Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vintage V-Neck Bowknot Embellished Sleeveless Red Dress #RoseWholeSale

I finally got the dress that RoseWholeSale have sent me for review. After almost two months of waiting I finally got it and I'd say that it's worth the wait because this Vintage V-Neck Bowknot Embellished Sleeveless Red Dress is well-tailored and of high quality.  Compared to the  dresses that I've had from another  company  that is China-based, I'd definitely love the quality of this one. 
I love the big bowknot on the side of the dress, it's very eye catching.  This dress is made for a woman who have a  good size of breast because of its plunging neckline.  It's the only thing that I am not fond of this dress because  I have nothing to show hahaha.  Oh, another thing is the back, I wouldn't not mind if they cut it low on the back rather than totally covering it.   Nevertheless, I love it anyway. 
I was able to dress up while my lovelies were at school and at work.  To complete the look, I wore my  red high heels and  experimented with the red lipstick that I bought recently.  Yeah I know, the lipstick is sloppy hahaha,  for the love of me, I don't know how to  put put make up or lipstick on, it is not just my thing.  Oh well!
This vintage dress was originally priced at $23.59 but  is now on sale for $13.92, a discount of 41%.  Very affordable right?  It is available in sizes  small to large.  If you  want to try their products, you can use this ROSEFASHION coupon code  for a 9% discount.  Rosewholefashion has a lot of gorgeous  and fashionable dresses  and other  kinds of clothing for women. They are affordable but you have to anticipate a long processing time.  Their delivery takes  a long time so if you are planning to  wear the dress that you are buying in a short period of time, I doubt that you will be able to.  
Just like the other Asian-based company that I worked before, RoseWholeSale also  give  members a chance to win  the products they like by  letting them share the products via facebook and twitter.   You can check RoseWholeSale in Facebook or you can check their website directly through the link I have provided above.  Thank you RoseWholeSale for  the opportunity, I look forward to working with you again!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Boots for Snowy Winter

Walking to and from school to home is a bit rough during Winter times. I have to make sure that we are bundled up from head to toe so we won't get sick.  I wanted to buy an Ugg boots so I could  wear it for the reason I have stated above.  Hubby  doesn't like Ugg boots though and yes he has a say to what  I should buy as he want to be able to look at me and say "That looks good on you!"  I value his input  because he has  more  taste in fashion than me lol.
A couple of weeks ago, we went to the mall and found this boots on sale.  Well, I did not buy, I changed my mind in the last minute.  I am like that, sometimes, there's this voice at the back of my head saying "Don't buy it!" and I always listen.  The reason I changed my mind  is because my husband said "It looks cheaply made", so that was it.  
Since it was very light and comfortable, I told myself that I should have bought when we got home.  So last Tuesday, while Mr. Burrito and I were in his gymnastic class, my husband and the little Miss went to the mall to pick up the $100 gift card that she won and they surprised me with the boots when they came back.  Hooray!
Although the boots, was not in my size, it is size 6 (it's the shortest), I did not mind.  Even  my little Miss  liked it!  When I tried it on at home, my husband said "That actually looked good on you!" So I am a happy Momma and Wife.  So now, I have a  regular boots for walking in the snow.  My god boots won't be abused from too much walking anymore woot!

  Do you want to know how much I paid for these boots? Well, come take a loot at it here, I promise, you'll be in for a surprise.

