Wednesday, February 27, 2013

BCX Coat

I have seen BCX as a clothing brand but I never known what it stands for.  I  googled it and found Bacillus Circulans Xylanase  (protein) which  I think has nothing to do with that brand.  It bothers me when I  don't find an answer to this kind of stuff lol. I also found a BCX which means Business Card Exchange  (business networking) and Business Currency Exchange.   Do you have any idea what BCX means?
 Anyhow, thanks  to hubby for giving me this BCX coat for Valentine's day!
The photos of me wearing the  coat was taken by my seven year old daughter, Ms. Burrito.

Konvine Flats

I used to wear  high heeled shoes when I was still working but now that I  am a stay at home mom, I preferred using flat shoes.  I only wear heels when  we go to church.  Konvine was very nice to  provide me one of their  Foldable Flats for free, thanks a lot Konvine!  I chose this new style Shimmery Black with Crown.  

Flats are the new trends these days, I have seen so many ladies wearing flats.  The great thing about these foldable  shoes is that it is light for traveling and it saves you  space  when you pack your stuff.  My daughter  really loved this shoes, she told me that she wishes that  it is  available  also for kids lol.  

The stunning rhinestone crown details is what  drawn me to pick this one.  The  fabric is high quality and I love the embellishments.  This would look great in almost any kind of outfit that you wear.  I worn it when I attended my son's Thanksgiving party in school and I got complimented for it.   
The dress that I am wearing in the photos only cost $5, I bought it during our recent trip to  a thrift store.  My daughter  found it on the rack and said "You should try it  Mom", so I did and it fit me perfectly!  So I told her, SOLD, lol!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Corset from Eden Fantasys

I worked with Eden Fantasys before  and love the products that they gave me for free to review.  Earlier this month, the contact person of the said company contacted me again and asked if I would like to   do a review of one or two products. I replied  stating that I would love to do it. 

Uctc4haxy2zu07fnh1qidwe825lt0ph1I thought that I won't be able to get the product I ordered as they already  sent us a notification about the discontinuation of the monthly program for bloggers.  I was surprised and grateful  that I got my order on the mail despite of their  discontinuation.

I never had a corset before so I thought of getting one.  I chose this midnight zip-front corset because it would be easier for me to adjust it.  As you can see in the first set  photos, I am still working on getting rid of my stubborn  tummy fat.  I don't think it would happen real soon that's why I am glad to have a corset.

I am trying to have my picture taken  but my dog
wanted to be on the photo as well lol.
On these set of  photos, I am wearing the corset underneath and it really makes a big difference as it hides  my bulgy tummy.

It would accentuate  your body curves as well, not on my case though as I don't have that kind of curves hahaha..  

Anyhow, I would love to thank Eden Fantasys once again for the  opportunity  given to me in working with them. 


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Forty Four

To the most loving husband and Dad, happy birthday!  You have proven to so many people that in forty four years, you are  a man of  principle and honor.  We love you so much!
Have a great week ahead everyone!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Emotional Valentine's Day

I don't like surprises as I get really emotional.  Just like this morning when I woke, I have never expected that  my husband and daughter would pull a past one for me.  I was up all night last night because my son is sick again.  He was so congested so I had to stay  with him and gave him meds and massages as he said his body  and head was aching.  

Anyway, when I woke up this morning from  a short sleep, I felt like floating so I did not see the   pot miniature roses and the card  in the table.  My daughter  had to point it to me.   
I started tearing up when I read the card that says:

 To my Loving Wife, 

 You deserve to hear this more often, 
but I don't always take the time to say it... 
 I depend on you so many times for help and understanding. 

 I'm glad that you're my wife, 
 the love of my life, 
 and the heart of our home.... 

I will always love you! 
 Happy Valentine's day!


 Hubby and the Kids

To my husband:

I know that I am a lousy wife sometimes and that I should do more to make you happy. I want  you to know that I truly appreciates everything that you have done and continue doing  for us.  Thank you for being so understanding and loving all the time.

I love you with all my heart!

Yours truly,

Mrs. Wide Feet


 I am taking care of my son so I won't have enough time online.  I feel so bad that he got sick again, he really wanted to go to school because they have a party today.  He already missed the Mardi Gras party last Tuesday so he is so heartbroken.  My poor little guy!

I hope you guys have a wonderful  Valentine's day Celebration.

Religious Retreat

Ms. Burrito attended a religious retreat at their school and at the church last Saturday. This retreat was conducted to prepare the kids to their first reconciliation/confession. Prior to the retreat, they also attended extensive sessions regarding their upcoming confession. The catechist explained thoroughly to them what to do, what to expect, and what good confession will do to their spiritual/religious lives.
I miss attending retreats and recollections.  I used to do that when I was in college and when I was  working at a Catholic school back in my country.
Yesterday was their first communion, I'll make a separate post for it.  A very  memorable day in the Catholic  community as the Pope tendered his resignation due to his  declining health.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I won this pair of black and pink Stilettos at an auction site using my points earned at their website. I only paid four dollars for shipping fee.   The heels measures  6" which is  very tall for  me but I bid on it anyway as I  was curious why ladies  love Stilettos.  I can say that is gorgeous but it's not the shoes that I could wear lol.  
The cool thing though is that, I got one without spending big.  Now, I am looking for someone who could actually use this.  It is a size 5 with 6" heels.  Again, I am inviting you to join the fun of getting freebies and  getting rid of the things you don't need/want at your home. Join Us at Listia, it's free and it's fun!  

Friday, February 8, 2013

Open House in School

Hello everyone, how's the weather at your end?  We are suppose to get a snow storm today so the school has announced it's closing for the day.  I was  surprised that my son wishes he could go to school hahaha.  They are playing chess right now and we will do our  reading time after they play.  

Anyhow, last week  was the busiest week for  me in my  children's school.  They celebrated the Catholic School's Week with lots of activities everyday.  My husband missed it as he has to work so I just showed him the photos I took.  First up was the Open House, Ms. Burrito was very excited as she got to present her Journal work.  My son on the other hand was crying the whole time I was there, he accidentally poked his eye with a pencil.  Gladly, I was there to comfort him.
How was your weekend?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Children in Costume

This is a long over-due post that I have never get around to do last year.  These were taken during the Kindergarten's  Halloween Party in school.  Mr. Burrito was wearing an Elvis Presley costume that my sister-in-law has sewn  few years back.  
Below is a different event, it's the "All Saint's Day", where  Kindergartners and First Graders  had to wear  an angel and saint costumes.  
My son was wearing a St. Joseph costume.   He was nervous about this activity but  he actually did awesome..
Color BLUE definitely stand out among these bunch.  My son is like me, he gets so anxious if he is involve into some activities.  I don't like that about myself  and  am not happy that my son has that trait  too.. sigh.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Coquete Brassiere

I got this Coquette Brassiere from Eden Fantasys for free together with the Princepesa shower pouf. I cetainly like the fit of the bra and my daughter love using the  shower pouf when she is taking a bubble bath in the tub.