Saturday, December 28, 2013

Better Bathroom Experience with Squatty Potty

Improper posture while you do your business inside the restroom can get in a way with your health.  When you sit in your throne, it kink your colon but when you squat, it opens up your colon.  So to make a solution and make our life a lot healthier when we do our "business", a team of  brilliant  individuals at Squatty Potty created a revolutionary product, the toilet stool.  I am always looking forward to using product that promotes  our well being so when I was asked if I would like to review this toilet stool, I  agreed.

So what does  this toilet stool from Squatty Potty  do to our health?

  • By using  squatty potty toilet stool, it  helps correct anorectal angle when we do our business.
  • When you  step your feet on the toilet stool, your knees are positioned  above your hips, thus it makes eliminating your stool easier.
  •  It  elevates your feet which help your back at a healthier  position.
The Squatty Potty's toilet stool is perfectly  designed to mimic  the natural  squat posture which our forefathers have practiced for years and years before the advent of the modern toilet.  I must admit, it  makes a big difference using this toilet stool.  I am more relaxed when I do my business inside the bathroom.  My son who sometimes battle with constipation love this thing!

They also included two Turdle Loo spray, Juniper  Desert Sage and Vanilla Lemon Verbena.  I love the smell of the Vanilla Lemon Verbena, it smells exactly like a fresh lemon grass.  This spray  helps eliminate the odor when you are using the  toilet.  So before you sit down, make sure to spray this so no one will know your business inside the rest room.  Each bottle  contain 4 oz and it cost $14.99 but when you buy it from their website,  you can save $3 as their price is $11.99.  I also got four meds for constipation.

We have been using Squatty Potty's products and totally loved it as I can tell the big difference.  It really helps for better bathroom  experience.  So do you want to give it a try?  You should, just like me, you will  also reap it's benefits.    You may find it silly using this  when you potty but the health benefits that it brings is really worth it.   Thank you so much Squatty Potty!

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog did not received monetary compensation in writing this review.  The products mentioned above were provided for free for evaluation purposes.  Opinion is not influenced in any way.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Finding Rental Wedding Dresses

Like most women, nothing is as important to you as the wedding gown. This is why as a bride; you will have made extensive considerations about what you want to wear on your wedding day. It's your special day and getting a gown that will make you look extra special is extremely important.
To choose the perfect gown for your wedding, you must consider the day when your wedding is to be held. Atlanta wedding dresses are available in light, sleeveless and cool dresses for the summer and heavy and warm dresses that have sleeves for the winter. You can either have an outdoor or an indoor wedding and this will probably determine if you wear a casual or a formal dress.

The goal of finding a perfect wedding dress should be to find one that will complement your body. If you choose your style appropriately, you will find one that will give you a stunning look. The budget will also be an important factor in determining the type of dress that you wear on your wedding day.

Once you have put all these factors into consideration, you can pay full attention to finding the appropriate dress for your special occasion. You have two options when looking for Atlanta wedding dresses and you can either buy a gown or rent one. Choosing to rent a wedding gown can offer you many possibilities and can greatly help your wedding's budget.

While renting a wedding dress will save you lots of money, you will need to work on getting something that will work perfectly for you. You will first have to find a rental store or warehouse where you can rent your gown. You can make call and inquire for various stores after which you can speak to some of them to determine which store or warehouse you will go with.

You can find out about the price and ask the rental store or warehouse if they will clean the dress or if you have to clean it before you return it. You can also find out when you can pick the gown and how much time you have to return the dress after the wedding. Find out if the store or warehouse will allow alterations to the dress if need be, and if this will cost you extra.

Make sure you know exactly what the cost of rental is so that you do not get surprised by any additional costs. You will also need wedding accessories and you should find out if they are available at the store and if you will be charged for them. Renting Atlanta wedding dresses could cost you $250 to $500 and you will be expected to sign a rental agreement that will include specified terms and conditions as well as payment arrangements.

It is absolutely essential that you ensure that you understand the rental agreement. The terms and conditions must also be in agreement with the condition of the wedding gown when you pick it up. You must be in agreement with what is stipulated on the document because you will be obligated to the agreement that you sign.

