Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Fifty Shades or Golden Years?

I was teasing my husband if what should I call him now that he turned 50 years old.  I said "Should I  go on a sexier version, Fifty Shades of Grey (hair) or Golden Man", he just laughed.  Anyway, he had this weight lifting goal of reaching 1000 pound before he turned 50 but he did not achieved it, he was so close though.  He did 900+lbs and I can see the big difference now  that he is really trying to live a healthier and more active lifestyle.  
He was a fit guy when he was still in the Navy but after he retired, he slipped downhill with his  exercise routines and gained weight. He is however getting back to shape although it is a bit harder now that he is older but that's the price you pay when you let yourself go.  He gets frustrated  sometimes because he couldn't do the things that he used to when he was in his prime 20s.  I have to remind him of how old he is now in order for him to realized that he ain't as strong as he used to be 30 years ago.
I had fun taking pictures of him when they had the Father and Daughter Dance last Friday.   He was exhausted but still managed to have fun with our daughter during the event.  He said that the whole day  we spent at the  History Bowl and the end result was the best birthday gift he has received.  He is always supportive of what our children wants to do and I love him for that.
I am so proud of this  guy.  After  serving 20 years in the Navy, he went back to school and got his master's degree.  He  started a new career  after  a couple of years of retirement and has been a huge support for us.  
He said that being in the military taught him  a lot of things  in life.  It's funny to think that when he was still in the service, he couldn't wait to retire but when he finally retired, I can tell he misses it.   I wasn't fond of the constant move but I do love the travel that comes with it.  He was spent his  tours in Asia so that gave us the opportunity to live in other places.   
Good health is always my wish for my family's birthdays.  I hope that you will have another 50 years of healthy life so we could be together for a long long time. 

Friday, February 8, 2019

How to Prep Up for An Ultimate Beach Wedding

There was a time when dreamy beach weddings were only something you would see in romantic movies. Fortunately, even non-celebrity, ordinary people today can have their own perfect beach weddings just the way they have them in movies. The trend of destination and beach weddings have been picking up all around the world and for all the right reasons. It looks divine and heavenly with romantic floral setups on the soft beach sand with the turquoise sea waters in the backdrop. It is true that beach weddings are nothing close to your regular indoor weddings. That being said, this very special wedding also needs some special prepping up.
If you are planning to have a dreamy beach wedding for yourself, by all means, do so. However, remember that unlike indoor weddings, you and your guests will be exposed to the mother nature and beach is all about beach sand, water, sea breeze, and open skies. The dynamics of a beach wedding calls for some special arrangements both in terms of your own look and for the comfort of your guests. These tips will help you plan and prep for your perfect beach wedding.

Your Dress
Everything else is secondary about a wedding relative to the bride’s dress. A beautiful bridal gown is something that every bride wishes for. When choosing your bridal dress, remember that beach wedding dresses are different from your regular gowns. You will be exposed to mother nature with lots of wind and sand. Moreover, beaches can humid at times. Avoid dresses that are very heavily embellished or have long trails. Stick to gowns that end at heels. Light fabrics such as chiffons and laced gowns work best for beach weddings.

When choosing a bridal gown, make sure you pick one according to your body type. There are bridal gowns available in the market for every type of body from size zero to plus size wedding dresses for you to choose from. If you feel there is nothing that would match your taste, you can also get a tailor-made gown for yourself.

Unless you plan to have a bridal ramp or a walkway installed, avoid wearing your pumps. There is nothing more comfortable than beach sand making its way into your shoes. Consider wearing open toe sandals and if you can, there is nothing better than a beautiful pair of barefoot sandals.

Event Planning
There is a bit of technicality involved in beach weddings, therefore, it is highly recommended that you hire a wedding planner that specializes in beach weddings. Expert wedding planners know exactly what kind of special arrangements need to be made in order to ensure that the evening goes smoothly as planned. Generally, beaches are considered state property, therefore, make sure you have relevant permits from the authorities to host an event at the beach. Unless you do not mind random people around your venue, consider renting out a private beach estate, resort or a restaurant in order to keep your event more intimate.