Monday, May 23, 2016

Music Recital 2016 on the Weekend

May is the most busiest we have had.  We have been juggling with home improvement projects, attending to kids events and sports practises and matches, meetings, and the most recent is their music recital which was held last Sunday at the New Baptist Church.  
Hubby and I  worked at the house in the morning and rushed home to get ready for their recital.  Rylie  have made her hair,  dressed up, and  ready to go when we got home.  I let her use the set of jewelry that matched her outfit.  We bought her this floral dress  few weeks ago and she decided to  put a jean jacket on top of it.  
The little man wore the Calvin Klein dress shirt that  he got for his birthday from  our friend  in Texas, thanks Dias Family!  He also wore the tux pants that he wore during his first communion.  
 EJ was nervous but he actually really did so well with his piece.  I think he is like me, no matter how prepared I am with  stuff, I still get anxious  especially when there is crowd watching.
 Rylie on the other hand was very confident.  She practiced more than him so she was well-prepared.  Glad both of them  did so well.
 The recital did not start until 2 pm but we had to be there at 1 pm for the pictorials.
 Daddy's girl has to sit beside Daddy of course while EJ is trying to calm his nerves down lol.
 We invited our  family in the neighborhood, the Howells and the Fancher's.  They always attend to our kids event so they are like our family which we are so blessed to have because it makes the kids confidence soar a little higher.  These two families' moral support is very important to our kids.
 We are so blessed to have neighbors like them who  treats us like their own family.    My kids call  the Fancher's Lolo and Lola (grandpa and grandma).  
You may watch their video performances at my Music blog.  She played Jack in a Juke Box and he played Happy Song.  
Glad the rain stopped.  It was raining when the recital have  started but was gone right when we were done.  
All of us had dinner together at Eat and Park after the recital.  It was a great time  to get together once again and catch up.  Even though we are neighbors, we rarely have time to  have a  good talk because of our busy  schedules.  
Family is not always by blood, sometimes our friends can be our family too.  We are truly blessed to have neighbors whom we consider our family.  


  1. It is always a joyful time for families to come together on occasions such as this one! Congrats to your kiddos and to the parents!

  2. Your children have so much talent! Kudos to you and your husband for supporting them to reach their dreams.

  3. You guys are very much proud of your talented kids, keep it up and soon you'll know they are performing in an orchestra.

  4. It is always a delight to celebrate the accomplishments of our children, no matter how big or small they are. You have such wonderful kids.

  5. Recitals for children really have joyful effect to parents. A proud parents can do the reality in life through their children while they're growing up. Keep it up guiding them.

  6. You got 2 awesome kids there! I surely want to raise my son just like how you mommies do. I just hope that I can perfectly manage it. Also, I certainly agree that family isn't just by blood. Glad you got very friendly neighbors there.

  7. Awww! You have a beautiful family Sis R. The kids are growing up too fast. I beat you are very proud of your kids and their amazing talent. I only been once as my Summer Babe started joining the band this year. She had a solo during the spring concert and it brought us to tears.

  8. I'm glad to see your little Mr. Burrito in the recital. Usually, I see photos of your Miss Burrito. It's great that your kids are enjoying arts.

  9. The kids are so big na!! How time flies! Congrats to your Mr. Burrito!


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