Starvaggi Park.  Do you play Tennis?  Would you like to find out what kind of tennis player are you?  Share your answer through the comment.  Thanks.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fitness Goal.. A Family Thing

Some habits are hard to break.  Take for instance smoking, some people  really find it hard to  quit smoking no matter how hard they try.  I am so glad that my husband no longer smokes when I met him as I find it really hard  to inhale when I am around  smokers.  I mean I can tolerate  it but not for  long because it triggers my migraine every time I inhale or even just smell the smoke from a cigarette.

On the other note, he lost another two pounds since his last weigh in, making his total weight loss of 30 pounds, wohoooo.  His next goal would be to get down to 150 this year.  Way to go hubs, I am proud of you!!!
His team won the mid-weigh-in  for the Biggest Loser competition in  their company.  Each members received a 25  dollar gift card.  They are looking forward to increasing their weight loss  so they could win the whole thing for the big prize at the end of the year.  Good luck to your Ground Zero team Hon!!! 
I love it that I can wrap my arms around him when I hug him ever since he lost all that weight from his tummy.
Ever since I started working out again, I gain  confidence to wear bathing suit.  Although I am not there yet to where I really want to be, it's quite alright.   Fitness should be a lifetime goal especially that we have kids.
Last week was a lighter week for me, fitness wise because of monthly woman issue.  I did yoga and other stretches but no cardio.  I am one of those  unfortunate ones who has migraine and  cramps when I have my period and the worse is, it last for a week.  
These two are our main inspiration in keeping fit.  Hubby and I started  our  family at a later age (31 and 35)  so we want to be  around  them as much as we could and we can't do that if we are not in the best of health. 

Walking in Maryland was Fun

As I have mentioned in my former post we walked the whole time we were in Ocean City. We never drove our van anywhere went. We figured, mine as well walk and enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean. So even going to the park which is a bit far, we also walked. Glad our kids are real troopers lol.
The restaurant that we love  is very far from our  hotel  but we always walk so  we could burn whatever we eat going back lol.  It was fun though because the kids don't really notice as we walk to the o shore going back.
The rate of these hotels by the ocean  are so expensive.
See, we busied ourselves picking our seashells  going back so walking wasn't really tiring.
Imagine  if we didn't walk the whole time we were there, I could have gained  5 or ten pounds  instead of just two lol.  Ocean City is beautiful but it is just too busy for us.  We are  used to living here in our little town that a busy  place like Ocean City is too much!  We had fun though.

Lesson Plan

Not the lesson for the teacher but the lessons we plan for our sons to try.  We are considering  to enroll our son to have a guitar lessons but before we inquire about it, I have to look  at the guitar centre if they will have  an affordable one that we can buy for him to use at home.  We are also planning to enrol him in a swimming lesson this Fall so  he will have something to do.  I hope that I could save up the money we need.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Haircut, Fitness Recap, and Family Bonding

Here's   a recap of  my fitness routine last week but first off, I trimmed my hair  last Saturday for a fresh summer look.  I don't go to  a hair salon to have my hair cut, I do it with the help of my husband.  Sometimes, I need him to  polish the back part of my hair.
Back to my fitness routine, I have gained two pounds  during our  beach getaway.  I blamed it to the yummy crabs over in Maryland lol.  Although, we walked everyday while we were there and I ran by the shore barefooted one day (July 8th) , it wasn't enough exercise  for me.  So yes, I gained two pounds lol.
Anyway, here is my recap last week.

