Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February: Put Your Best Kiss Forward #FamilyPictureFebruary

February is almost over , oh how time flies.  There's a lot of things to be thankful for this month being a heart-filled   times of the year.  To continue on with  our  monthly family picture taken at home, here are some shots we took  for this month.  These were taken  last weekend after we attended  the mass.
My  husband turned 48 this month and that's one special day we  have celebrated three days  after Valentine's day.  We made a special dinner for him, baked a  cake for him, and enjoyed family time after wards.  We also  visited my FIL on President's day to see how he has been for the past few weeks since our last visit.  
I am now on the  third week of  my #90DayChallenge of losing some unwanted fats.  So far I have lost  2 pounds since I started this month.  I have cut down my sugar intake and started walking on a treadmill again.  I started my long walk outdoors this morning since we will have a great week throughout the week so I am taking the opportunity to do my walking outdoors.  I walked for about an hour and half which felt great.  
Also sharing you this month's Beauty Box 5 is all about  lippie treatment in order to put your  best kiss forward.  There is a pink moisturizing lip mask, forever after unicorn lippie and unicorn liner, lip glow sheer  gloss balm, and  velvet color hybrid.
The forever after unicorn lippie  is debuted in this month's content.  It is ultra pigmented and it glides  so easily in your lips.  My daughter liked the So Susan colour hybrid  rich cream mouse  because you can use both for your lips and you can also apply a touch of it on your cheeks and it looks great for any skin tone.  My favorite this month is the  pink moisturizing lip mask.
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Friday, February 17, 2017

Happiest Birthday to a Wonderful Man

When I first met this guy, I thought  there's no way we would be able to get along because we came from a very different background  and culture but I was wrong.  He is  the best match for me, we're like the perfect yin and yang of a married couple.  It's amazing to note how two individuals  can be so different and get along, I guess we are  the perfect example of  "Two Opposite Attracts".  I think LOVE, TRUST, and RESPECT are most valuable factors in a relationship.  We thrive on those things.  
Anyway, I would like to shout out a happiest birthday to wonderful  man, a very good  son to my father-in-law.  His parents really raised him well.
 He is also a  wonderful and great Dad to our two children.  Nothing makes me so happy to see  how he interacts with our kids.  
He is also a great friend if you get to know him well.  He doesn't warm up to people too easily but once you  get to know him, you will find out how easy it is to be friends with him.  I  love my husband's  sense of humor, he always makes me laugh and that's a  big thing for me since I am  sort of  a serious type most of the times but he always find a way to make me smile.  I can't ask for a better half, God blessed me with him.  
Happy birthday Hon and may God  always protect you and bless you with great health.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

February: To Focus on my Fitness Goal

Can you believe it is  February already?  My goodness, where does  the time go?  Realizing that time  passes by so quickly and  I haven't really focus on  maintining my fitness goal is disappointing.  From 95 pounds (that's my normal weight), I am now 105 pounds.  My oh my, I gained ten pounds in just few months!  That's what happen when I slack on  following through with my commitment on  staying fit.  No one is to blame but me, I keep saying, I will work out tomorrow then tomorrow came and  it never happened,  so yeah.  I am  challenging myself to  losing what I gained in 90 days, I hope I could do it.  
I got a new weighing scale this year so I could track my  progress (or failure).  This Weighmaster bathroom scale from Ozeri  is great because it calculates your  BMI  or body mass index.  It provides a reliable indicator  of your fat classification.  It has a weight change detection technology  that  instantly displays your BMI (Body Mass Index), current weight, and your net weight change since your most recent weigh-in, last 3 and 7 weigh-ins.
It has an accurate weight tracking with 7 day memory which means that when you measure your weight once a day, the Ozeri WeightMaster empowers you to see how your weight changes from the previous day, the last 3 days and the previous week.

Below  is the list of other features of this  weighing scale.
  • Smart LCD with Color Alert Technology – allows you to focus on your weight trend instead of the actual numbers by displaying your weight change in color, with a GREEN illumination for weight loss and RED illumination for weight gain.
  • Immediate and Flawless Results -- Performs and displays all calculations on the scale’s LCD without complicated synching or data connection failures common to more expensive wireless and Bluetooth alternatives.
  • Quality Construction with Built-in Intelligence -- Weighs up to 400 lbs with auto-recognition technology for 5 unique users. Auto-calibrates with StepOn technology. Made out of impact-resistant glass, and equipped with non-slip scratch-resistant feet.
I am not the only who gained weight, our Jack Russell Terrier,  Champ, is also  gaining weight so I  encourage him to walk with me on a treadmill.  He gets excited when I go to the basement and  turn the treadmill on,  he is always ready.   Please watch the video below.

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.