Monday, August 13, 2018

Crystal Clear: 15 Years and Counting

Love works in mysterious ways!  I would have never thought I would end up  here in "Almost Heaven, WV" but it must be fate, thanks to this wonderful guy who  got smitten by  a little Bicolana from the  Southern part of the Philippines (lol).  He convinced me that love can survive just about anything.  You just have to work together, have faith, and be honest and respect each other.  Not everyone I know  believed we will ever get this far but it is CRYSTAL CLEAR now, the naysayers were wrong.  
Through the Years
 Growing up, I never dreamed of  marrying a foreigner.  In fact, my childhood dream is to  finish school and  find a job and that's it.  I thought having a family is hard as I watched how my parents struggled raising us 9 kids.  My goal since I was a kid was to succeed in school no matter what the circumstance is  so I could find a good job when I get done.  That explained why I was already 30 when I  got married.  Thanks
Since it is our 15th year, the crystal represents it.  It said that the costliness of crystal is representative of the sacrifice and investment that the  couple has made to the marriage over the past fifteen years. It  also symbolizes clarity and transparency, reflecting the state of the couple's relationship. Below are some of the crystal things we have at home.  My husband's chinese animal is rooster and I am an oxen, he got these when we were first got married to represent us.
 He gave me this  swarovski crystal roses  when we were just dating.  I thought, it's way better than fresh roses.
In 15 years, we have traveled quite a lot in different places.  That's one of the many things we have in common and enjoys a lot doing together with the kids.
6th  anniversary - Mount Seorak South Korea
8th anniversary - Disney World
12th anniversary - Hershey Park
I am so glad I  gave the online dating a try.  I have one of my  student assistant to  thank for that.  If it wasn't for her, I would have never  discovered  this  online dating thing lol.  I was busy  writing my  thesis back then and she   told me she is going to make me a profile, I just laughed and thought she was just kidding.  Well, the rest is history.
11th wedding anniversary
14th anniversary - Grand Canyon, Arizona
We don't do  lavish anniversary celebration.  We  sometimes pre-celebrate our anniversary with our travels but mostly we spend it at home.  Above are just some of the most memorable ones we  have had.  Actually, every year is special, I just don't have time to dig  each event ha ha.  I might update this post later when I get a chance.