Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Music: A Comnon Denominator

Last Wednesday was the second game that Jr. Dons team played against the Steubenville Central Saints team. The first time was at their turf and this time was here.  Our son was very happy that some of his friends came over to watch the game.  Ut was a really fun time.  I got to catch up with one of my close friends so that was really a great time for all of us.
If there's one thing  that all of these angels in the photo have in common, it is music.  They all played piano and they all love to sing in the school choir.  I haven't had the time to look for the guitar center kcmo for the  instrument that my daughter has been  wishing to have but as soon as we have the funds, I will start  looking  and comparing prices.  

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