Music Therapy

I learned some stuff about music  while we were having a tour at Mary Pappert's School of Music last Saturday.   This this Music Therapy student association in the school and the stated why music is a really good therapy for your brain and  life as a whole.  I wish that my son would be interested in  taking some  music-related  lessons but right now he isn't into it yet.  It would be cool to  hear him talk about any music related topics such as bari sax mouthpeices or guitar or  tings like that but I will wait til he develops that interest.  If not, that's fine too.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Natural Skin Care Program #SeabuckWonders

I was contacted via email late last year if I want to receive some samples of  Seabuck Wonders.  This is not my first time using their products and I love  them so I replied yes.  They sent me Natural Skin Care Program set worth $73.84.  The gift set includes  body lotion, deep hydrating serum, facial cream, and the exfoliating facial cleanser. Aside from my personal views of using each products, you will also  see and read the italicized description of each product taken from  the  product so you will have the full idea  of each items.  
First up is the SeabuckWonders Body Lotion.  To prove how good this lotion is, it was chosen as the  the 2013 Winner of the  Delicious Living’s 2013 Beauty and Body Award.  It  provides nourishment with age-defying properties for soft, healthy skin.  On winter days, I get very dry skin and this lotion provides the nourishment that it needs to stay soft and free from dryness.   I love this lotion because your skin won't feel greasy after putting it in your skin.  The smell is very mild  which I really like.  
Intensely moisturizing, Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion rejuvenates and replenishes the skin’s natural balance, softening and nourishing for silky, touchable skin. Its high concentration of sea buckthorn  oil allows for superior moisture retention while protecting the skin from signs of aging and the effects of exposure to the sun.

  • Moisturizes and protects
  • Supports skin cell functions
  • Protects against visible signs of UV-induced stress

SeabuckWonders’ Deep Hydrating Serum will not only moisturize your skin, but also improve texture and tone.  I don't really get  too much pimples unless I put  make up on or it's time for my menstrual  period but my face skin is never smooth.  The serum does a good job in replenishing and  making your skin feels rejuvenated after  applying it.
Sea Buckthorn Deep Hydrating Serum nourishes and supports cell regeneration to minimize fine lines and help maintain a youthful, healthy glow. This serum is ideal for all skin types and is highly effective, yet it will not leave your skin oily or irritated. Deep Hydrating Serum is an important part of your everyday skincare routine and will leave you with smooth, radiant skin.

  • Replenishes and rejuvenates
  • Supports collagen production
  • Helps maintain skin’s moisture balance

SeabuckWonders Facial Cream offers unparalleled hydration and protection for radiant skin.  I love the feeling of my skin  when I apply this after taking a shower.  You know the feeling when you were in your early 20s and everything, including your skin feels so young. Another thing is the fine lines appearing  around my eyes  and this  facial cream is a great help.
Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream supports a healthy moisture balance deep within the skin. This hydrating, yet lightweight, formula absorbs quickly and nurtures the skin for a soft, smooth complexion. Utilizing the superb age-defying properties of sea buckthorn oil, SeabuckWonders Facial Cream minimizes fine lines, while protecting the skin from the damaging effects of the sun and environmental pollutants.
  • Moisturizes and rejuvenates
  • Supports skin cell functions
  • Protects against visible signs of UV-induced stress
  • Enhances skin tone and texture
SeabuckWonders Exfoliating Facial Cleanser ensures not only a deep clean, but a boost to your skin’s vibrancy.  It enhances skin tone and texture and gently exfoliates and detoxifies.  I don't know if you have this experience but whenever  I get pimple/s, a blackhead always emerge afterwards, with the use of this cleanser, taking out the black heads is so easy.
Sea Buckthorn Facial Cleanser cleans skin gently, yet effectively, without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It exfoliates to remove dirt and impurities, while hydrating skin for a smooth, clear complexion. Unlike many other facial cleansers, Seabuck Wonders Facial Cleanser is ideal for all skin types that will benefit from its remarkable nutritional properties, leaving skin feeling clean, balanced, and beautiful. This invigorating cleanser is an excellent first step in any skin care routine.
All these products are made with certified organic Sea Buckthorn.  They are infused with Infused with a potent blend of Omega 3, 6, 9, and the rare Omega-7.  It is vegan and non-GMO, paraben-free, leaping bunny cruelty-free, dairy-free, wheat-free and gluten-free.  It is naturally scented with essential orange oil with pH-balanced for all skin types.

