Saturday, February 17, 2018

Our #HomeGym

Before I proceed to my main topic, I would like to acknowledge my husband's birthday first.  We celebrated it today by going to  a bowling alley and have a fun family  competition.  He is the best bowler of  all of us though so he won!  This  guy right here is the most selfless man I know, he always put the  need and welfare of others first before his own so he deserve a pat in the back.  Happy birthday Dahlin!
Anyway, this year, he  is so determined to really get in shape.  So for Christmas, I told him that I will be getting him a Bowflex Max Trainer.  This is a real hard core machine  if you really want to get fit.  We are still getting the hang of it, I can only do 3 minutes  and I am pooped already on this one.  Hubby can now do 15 minutes on the program that he is using.  It has different   programs that you can use.  My goal is to be able to make it to ten minutes  without catching my breath.
This Bowflex Max Trainer two  can really trim you down if you  are consistent in  working on your goals.  It's one of the great additions to our  home gym.  We decided to really equipped our  home gym this year  so that we can workout and  hopefully achieve  our  fitness goals.  The programs includes max 14 Minute Interval, Power Interval, Calorie Goal, Steady Pace, Fat Burn, Calorie Burn, Stairs, Manual, and Fitness Test.  I tried the calorie burn, I lasted 1.5 minutes lol.  The heart monitor has integrated contact grips and it also includes a  chest strap.  It also came with a free  mat as part of their Christmas deal.

I got this Post-It Dry Erase Board from Shoplet  and I thought it would  be a great addition to the gym.  I stuck it on the wall behind the Max Trainer and wrote  this quote that John F. Kennedy said about Physical Fitness.  I just wish that my handwriting is  pretty lol.  Anyway, this Dry Erase Board is pretty  handy to have, you can use it  in your office or in any space where you want to write  something like schedules or  reminders.  You can even use this  on  your desk .   It is designed to stick to a variety of painted drywall and steel surfaces, glass, finished wood, and existing whiteboards or chalkboards. It is very easy to install and it doesn't require tools.  I just  just unrolled, peeled and stuck it on the wall and voila, it's done. Its even great for replacing old dry erase surfaces.  To find out more about this product and other products that 3M  has,  just visit the link.
not my photo
This came with a Dry Erase Cleaning  cloth  to easily clean it t.

I am looking for a  cabinet where I can put all the small stuff but I haven't found the one that I like yet so I  temporarily  use this  wine rack that we had in our kitchen and  put it down in the gym.  
I got this canvas picture from Lowe's for $3, it has a small scratch that you can barely notice that's why it was on the clearance.  I thought it was pretty then I added an inspiring quote  on top of the image.  It is always my   dream to  go on the beach  and wear a two piece but I haven't done  that since my pregnancies lol.  So this will serve as my inspiration to keep going  with my  fitness goals.

We have yoga mats that we use  for some of our  exercises.  I seldom do yoga but having yoga mats  around comes in handy when I had to lay down to do  ab exercises.  
 Aurorae and Empower Fitness are  two companies that I love getting  our fitness gears.  Their products are  high quality.  The towels are always used during the workouts and after we are done.  I miss having a  bathroom in the basement though.  At our former house, hubby and I built an additional bathroom down there and it was  great to have.  Hopefully, we could build one too in this new home.
 We are  slowly completing our set of dumb bells, right now we have 1, 5, and ten pounds.  That would be our next  project.  Maybe I can get it for our anniversary, hmnn, now that would be great!
 We have  ab roller, disk, medicine ball, weighted gloves, ankle weight, lots of jump ropes for us and the kids.
 I don't know if you guys still have this kind of radio casette but when we bought our first home, the owner left that for us and when we moved, we brought it with us.  It's a great music resource when working out.  
This stationary bike is great for lower and upper body workout.  I actually use it after my run in the treadmill because it has a built in fan that I use for air.  A former neighbor gave this to us when we were still living at Park Avenue.  
 I bought this clock for $20 at an online garage sale group.  The clock stopped working after  a week but I thought to leave it on the wall, it's a pretty piece and we can use the mirror in it.
 Back when we  were stilkl at our former house, my husband  wishes to have a weight rack but we  have never really  got to buying one so I told him that we can get it for his birthday, and that's what we got for him, he was very happy about it.  He used to lift weights when he was still in the Navy and he was so fit and muscular.  When he retired, he got busy with the new job and being a Dad so working out becomes less and less.  He tried gym membership but that   did not panned out so I thought maybe if we have a complete gym, we can encourage each other and be consistent in working towards our goals.
 I also love that we have this weight rack and bench now because I am starting to  appreciate weight lifting.  I am amateur to this  thing so all I can handle is the bar lol.  Hopefully I will get stronger and lift more weights rather than just the small iron plates in a bar.  For a starter, I am okay with it.  
We have a Bowflex Extreme set as well but it wouldn't fit in this part of the basement where we set the gym.  We might just get rid of it  since we will be working on the other half of the basement and it won't fit there  when we lay the tiles on the floor.  Hubby said, it would be okay to get rid of it now that we have the weight station.  We will see, maybe I can  trade it for another treadmill so that when hubby and I want to walk or run side by side, we can.

 Shoplet have everything that you need for your business and home including office supplies, cleaning supplies,  and many others such as medical supplies and office furniture .   Thank you once again Shoplet and  3M!

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the products mentioned  in exchange of my honest  opinion which may differ from yours. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

NINJA WARRIOR COURSE at Flight Trampoline Park

We used to watch American Ninja Warrior  show and the kids   are inspired by it so when we went to a trampoline place  called Flight in Pittsburgh, the Ninja Warrior Course is the first thing they tried.  They used to say that they want to compete in it  someday.  Flight's one-of-a-kind obstacle course have some  fun but challenging activities.  The kids got to experience firsthand similar challenges that they see on TV.
Even though its 35.5 miles  from our  location, we brought the children to this place so they can have fun during my son's birthday.  Our daughter have been to this place with her friends once but our son was never been yet till his birthday.  He has been wanting  us to  bring him here so he was super delighted when we finally  brought him here.  
 I am so glad that both of our children are really close in age because they  are so close and love to do things together.  It's funny to think that  now that we have a bigger house and  both of them have their own bedroom but  once in a while, they still love to sleep in one room. 
 My uber goofy  little lady always  giving me that funny look when I try to take  a photo.
 Winter is a challenging season when you have kids like mine who are very active  during summer time.  Finding  activities for them to do is a challenge that's why even if the  distances of the  places they want to go is  far from our place, we always try to accommodate their request just so they could have fun and release their energy.
 The course was  hard at first but our kids  did it so many times until they  got good at it.
 They couldn't do one of the obstacle course because they are  too short for it but those they  can reach, they loved  doing it.
 They learned that the obstacles they thought were easy to do is actually hard.  I am glad that  they still got a good laugh whenever they  fell.
 My son es  funny, every year, he would always say "This is the best birthday  ever!"  No matter how simple we celebrate their birthdays, they think it is the best.  I think the togetherness of the family is what matters most to them which is I am very happy about.
 Even though the location of Flight is  quite a long drive for us, it was worth it.  At the end of the day, they came out from the  place all smiles.
 We probably want to go back there again.  I would like to  jump in the trampoline myself lol. Below is one of our favorite American Ninja Warrior.