Knowing what you want and how to find a rental wedding dress is very helpful and will give you huge savings. While renting is not ideal for everyone, it is a wonderful alternative if you have a specific budget to work with. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sweet Scoop Neck Flared Hem Slim Fit Off-The-Shoulder from Sammy's Dress

I received this Sweet Scoop Neck Flared Hem Slim Fit Off-The-Shoulder in solid wine red color for review at my other Kids e-Connection blog. Love the cotton material they used for this dress. It feels good on my skin and I also love the design. The length however is kind of short for my standard but hubby gave it a go so I am wearing this tonight for the Christmas Mass. I let him chose which I should wear and he picked this one over the Romantic Handmade clothing that I got from Holy Clothing.

It is a bit short but I will be wearing this with a knee high boots and a legging so I am not showing skin during the mass.

At forty I feel big and bulky and no longer have the confident that I had when I was younger on  wearing dresses, but I feel fabulous inside, so  that's what matters.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Bracelet

Everyday this week, my daughter comes home with new stuff that she made  in school.  Those little things that they put effort and love into that  really captivates my heart.

It's funny because  she would wrap it when she com;es home and then hand it out to e and say "Open it Mom!"  Even I told her that I would open it on Christmas day, she would insist for me to open it already so I did.
This is the  fourth gift I got from her.  A Christmas bracelet.
Shadow Shots

  Luvya Anak, thanks for being so thoughtful!

Feathery Scarf

My niece in law, who is an aspiring actress, gave me this  scarf  years ago but I have never used it outside.  The  feathers in it makes me itch so it would be uncomfortable   wearing it instead of keeping me warm.  Me and my daughter uses it though when we are playing dress up.  Scarf is something that I am not used to and fond of using.  I have a few that are just sitting in my  closet.  I think it is because I am not comfortable with things that wraps around my neck.  I don't even like  turtle neck tops although I have a couple of them.

Please don't be bothered by my deformed legs.  My boots somehow messed up my  jeans.  Oh well. 

Children Sang at the Hospital

The photos were taken  at the Weirton Medical  Center when the choir from my  children's school got invited to sing at  a Christmas Party of the Volunteers in the Hospital.  It's just a bummer that we were not allowed in the venue, the parents had to wait  at the conference  room where we all met.

My son was the only first grader in the group.  I signed him up because  he wanted to do it  too and I thought that it would be a good experience for him.  It was indeed a great experience for them.  I tried to involve them with a lot of activities this year in school.  I don't want them to grow up like me who is  intimidated with big crowds.  It is better to train their social skills while they are young.  

We are planning to enroll the little Miss into a violin lesson maybe this summer as she wants to try it aside from the piano lessons that she is  currently taking.  The little man hasn't  arrive into a decision yet on whether or not he wants to take any music related lessons.  Okay, I am leaving you this link to save on shure mixers at Musicians Friend if you are looking for some  money saving coupons or discounts.  

Bullet Designs Jewelry and Accessories

I was looking for some unique gifts that I could give to my husband and found Bullet Designs  products very fitting as my husband is a  retired Navy  I think that some of these would bring back good memories for him.  I also got my daughter some jewelry fro them.  Bullet Designs  sent me four  different  products to review including the following:

  • 50 BMG Recycled Casing & Bullet Keyring 
  • 50 Caliber Brass Bullet Money Clip 
  • 25 Auto Teardrop with Swarovski Crystals Necklace 
  • Dotted Circle Bullet Earrings

My daughter likes wearing different kinds of  necklace depending on the clothes that she is wearing.  I thought that this would be  one of the sets that she would like to wear from her collection.  This teardrop swarovski crystal necklace would be a fabulous one to wear  on casuals.  My daughter is braver than me, she can shoot a gun without a problem  unlike me who  takes   a handful of sweats before I can pull a trigger lol.  So I am sure that she  would like this one.  You can get this for  $24.95.  This would make a great gift idea for  ladies.

The  necklace above would look good  when pair  with these Dotted Circle Bullet Earrings.  You can buy this for $24.95 also at their website.

It's funny that when I was still in  the Philippines, my husband would send me the money for my allowance every month.  Now that I am here, I am the one giving him  a budget for his weekly allowance hehehe.  I thought that this Caliber Brass Bullet Money Clip would be a perfect gift for my partner in crime.  This money clip only costs $19.95.

Now my son, love any kind of stuff that he could attach in a keys so this BMG Recycled Casing & Bullet Keyring would be a perfect gift for him.  This only cost $11.95 which is very affordable.