Disclaimer: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Oxygen Theraphy

My brother-in-law's wife have recently undergone surgery with her knees and while she was in the hospital, the doctors found some lumps in her female parts so they performed a complete hysterectomy on her.  She is now home and  undergoing chemo therapy and we are all  stunned when we learned about the  tumor in her uterus.  Due to  the severe weather condition that we were having this  Winter, we haven't have the chance to visit her because they live   far from us.  I  hope and pray that she will be in full recovery.

I would like to recommend to my  sister-in-law  if ever we go and visit her one of these days.  I believe that this is  something she would be interested in reading and learn about.  I didn't know about the hyperbaric oxygen therapy until I researched about my sister-in-law's condition.  According to the infographic above,  this kind of treatment can also be used to treat Aids, chronic fatigue syndrome, and lyme disease.  If you want to learn more about this treatment, kindly visit the website for more  thorough information.

Budgeting and Decision Making

I have been enjoying my free 3-month subscription as part of the perks that  I got from writing about a  company from one of the websites I work with a couple of months back.  I get to see movies for free anytime y I want to and it's for free.  Hubby and I recently watched the movie "Jack Reacher".  I have been contemplating if I will keep  this since I like it and it only cost $7.99 a month but then again we have a   satellite which I am ready to  give up because it cost almost a hundred bucks every month.  For me that is  ridiculously high, that's almost an amount I could live on comfortable  for a month in the Philippines.

I checked on the Time Warner Cable if they are available in  my state and got excited when I see it on the list.  I was disappointed though when I  put in my address since it is not available in my area, such a bummer because they are way cheaper than the local provider here.   My phone and internet provider is from this area but my satellite is not so it is kind of expensive for the separate  services.  I hope that  someday soon, Time Warner Cable will be able to expand their services at our area because I really do look forward to saving money  with this three services.  What I find appealing with Time Warner Cable is the availability of television programs, celebrities, music, sporting events and many more.   I really like the Time Warner Cable deals  especially their triple play package.  

Sometimes, working on a budget  is a bit tough especially that my income at home is not  stable.  There are times that  I can earn  more  but there are times that is low as well so  our budget really depends on my husband's salary.  The good thing is that, we have a cushion, which is his retirement pay.  That takes care of our monthly bills and other stuff that the kids needs.  Sometimes, I feel like  I really need to find a job but when I think of my kids being still little, I backed out.  My  responsibility to them is more important than  having a job outside home.  It would be a  difficult adjustment for all of us.  Having said all that, I trust everything up to God.

Remembering to Take Your Supplements

If you are going to take supplements to help give you the things that you may not be getting through your diet, whether you are looking at vitamin supplements or something like Fucoidan supplements, the most difficult part is simply getting into the habit of taking them. You need to do this consistently if you are going to get the results that you want. While children often take vitamins when they are growing up, adults rarely do this later on in life. It is a habit that you have probably broken at some point, and it can undermine your efforts to improve your health. There are a few things that you can do to help yourself remember, though.

Take them at the same time of day.
The first step to forming a habit is to make sure that you are taking them at exactly the same time each day. This takes a lot of thought and planning at first, but the upside is that you will soon get so used to it that you will notice when you don't take them, feeling like you missed something. This is an easy, automatic reminder that you need to get the supplements.

Take them with your meals.
One way to make sure that you really remember to take them at the same time is to pair them with something else that you already do consistently, such as eating a meal. You may eat lunch at different times each day, depending on your work schedule, but odds are that you eat both breakfast and dinner on a set schedule. Just add the supplements to one or the other, and it will be harder to forget to take them. This keeps you from taking them at random times, whenever you remember, which can make it hard to form a habit at all.

Set an alarm on your phone.
If all else fails, why not just set an alarm on your phone that will go off every single day at the same time? This can be your reminder to stop whatever you are doing and take the supplements. Before long, you will be so engrained in this process that you will not need the alarm anymore. The biggest thing to remember when doing this is that you have to set your alarm for a time when you will be home, with easy access to the supplements.