July 14 - I walked 3.265 miles on the treadmill and burned 701 calories in  56.54 minutes (almost an hour).  I also did 20 squats.
July 15 - I managed  to  lessen the time  by over a minute  and burned more calories.  Walked 3.516 miles this time.  I also did 10 minutes hula hoop and 20 squats.
July 16 - I was going to work out but hubby encouraged me to do a power walk with him so that's what we did. He took a panorama shot of me in front of the community college  in our neighborhood.  I did not burn much calories but I had fun walking with my husband.  I also did 10 minutes planking.  =
July 17 - today wasn't my best day.  I woke up at 2:30  that  night  because I heard our medicine cabinet opened up.  I checked and it was my son, he didn't want to wake us up and was trying to get something for his leg cramp.  I told him that he is not allowed to get any medicine without us, I gave him some meds and  went back to bed but I could not fall asleep.  That affected my  cardio performance. I only ran 3 miles and burned 650 calories in  almost 50 minutes.
July 18 - My husband asked me again to  go on a power walk with him instead of working out at our  mini gym in the basement.  So I went with him, our son rode bike along side with us.  
July 19 - I reduced my time to one minute from last time and only walked 3 miles.  Calories burned was 639.  I enjoyed  a fresh squeeze lemonade after my  walk.
July 20 - I decided to take a break  with my cardio.  Believe it or not, my toes are having blisters and some  calluses already but hey, no pain no gain,  right?.  It makes me feel good though when I do cardio and  I feel so much stronger.
This week, I am  focusing on some ab work out and let's see what I could accomplish.  By the way, lost the  pounds I gained plus some.  

Sunday, July 13, 2014

BeautyBox5 - July Edition

Product sampling is  fun.  I received my My Beauty Box 5,  for July this week and loved it as it replenish some of the products that I used during our vacation in Ocean City.  My favorite last month was the coconut  shampoo and conditioner, the  eslor calming kit, and  the nail polish.  I used all of them  during our 5-day getaway.  Here is what I've got in the mail for this month.
Believe it or not, even on summer time, my lips cracks so I am glad I have this Body Drench Candy Licious Lips  with beewax, coconut oil and  vitamin E flavored lip balm.  Even my daughter likes it.
I am currently using Hask's shampoo and conditioner so I was delighted to see this deep conditioning hair treatment with Argan Oil. Our 5-day getaway in Ocean City somehow made my hair a bit wiry when we came back home so this would help  my  hair restore it's natural  shine.
I used up all my facial scrub and was delighted to see this  Glowing Mama Walnut Face and Body Scrub in the box.  I love the smell and  how it feels when I  gently massage my face with this scrub.

So here I am again, trying a new Lip Liner from Starlooks.  I don't wear lipstick much often but once in a while, it is fun to try it even I am just at home.  I also like this Revlon  bold lacquer mascara
I tried both of them yesterday and my daughter said "You don't look normal, Mom" lol.  MY kids  always tells me that I look like someone else when I am wear a make up or even a slight change in my face, they always notice it.  Here she is deviling me about  wearing a mascara on lol.
Thanks again BeautyBox5!

Disclaimer: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Eagle Sun Hat

When I got   our summer hats last year, I wasn't able to get one for my  husband  so I made sure to get him one this year.   My husband  is easily sun burned so this will help  protect his face  and the back of his neck from being cooked by the heat of the sun.  This also matches my son's sun hat.
I got this Eagle Hat from SunGrubbies to review.  It arrived 2 days before we  went  for our vacation in Ocean City, which is perfect!  Here is our quick snap as soon as we arrived at the hotel.  The kids could not wait to go out the beach which is one block away from the place where we stayed.
 My husband couldn't be happier with the  sun protection he's got out of this hot.  His face is the first thing that  gets burned so easily so this  large  eagle hat  did  him  great favor.  He likes it that it has a removable chinstrap.  IT also has ventilating side mesh and a velcro adjustable ghatband.  You can handwash this hat so you don't have to worry about  it getting dirty.  Above all, it  is UPF 50+/ 98% UV blocked which is really important.
My son, wore his hat  because  it was a perfect match with his Dad's.  He isn't fond of using his hat before because he said he sweat a lot but because my husband has one, he wore it all the time while we were there on Ocean City.

SunGrubbies has many selection of  superior UV protection for outdoor living products for outdoor lovers like us.  If your family is like ours who  loves to be outdoors, SunGrubbies products are perfect for your sun protection needs.  Thank you SunGrubbies for giving us the opportunity to try one of your  products.  My husband truly loves it!

Disclaimer: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.