Monday, November 27, 2017

November Family Photo at Tappan Lake

November is coming to an end here soon.... Are you done with your holiday shopping yet?  Did you avail of the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale?  Have you decorated your home for Christmas?  How did your Thanksgiving go?  I know, lots of question but hey, sharing is caring right?

Our Thanksgiving was fun.  Our original plan was to dine out but  the restaurant we were going to was close so I cooked.  I did not cook much this year because I tried  to cook  traditional  Thanksgiving food last year but we end up so many left overs  since it is only the four of us here.  So this year, I only cooked  just enough for us.
  November  was a a bit mellow for us but we  did a lot of things too.  We decorated the house  before Thanksgiving  and we did some shopping done.  I even  wrapped some gifts already and the kids are  excited.  I got our holiday cards as well and I will just have to fill them out and send it out to friends and family.  So far, my holiday is going well.  All I have  in line now is volunteer works in school for  events like  Christmas pageant and Secret Santa  shopping.
 Anyway, these photos were taken on the first week of  November.  We wanted to see some Fall foliage  at Tappan Lake and we also went to the Amish place in Sugarcreek Ohio.  
 It was a bit chilly  that day so the kiddos  busted some moves to warm them up While I was  setting up the tripod for our family pic this month.  We thought that  taking our family pic  in this scenery would be great.  Glad it did not rain that day.
 There were birds flying around on that afternoon and it was beautiful.
 We finally got a picture with a nature background.  I was planning on doing that last October but it did not panned out as the weather did not cooperate with us.  So far, we are consistent in taking one family photo each month, one more month and our goal will be completed.  

I have so many things to write about but my mind is just not cooperating.  I get sidetracked so easily and I don't like that because I am getting forgetful lately.  I can't even remember the places we  went to so I have to constantly asked my kids or my husband.  I am not sure if that is something I have to be concerned about but hopefully it is  not  something serious.  I hope you guys are having a great month.