Friday, May 27, 2016

May is as Busy as a Bee

May is almost over and I have stuff to finish before the month ends. Hubby and I have been so busy refinishing the wood floors at our new house that I haven't done any blogging activity in a while.  This month's   Beauty Box 5  products includes  Rosarco Milk Reparative leave in spray, Appeal cosmetics luxurious lipstick in crush, mocha-kyssed bronzer lotion, mermaid lashes splash proof mascara glamour dolls, and you're so fine liquid liner in Gliterrati.
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I decided to give this box to my son's teacher because he really loves having her. He asked me if he can buy something for her and I told her that I will give her the beauty box 5 since I always admire how she  do her make up.  The photo below was taken on the last day of school.  Their last day is always celebrated with a morning mass so it is kind of a good send off for everyone for the summer.  Their school always  starts early  compared to  the public schools around here so we always  finish first as well.  
 The kids sung in the choir during the mass.  Now that they are off from school, they don't have to wake up early but I still do but I am not complaining because my walking buddies are back!  We are off to a long walk today.  May is as  busy as a bee for us, it's chaotic.
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Monday, May 23, 2016

Music Recital 2016 on the Weekend

May is the most busiest we have had.  We have been juggling with home improvement projects, attending to kids events and sports practises and matches, meetings, and the most recent is their music recital which was held last Sunday at the New Baptist Church.  
Hubby and I  worked at the house in the morning and rushed home to get ready for their recital.  Rylie  have made her hair,  dressed up, and  ready to go when we got home.  I let her use the set of jewelry that matched her outfit.  We bought her this floral dress  few weeks ago and she decided to  put a jean jacket on top of it.  
The little man wore the Calvin Klein dress shirt that  he got for his birthday from  our friend  in Texas, thanks Dias Family!  He also wore the tux pants that he wore during his first communion.  
 EJ was nervous but he actually really did so well with his piece.  I think he is like me, no matter how prepared I am with  stuff, I still get anxious  especially when there is crowd watching.
 Rylie on the other hand was very confident.  She practiced more than him so she was well-prepared.  Glad both of them  did so well.
 The recital did not start until 2 pm but we had to be there at 1 pm for the pictorials.
 Daddy's girl has to sit beside Daddy of course while EJ is trying to calm his nerves down lol.
 We invited our  family in the neighborhood, the Howells and the Fancher's.  They always attend to our kids event so they are like our family which we are so blessed to have because it makes the kids confidence soar a little higher.  These two families' moral support is very important to our kids.
 We are so blessed to have neighbors like them who  treats us like their own family.    My kids call  the Fancher's Lolo and Lola (grandpa and grandma).  
You may watch their video performances at my Music blog.  She played Jack in a Juke Box and he played Happy Song.  
Glad the rain stopped.  It was raining when the recital have  started but was gone right when we were done.  
All of us had dinner together at Eat and Park after the recital.  It was a great time  to get together once again and catch up.  Even though we are neighbors, we rarely have time to  have a  good talk because of our busy  schedules.  
Family is not always by blood, sometimes our friends can be our family too.  We are truly blessed to have neighbors whom we consider our family.  

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Upcoming Recital

Browsing the  music instruments at www.guitarcenter remnds me of the  upcoming recital   that my  kids have this weekend.  They will have a rehearsal  on Saturday and the actual  performance will be on Sunday.  The photo below  was taken last year 's recital .  We came a little early so we had the chance to take a family photo before the  recital starts.  This was my son's first recital so he was nervous but he did good.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Yoga Headband with Silicone Grip