Monday, February 17, 2014

OOTD #OutfitOfTheDay

The freezing temperature is getting into me.  I feel like this Winter has been staying long enough that I can't wait till I can do   my  workout outdoors.  I just could not get a strong motivation to  do  exercise inside, it gets tiring  afterwards.  One more month till Spring, oh I can't wait.

Hearing Loss

There are two  health issues that I am afraid I inherited from parents.  First is lose of vision which is a common  health issue from my father side of the family and  second is the   the hearing loss  from my mother side of the family.  My father died  at a young age of 51 and he had already very weak vision when he passed on.  I started  wearing reading glasses at my early twenties.    

My Mom is 61 years old now and I can tell how  rapidly she is lo]sing her  hearing because whenever we talk on the phone, she can barely hear me.  I wish that I can convince her to come here even just for  a short visit so I can  do something about her hearing problem.  Addressing her hearing problem when she is  in the Philippines is very difficult since I am here.  Over here, there are  Hearing Aids McClean VA or there's probably  some here in our area too.  As for me, hearing is not my strongest sense but I don't think I suffered from   Hearing loss in adolescents.  As of now, my hearing is still good and hopefully it would stay that way.  It is nice to know though that there is available Workplace tips for people with hearing loss, you can browse and learn from those tips.  

Happy Birthday to the Most Wonderful Man!

My  sweet dahlin is celebrating his birthday today.  I wish that he is off from work but unfortunately he has to go to work, sigh.  We kind of  pre-celebrated his birthday yesterday even though I  had a bad migraine.  Our daughter  baked a cake and decorated it.  He did the laundry while I was cooking.
We pray that God will always protect you everyday, that He will  bless you with good health.  Happy birthday Hon, we love you so much!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

DEluxe Set of Old Songs

My husband is celebrating his birthday tomorrow and I asked him what he wanted.  He told me that he doesn't need anything but I gave him a choices of  either one of the Gibson Les Paul or the  deluxe  set of old songs from timelife website.  He picked the latter as the former cost almost  eight hundred dollars which I am happy lol.  I learned my lesson long time ago not to  buy  anything for my husband  because  he is very picky so I always asked him what he wants.  It beats the purpose of  a surprise but it  saves me from purchasing a wrong thing.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nutri-Silk Shampoo and Conditioner #YvesRocher

This is currently what I am using, the Oatmeal Shampoo and conditioner from Yves Rocher.  Unlike the previous shampoo and conditioner that I used with Okra Seeds, the smell of this oatmeal one is just heavenly and it really feels good on my scalp and hair.  My hair is so soft after I shower and  very easy to manage.  
You can really nourish your dry hair with this oatmeal shampoo and conditioner.
Rediscover its natural beauty with the creamy Nutri-Silky Treatment Shampoo that nourishes the hair fiber. Its formula, enriched with Oat Milk recognized for its ability to soften hair and soothe the scalp, won’t weigh hair down.  Result: it leaves hair soft, silky and shiny. Silicone free - Paraben free - Colorant free
Each bottle cost $5, which I think is affordable and reasonable.  I  will give this nutri-silky treatment shampoo and conditioner  a 5 rating out of five.  I love it!

Disclaimer: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Pole Dancing for Fitness #KrisJenner

