Thursday, September 15, 2016

Celebrating Life

Our daughter  is  slowly evovlving into a young lady.  It's not visible on her physical development as she is very little but in the  way she talks, care of herself, and the way she acts with other people, she's definitely   growing and developing into a  fine young lady.  She told me about her crush from her brother's football team.  I am fglad that she doesn't hide these things from me.  It is always nice to keep an open communication with our children.  
 Anyway, last Sunday was the Grandparents' Day so we all went to Gables Care Center to be with my father-in-law.  We went to church first since the kids had to serve  in the altar during the mass so we arrived a little late for the party.   
 Aside from Grandparents' day celebration, we also  celebrated my FIL's 94th birthday in advance.  His birthday  wasn't until  the 14th but since everyone works and could not make it on his actual birthday, that's why we did it 3 days earlier.
 We haven't had the opportunity to be with the whole family for a long time so it was a little awkward.  I used to feel comfortable around everybody but lately, I just wasn't feeling it.  Maybe there's something wrong with me that I am feeling this way or it might  be  other reasons.  Even my husband  feels awkward around his own family   so I really don't know.
 I do however still feel the same  around Dad and  his sister, she is the sweetes  person I have ever met with the entire family.  I feel like with her, I can be myself.  Anyhow, this is about celebrating life so I have to be present  for Dad.  He look a lot better now that he is no longer drinking and that he is being taken care of everyday unlike when he was still living by himself at his house.  Gables Care Center does a great job in taking care of him.  Now that he no longer drink alcohol, he gain a little bit of weight and he look a lot better .   

On the side note, it's hard not to play favorite with this month's Beauty Box 5 content.  The five products  inside the box includes  daily moisturizer, finishing powder, facial wipes, hair turban, and teeth whitening gel.  
My favorite is the happy hair turban that I uses to dry my hair after I took shower.  I have a long hair so I always  love to wrap it with a towel after showering, the problem with that is,  the regular towel is heavy.  With this turban, I can dry my hair in a snap.  My other favorite thing is the teeth whitening.  The tube is good for one week of use so I will have to update you next time if it works or not.  
As I have mentioned above, our daughter is going through a phase where physical grooming is a big part of her daily routine.  She love to do her hair now and she actually asked me to buy her facial cleaning products.  I told her to try the brand I was using  and she liked it so that's what we buy for  her ever since.  She's happy that there is a cleansing facial wipes included in the box.  She also like the  moisturizer.  
BeautyBox5 is really a good subscription if you want to try  5 different products every month. 

Disclosure:   The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. I was provided with the product/s mentioned to help me facilitate this review but opinions are my own.


  1. Your daughter is very beautiful!! It must be hard and heartwarming to see your daughter take control of her life and grow up!

  2. Sometimes being away from family for a while can make coming together a little awkward. Happy 94th birthday to your grandpa. The BeautyBox5 looks like a great subscription box that I will have to check out. I would love to try the hair turban. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  3. So many special moments to celebrate! Tween and early teens can be so rough. So glad your daughter comes to you when she needs guidance.

  4. I need the hair turban. My hair is very long at the moment. It takes forever to dry.

  5. Your family are really beautiful! It has a lot of time to celebrate our lives. I really love this.

  6. They're growing so fast. Good thing she's sharing her crushes with you, same as my son. :)

  7. This looks like it was a great day you spent with your family. I love your Daughters outfit. She is growing up so fast.

  8. Looks like she loves her outfit! Spending time with family is so important!

  9. Such a cutie, family days are the best. They really are good for the soul!

  10. Looks like you had a day of being busy! Happy birthday to your FIL!

  11. Your daughter looks so cute! Love her outfit too :) Love your family picture, thanks for sharing


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