April was a good month for my fitness routine, I was able to do my long walks and keep my  indoor fintess routine.  May is a little diffferent because hubby and I have been working on the house that I don't have time to do it but working on our house is a workout in itself as we do a lot of hardwork there.  
I am so glad I have this yoga headband with silicone grip from Aurorare because I don't like it when my hair is  falling down my face  when I am working on something.  Overall, this yoga mat is not only for my fitness routine but I use it  everyday doing stuff .  This Ultimate Aurorae Sports and Yoga Headband is designed to stay on your head during high athletic movements or gentle yoga practice.   It is perfect for everyday use!
I have been stressing out lately  with all the stuff going on.  I have been packing our stuff slowly and hubby and I  have been working on our house but it seems like nothing is getting done ugh.  We will have until the end of the month to occupy our new home as per VA requirements.  We  still have a lot of things to be done  at the house and it's  making me anxious.
 So glad that  the volleyball season is over and most of the school activities are done.  We will be able to concentrate on our  move.  Then again,  the kids just started tennis so that is one thing  that we have to do every week as well.  Oh well, as soon as the kids are having fuyn, that is all that matters.
 These photos were taken during the Walk for Education fund raiser at school.  I will be  out of connection in the next   few weeks when we move so I am using  this opportunity to post some stuff on my blogs while I can.
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Top 5 Cuisinart Coffee Makers: An Expert Comparison

To buy the best automatic coffee maker, you need to focus on your requirements such as grinder type (if Applicable), features, capacity, etc. After that, you need to do some research about the best brand of coffee makers and Cuisinart coffee makers are well-known for their automatic features. These elegant looking machines are also easy to find at different markets and online stores. Let’s talk about top 5 models of Cuisinart automatic coffee makers so that you can buy one according to your requirements.For a better understanding, I will describe few programmable coffee makers by Cuisinart and then I will describe 2 of the top automatic coffee makers made by Cuisinart.

Cuisinart DCC 1200 Programmable Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DCC 1200 coffee maker has a great and elegant brushed metal design that makes it so attractive. This coffee machine can make you up to 12 cups of coffee at a time and it contains a beautiful glass carafe to collect the brewed coffee. The programmable features of Cuisinart DCC 1200 make it a charming and worthy coffee maker in a reliable price. Advance 24 hours brew start, brew pause, adjustable heater plate, auto shutoff, etc. are remarkable features of Cuisinart DCC 1200 coffee maker. This model also contains a permanent gold tone filter and water filter.

Cuisinart DCC 3200 Programmable Coffee Maker

This state of the art technology let you brew a coffee without sacrificing the quality or the flavour of coffee. This coffee maker is also a programmable coffee maker with some great advanced features. The strength controller will allow you to make a cup of bold or regular coffee. Other programmable features are auto shutoff, advance 24 hours programmability, temperature control, brew pause, etc. In, short it has the same features plus some others as compared to Cuisinart DCC 1200.

Cuisinart DCC 2650 Programmable Coffee Maker

Features in Cuisinart DCC 2650 are not so different, but the features are the combination of these 2 models. It contains of 12 cup carafe, but you can make 1 to 4 cups by adjusting to that setting. The programmable features are auto shutoff, auto clean, adjustable carafe temperature control, advance 24 hours programmability, and brew pause. The permanent gold tone commercial style filter and charcoal water filter is included.  You can view more difference between Cuisinart DCC 1200, 3200 and 2650 at coffeemakerslist.

Cuisinart DGB-550BK Automatic Coffee Maker

First, you should know that an automatic coffee maker is the one that comes with the grinder and you should consider these type of coffee makers too. Cuisinart DGB-550BK is the one of a kind and it also consists the programmable features that we have discussed above like auto shutoff, the brew pause, 1-4 cups setting, temperature control settings, advance 24 hours programmability, etc. The Italian style design is very attractive and suits every kitchen.

Cuisinart DGB-650BC Grind-and-Brew Automatic Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DGB-650BC is the 10-cup coffee maker with a built-in grinder to grind coffee before brewing. The charming design and durability of this model are the reason that this model is worthy to buy. Other programmable features are brew pause, auto shutoff, 1 to 4 cup setting, temperature control, charcoal water filter, permanent gold tone filter, double walled thermal stainless steel carafe to keep coffee hot and fresh.