I initially created this blog focusing on entertainment but  later on  shifted towards fitness since I am more on fitness than  entertainment.  It doesn't mean that I won't  talk about entertainment here anymore, it is once to have it once in a while.  I seldom watch TV so my source of entertainment is  online.  One of the   websites that I recently stumbled upon  is the Gossip Blog.  You can get your daily dose of  celebrity  gossips and news from that site.  One of the few that caught my eyes at their lifestyle section is this picture that Kim Kardashian  posted about her Mom, Kris Jenner, doing a pole dancing.  
  The Kardashians really knows how to  capture the attention of the media aren't they?  On the postive note, I  do admire  Kris for being so fit despite  her age.  She is 58 years old already but she look younger than her age and she is physically fit.  I wonder if  aside from pole dancing, if she also does other fitness routine?  Hmmnnn, this got me thinking, is pole dancing really a fitness  thing?  I mean I do a lot of fitness stuff but never in mind I thought of pole dancing as  a fitness routine hehehe.  But I guess, anything that will challenge you physically can be be considered as fitness routine right?  Anyway, if you want to get some dose of  celebrity  news and gossips, check out the link I have provided above for The Gossip Blog.  You can also follow  TheGossipBlog on Twitter or Like them on Facebook!

Now, it's your turn to speak up? Have you ever tried pole dancing?  Would you consider doing it as a fitness routine?  I got intrigued with Kris Jenner's pose so I am interested to know your thoughts hehehe. Personally, when I think about pole dancing, I thought of it as a form of entertainment rather than fitness but I  guess I am wrong on that thought.  Just looking at Kris Jenner's picture makes me dizzy already lol.  I wish that when I turn 50, I can still do physical  fitness moves  not only to  remain physically fit but to stay healthy as well.  Sometimes I lack on motivation to work out but whenever I see my tummy fat, it gives me drive to continue on.  My body is actually sore right now, I work out this morning and it was pretty intense.  I hope that I could work out again tomorrow, I need a follow through to   beat this soreness.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Beauty Box 5

I have been seeing many  friends who are raving about Beauty Box 5 so I thought of trying it.  They were right, this beauty box subscription is the way to go if you want to have different kinds of beauty products in one price.  It cost $12 a month plus free shipping to subscribe.  
The box includes:
  • Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash
  • Nubar Cuticle and Nail Oil
  • Swisco Bath and Body Exfoliating Gloves
  • Jergens Daily Moisturizer
  • Epic Blend Hemp Coconut Lip Balm
  • That Awkward Moment Mirror Compact as a bonus.  
I don't normally bring mirror in my purse because I don't use make up so  there is no need but sometimes, there are  circumstances when you need to look at your face before going out of your car or you have to look at your teeth after eating at a  restaurant.  I am glad, I have this now.
On Winter days, my skin   tend to get dry so I always have a  small bottle of moisturizer in my purse.  The current brand that I am using is really good but I love Jergens as well so this one would do me  great this Winter.
I haven't use this body wash yet but I am looking forward to it.  This Spa Sea Lotus Body wash is made  with mineral-rich alga, aloe extract, and Vitamin E.  This suppose to  boast crisp notes, aquatic floral, and  sea grass that would make you feel like  a new woman.
One thing that I miss having my nails done by professional is the flawless look after  they  paint and put  the things  that your nails need including  nail oil.  I am glad to see this Nubar cuticle and nail oil as I can   clean and paint my nail like a pro at home.
Another issue I have during cold months is  dry lips sometimes it would come to a point where it crack and bleeds.  So far the best brand I have ever used is the carmex.  When I saw this Epic blend with coconut and hemp, I thought for sure that it would   be compatible with my lips since I lot both hemp and coconut but it made my lips a bit itchy.  My favorite from the box is the  exfoliating gloves, it made it easier for me to  scrub my  body without holding anything.  It works really good especially at my back and on my feet.  I so want to try their February  box and see what's new and exciting  products will be  included.  Thanks a lot Beauty Box 5!

Disclaimer: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Dealing With Loss

My Father's Funeral
The loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things to ever have to live through in life. Whether it was a close friend, a partner or spouse, a parent or child, nothing can prepare you for the feelings of loss and hopelessness that you encounter when you lose a loved one. Everybody responds differently in this situation, so it is hard to know what is best for you, but there are some things that are important to remember, as they will help you deal with your grief and allow you to progress onwards with your life. 


