Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Music: A Comnon Denominator

Last Wednesday was the second game that Jr. Dons team played against the Steubenville Central Saints team. The first time was at their turf and this time was here.  Our son was very happy that some of his friends came over to watch the game.  Ut was a really fun time.  I got to catch up with one of my close friends so that was really a great time for all of us.
If there's one thing  that all of these angels in the photo have in common, it is music.  They all played piano and they all love to sing in the school choir.  I haven't had the time to look for the guitar center kcmo for the  instrument that my daughter has been  wishing to have but as soon as we have the funds, I will start  looking  and comparing prices.  

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Celebrating Life

Our daughter  is  slowly evovlving into a young lady.  It's not visible on her physical development as she is very little but in the  way she talks, care of herself, and the way she acts with other people, she's definitely   growing and developing into a  fine young lady.  She told me about her crush from her brother's football team.  I am fglad that she doesn't hide these things from me.  It is always nice to keep an open communication with our children.  
 Anyway, last Sunday was the Grandparents' Day so we all went to Gables Care Center to be with my father-in-law.  We went to church first since the kids had to serve  in the altar during the mass so we arrived a little late for the party.   
 Aside from Grandparents' day celebration, we also  celebrated my FIL's 94th birthday in advance.  His birthday  wasn't until  the 14th but since everyone works and could not make it on his actual birthday, that's why we did it 3 days earlier.
 We haven't had the opportunity to be with the whole family for a long time so it was a little awkward.  I used to feel comfortable around everybody but lately, I just wasn't feeling it.  Maybe there's something wrong with me that I am feeling this way or it might  be  other reasons.  Even my husband  feels awkward around his own family   so I really don't know.
 I do however still feel the same  around Dad and  his sister, she is the sweetes  person I have ever met with the entire family.  I feel like with her, I can be myself.  Anyhow, this is about celebrating life so I have to be present  for Dad.  He look a lot better now that he is no longer drinking and that he is being taken care of everyday unlike when he was still living by himself at his house.  Gables Care Center does a great job in taking care of him.  Now that he no longer drink alcohol, he gain a little bit of weight and he look a lot better .   

On the side note, it's hard not to play favorite with this month's Beauty Box 5 content.  The five products  inside the box includes  daily moisturizer, finishing powder, facial wipes, hair turban, and teeth whitening gel.  
My favorite is the happy hair turban that I uses to dry my hair after I took shower.  I have a long hair so I always  love to wrap it with a towel after showering, the problem with that is,  the regular towel is heavy.  With this turban, I can dry my hair in a snap.  My other favorite thing is the teeth whitening.  The tube is good for one week of use so I will have to update you next time if it works or not.  
As I have mentioned above, our daughter is going through a phase where physical grooming is a big part of her daily routine.  She love to do her hair now and she actually asked me to buy her facial cleaning products.  I told her to try the brand I was using  and she liked it so that's what we buy for  her ever since.  She's happy that there is a cleansing facial wipes included in the box.  She also like the  moisturizer.  
BeautyBox5 is really a good subscription if you want to try  5 different products every month. 

Disclosure:   The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. I was provided with the product/s mentioned to help me facilitate this review but opinions are my own.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Little Fashionistas

 On the  first week of school, the bus did not run yet since my children's school  started a week earlier than everyday else.  Our friend's daughter had to come home with  us for  two days because her parents cannot pick her up due to their work schedule.   We set up things to do for them after school.
 The girls played dress up and did a little fashion walk  while I shoot lol.
 They had fun,  even the dogs had to join them.
 These little fashionistas had so much fun.
 Ms. Bumble Bee  wore one of  my daughter's Twirly girl dress.
Then they played piano since  Bumble Bee also  plays piano so they had fun with that too.  They don't need an ultimate nullifier because we did not use our guitar.  Boardgames, puzzles building, baking, and playing outside was part of the fun they had.

My daughter wants a baby sister and she found it through Ms. Bumble Bee.  I can't believe she is now in first grade.  I used to babysit her when she was a little baby and now she has grown.