“Time heals all wounds” It is a terribly cliché phrase, but one that is eventually true. You may feel now, or a couple of months down the line, that you will never get over the loss of your loved one. This is true, however the pain from their passing will fade with time, as you get on with your life and learn to live without the life you have lost. 

You must also give yourself time to grieve. Locking your feelings away in a box and throwing the key does no good, eventually those feelings will bubble over and you will end up having a breakdown. Take time out to remember your loved one, perhaps even five minutes each day. If you feel emotional, take yourself away from the situation. Everyone feels grief, but how you deal with it is important. 

Talk to Others

Some people may want to shut themselves off from other people, particularly if the one they have lost was influential in a lot of people’s lives. Other members of your family may want to talk to you, to share their grief with you, and you should let them. Be there for them and then allow yourself to speak about how the loss is affecting you. This way you will share the experience, you will be strong for each other, and the support of others will help you get back on your feet.

If you really cannot speak to your family about your feelings, there are professionals who will help you through the grieving process, but remember to listen to your family. They are there to help and support you, and they only want to provide you with love. 

Don’t Get Lost

You may feel like staying inside, locking all the doors and turning all the lights off to block out the outside world but this is just boxing you in with your grief. Although you need to accept your grief you must not let it control you. Take a walk through a park, visit a friend, eat out at a restaurant. Focus on simple tasks that allow you to carry on with your life. 

But don’t overdo it. You may be tempted to completely fill your diary with new activities, shopping trips, dinner dates, but this is just avoidance. You need to come to terms with your grief, and this means taking time out to deal with it. Overloading yourself with other chores will just end up making you stressed and tired. Relax. 

Grief is not a black and white emotion. It comes in ebbs and flows, it can overwhelm you in an instant and it stays with you for a long time. But don’t let it control your life. Be your own person, live in the moment and remember your loved one with happiness always. 

About the Author

Katy Adam is a grief counselor with over 20 years of experience in helping people come to terms with loss. She has contributed this article on behalf of Brighton & Hove Psychotherapy who offer a wide range of therapies and counselling services to clients across Brighton & Hove.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Core Ball and Pilates Studio #empower #fitness

After I weighed myself last week and found out that I gained two heaping pounds, I went back to my regular fitness routine.  I am very sore  right now but the pain paid off as I lost  what I gained for a couple of weeks that I  took a break from  exercising.  I was just not feeling it as I caught a cold and Bloody Mary was also present so I gave my body a break.  Now I am back to business.
I am also inspired to  workout because empower sent me another set of tools to use for my routines.  First is the Core Ball.  Here's the description
Core balls are a fun, safe way to tone your abs, back, butt, and legs, as well as improve your posture! This 55 cm core ball is made of durable burst resistant vinyl. An illustrated workout poster, follow along workout DVD and a high speed, dual action hand pump are included. This ball is designed for women under 5’6” tall. The full work out, Core Ball Body Toning DVD by professional fitness master, Gin Miller, allows you to start a safe and effective workout the minute you receive your Empower Core Ball.
I have been wishing to have a Core Ball at home and finally got one, thanks a lot Empower!  If your height is above 5'6", the 65 mm is what you  need to get.  Both are priced at $29.99.  It includes  everything that you need.  
I am so sore right now for doing the crunches but the pain is  all worth it as I see the result of my  hardwork.  The core ball offers different kinds of exercise routines including crunch, squat and rock, prone walk out, and more.
The second one that Empower sent me is the portable  Pilates studio  that  lets you perform reformer-style Pilates movements without heavy equipment in your home. Lightweight and portable, the bar disassembles for easy storage. Includes follow along workout DVD with bonus upper body strength workout.
Thanks to hubby for taking the photos while I was working out in our living room.  It was very cold down our mini gym at the basement so I have been doing my work out  upstairs.  