Rain or Shine, #Football Must Go On

 On August 31st, Jr. Dons had a  football game in Steubenville, Ohio  against the Steubenville Central Saint team.  It was raining but the game must go on.  I was worried that our son will get sick after that but glad that he didn't.  I think his immue system is getting stronger  in fighting sickness.
Before leaving the house, we checked the weather  and it said that it was going to rain right around the game time so we brough towels and umbreallas with us.  Sure enough, when we  were on our way there, the rain started pouring and it did not stop until we were ready to leave.  
 I thought  the kids were going to be cold since they were getting soaked but  they  were all pumped  in anticipation to the game that it didn't matter.  They  warmed up in the field before the game started.  I on the other  hand  got a little chilly since we were just sitting on the bleacher.  I regreted that I did not bring any sweater.
 I have to commend  the coacher because they treat  our children like their own.  They are so nice to them and  the fact that they are not getting paid doing it is very commendable.  
 My son's post is a wide receiver although the ball has never been passed to him yet, he is happy of what he does which  blocking the opponent.  Passing the ball is very uncommon when little kids are playing because the ball is big and they have small hands.  
 Our group of kids are not as big as the other team so I think they were a little intimadated.
 Since most of them just start8ed playing this year, they still have a lot to learn.  Just like me, I could never understand the rules of football before but now that my son is playing, I am sloly learning it.  It's funny, I always ask my husband questions during the game.
 My son doesn't like this set of uniform because it was way too big for him.  The pants and jersey are too long and big but we told him that next year, it would be a perfect sice for him.
 We noticed a big change to our son's body ever since he started playing.  His muscles are getting big and he eats a lot!  Those daily practice is working!
 It's nice that they play agains a team who  are from catholic school as well.
 I thought it was a powerful moment when they all kneeled down and prayed together before they started the game.
 This is Jr. Don's third  game and I can see improvement with their performances already.  In the last two games they played, they did not score but on this game, they had one touch down and another two points.  The other team won with two touch downs but it was a bad game at all. Jr. Dons had 8 and Central Saint had 12.  
 It's awesome to  watch children play.  We keep telling our son to be aggressive but he  isn't there yet.  He is afarid to hurt other kids.  My husband  told him that in order to be good in football, you have to have a little aggressiveness in you.
 Our daughter is a big supporter of her  brother.  She sold most of the raffle tickets that his rother have for his football team.  
 She goofs around when I take picture of her  just like her brother does most of the times.
 This year, 5 boys from my son's grade signed up for football.  There was no one from 5th and 6th grade that's why  most of the Jr. Dons team are little and new.
 Jr. Dons is a  combinationate of  kids from St. Paul and St. Joseph so my son and his classmate are proud to represent their school.  
 Their next game will be this Saturday, it is a home game and I am glad because we don't have to drive somewhere to play.  Good luck Jr. Dons!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Changes of Schedules in Music and Sports for our Minions

During summer break, my children's  piano teacher conducts her lesson at her home.  It's a walking distance from our house and we like this arrangement because it adds up to our  outdoor activity. She lives by the woods so we enjoy seeing wild  animals.  
 Back in June,  cicadas were thick so  my daughter wanted us to stay  at the teacher's porch because she is  scared of  cicadas.
 My son on the other hand ain't afraid of those critters.  He picks them up and  lay them in his hands.
 So we had more fun  walking around the grassy area and explore what is out there.  We usually see deer, different kinds of birds and  a lot of turkey.
 Kids nowadays don't normally go in the woods anymore.  With the  gadgets around, they tend to bury their faces in their gadgets all the time.  We discourage that for our kids.  We see to it that they go outside and enjoy what is out there to see and learn.
 Our young man love any critter out there.  I remember when he was a toddler, he picked up even a wasp lol.  He cried but that did not scare him from exploring with bugs though.  
 These mushrooms on the tree  is always his favorite thing to see.
 He always asks a bunch of questions so I always have my phoone for a backup when I can't answer his questions lol.  
 I am bummed out that he  stopped taking piano lessons but I don't want to force  him to do anything that he doesn't want or not passionate about of doing.  
 On the bright side, it works great that he stopped  taking lessons because it conflict with the time schedule of his  football practice.  They can't even do the tennis this Fall because  it is also conflict with the schedule of other things that they are doing.    
 He loves football and he wishes he can still do the tennis this Fall.  I told him that maybe, we can do it again next season.  We are however, see to it that we go play tennis  every weekend so that they won't forget what they learn during the first season that they  signed up for it.  Hubby and I learned how to play tennis through them so  that is something tht we can all do every weekend while the weather is nice.

Start A Healthy & Fun Walking Regime

Are you ready to get off the couch and launch a healthy new lifestyle? Are you intimidated by all the bikini clad models on magazine covers? Crash diets, toxic pills and insanity workouts will produce short term effects, but not a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

As you commit to getting off the couch, beware that your body will go through serious changes. You’ll experience more energy during the day. You’ll sleep better at night. You’ll increase your positive outlook on life. All these changes will be accompanied by increased cardiovascular capacity, higher levels of endurance, stronger muscles and slow, steady weight loss. Know that as you increase muscle mass, you’ll be decreasing fat reserves. Muscle weighs more than fat. Focus on how your clothes fit and the new energy levels you’ve attained – not a number on the scale.

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Grab your gift cards and invest in a pair of quality, comfortable walking shoes. Your feet will thank you. Commit to starting tomorrow. Don’t wait until Monday or the first on the month. It’s never too early to get moving. If the weather isn’t cooperating and you’re not a fan of gyms, head to your nearest big box store and start to walk the perimeter. The management will welcome you.  Plan to walk at least one hour a day. While this may seem like a stretch, it’s much easier if broken down into three twenty minute intervals. Walk in the morning, at lunch and either after work or after dinner. You’ll begin to feel changes in your body in just a few short days.
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At the beginning of your new walking regime, don’t worry about speed or distance, just concentrate on frequency and length. The speed will come and your distances will begin to increase accordingly. Have fun – you’re treating your body every time you don your tennis shoes and head out for a walk. To spice it up, change your route, include a friend or bring your favorite canine companion along. The more fun you make your walk, the more likely you will be to continue. Many walkers enjoy books on tape, podcasts or just an inspirational playlist to add to the pleasure of being outside and walking. Enjoy your walk to a healthier new you!

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