I love this  pilates studio as it would really strengthen your  upper body  especially your arms.  There are different  kinds of  fitness routine in using this pilates studio including leg work out.  In minimum time, you can  work on sculpting, toning, and strengthening your total body.  You can sculpt your legs, arms, buns, and thighs while targeting your abs in every move.  This is exactly what I need to help me  shed off my tummy fat.
What I love about Empower's fitness system  is that, in every package , it includes the DVD for you to watch.  It is easier than reading manuals.    Once again,  my BIG thank you to my ever generous sponsor for fitness, the Empower!  Are you ready to join the  fit women at Empower?  I'd like to  share with you the Empower's motto:  Get Inspired.  Get Motivated.  Get Involve.  Make your Move to a Better You.  Make your move to a healthier you!
Disclaimer: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love for Writing

I am not the most eloquent in English language but I have always loved writing ever since I was a kid. I used to write diaries since elementary and when I was in high school, I explored my passion into joining essay writing contest in school. I won a couple of times but I compiled all my entries in one. It was a good memorabilia of my high school life. I don't talk much in person but I prefer jotting down my thoughts most of the time. It's one of those therapeutic activities that I love doing. I just wish that I could have known about before, it could have been a great tool in developing my passion in writing.

Writing an essay is not easy.  You have to have a style and  definitely need ideas in order to compose  a god  essay piece.  Prompt Essay is a great resource if you want to take your writing  skill to the next level.  ids nowadays are very lucky because they have these  great resources for the things they need in school.  In my days, these things don't exist.  Heck, we did not even have a TV so definitely no computer.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ozeri Digital Bath Scale with Electro-Mechanical Dial

Maintaining my weight and toning up a bit is my fitness goal this year.  Shedding off the tummy fats  is still in the process but I kind of trying to forget about it so I won't be disappointed at the end of the year during my  personal assessment although  the thought still lingers at the back of my  mind.  "Tummy Fats" is like an echo that keeps popping  every time.  I am almost tempted to shrug it off and say "Oh well, I am old" but I know that it should not be the reason.  "I can and I will", that should be the spirit but it doesn't  happen most of the times, sigh.
Anyway, I want to show you this new Rev Digital Bathroom Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial that Ozeri sent me for review.  What can I say, I love Ozeri products to the point that almost obsessed with them lol.  
  • Synchronized electro-mechanical Dial and LCD automatically illuminate and instantly point to your weight in lbs and kg, for easy-to read results in all light conditions and from any angle.
  • Visually stunning design incorporates a huge 5.5 inch dial and integrated digital display with stylish chrome accents to create a distinctive retro look with the accuracy of modern technology.
  • Uses 4 high precision GX sensors that weigh up to 400 lbs (180 kg) in 0.2 lbs or 0.1 kg increments, with StepOn technology that captures precise weight measurements upon contact.
  • Professional quality scale features and an oversized platform made of impact-resistant tempered glass for ideal stability, and a new built-in alarm that reminds you to measure your weight at the same time each day.
  • Auto-calibrated and automatically turns off to conserve battery life. Runs on 3 AAA batteries with a Low Battery Indicator (batteries included). Satisfaction guaranteed.
Hubby weighs 188.  He gained back the three pounds he lost, he's  frustrated.
Hubby wasn't alone in gaining weight, I  gained 2 pounds since last month, whew.  Now am back to business, feeling determined.
Ms. Burrito's goal is to gain more   weight up to 50 pounds.
Mr. Burrito outweighed  his sister.
 One thing that I like about this  digital bath scale more than the  Ozeri Touch II that I previously have is the battery.  This one uses 3AAA batteries while the other one uses a different kind which is a bit hard to find from the store.  This one is a lot simpler, thus, easy to use.  As much as I would like to recommend this one.  This is originally priced at $59.95 but it is on sale now for $29.95 so if  you are in the market to get  a new bathroom scale, now is the perfect time to get it  to enjoy the 50%discount.  Thank you so much once again  Ozeri!

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