Finding a gift  is never  a hassle at Bullet Designs.  They have so many  designs to choose from  for necklaces, key rings,  earrings, and many other   accessories.  Bullet Designs  were   recognized as one of the 10 Most Innovative Businesses of the Year by  You can customized a product according to what style you like.  This place is a very unique  avenue  in finding  unique gift ideas.  So if you are tired of those  regular gifts to give, try them!

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog did NOT receive  monetary compensation in writing this review.  The products mentioned above were provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.  Opinions expressed are solely of the author's and not influenced in  any way.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jewellery Ideas for New Parents

Becoming a parent for the first time is often regarded as the biggest moment of anyone’s life, so it’s no surprise that jewellers make the most of such a special event by offering personalized jewellery to symbolize the arrival of a new member of the family. If you know someone who has recently given birth or who is preparing for the event, you might want to get hold of some keepsakes in the form of jewellery. You are almost certain to add to the overwhelming joy that new parents will be feeling at this stage. There are all sorts of keepsake ideas available out there with a variety of fun designs that are guaranteed to suit anyone’s tastes.

A famously popular keepsake idea for new parents is the hands & feet design, which can symbolize the features of a child or the parent themselves. Either way, they look to represent the child’s first day amongst its parents, making it an extremely valuable keepsake as the years go by. It is certainly a unique design idea that is extremely likely to be cherished and not forgotten by both parent and child. You can get these particular design ideas in the shape of lockets, pendants or even cuff links.

Another form of keepsake that can really help to refresh the memory of the big day is a statistic piece. Whether it’s a pendant or bracelet, having the birth statistics imprinted on a fine piece of jewellery can pull at the heartstrings of any parent. With information as precise as birth statistics, the parent is likely to keep this thoughtful piece of jewellery close by at all times so that they can recall the date and time of the special event.

Many first birthdays are remembered by pictures taken on the big day and these can be kept safe and carried around on a daily basis if you have a locket to store the photo. Lockets are the ideal jewellery option if you need to store a cherished image. Parents are sure to be thrilled with a locket that possesses an image of their new born child or of the new family close together for the first time, making lockets an ideal gift idea for any first birthday. The outer casing of a locket can also be customized with a symbolic letter or statistic. 

If a child has a medical condition or an allergy, jewellery can be the perfect way to inform other people of this. It makes other people aware of their condition in a smart and relaxed fashion. As many children are incapable of informing people about their conditions for obvious reasons, a dazzling piece of jewellery seems the perfect way to get this type of information across. Jewellery is an attractive accessory so you can be sure that a child will appreciate it as they get older.

About the Author

Sally Tyler is a proud new parent who has contributed this post on behalf of Kate’s Jewellery, the online store for beautiful hand crafted and personalized silver jewellery that can feature your baby’s own hand or foot prints!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Duchess Necklace and Earrings Set from Diamonius

Did you every  wish you belong to a royal family like Kate Middleton?  How about lay pretend even for just a brief moment and wear some Lab created diamond rings and earrings?  It won't be a bad  idea eh?  After all, it's just play pretend.  In this  bitter cold days, it would be fun to do  just  that especially if there are generous companies who would provide you the things you need like Diamonius.

I consider myself so blessed having  generous  sponsors who pampers me with  things at no cost. Diamonius  sent me  this  Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring-Inspired Necklace and Earring Set for review and I could not be happier.

The Duchess  necklace might be  a fake diamond necklace  but it's gorgeous.  It cost $160 originally but it is now on 25% off  the sale   price so you will only pay $119.99.  I personally think that this would make a great  gift for any woman that you  know.   It's not a real diamond but who cares with a beautiful piece like this.  This is a great option for those who can't really  afford to buy  the real diamond.  You can be  glamorous at  a less price  you pay.
This sapphire necklace embodies royal class and sophistication.  I am in awe  when I opened the  box and saw how sparkly this set looks.  It really is beautiful.  IT looks luxurious  and elegant.  I am so thrilled when  they offered to send me the  Duchess earrings as well to match the necklace which was I originally picked to review.  How joyous it is when  a company gives you more than what you  expect!  The Duchess earring  originally cost $140 but with the 25% off  sale that they are having, you will only pay $104.99 for it PLUS a FREE shipping and NO taxes.

Diamonius makes lab diamonds with a clarity equivalent to the best IF (inclusion free) diamonds.  It's a man-made Diamonius gemstone grade diamond stimulant that is stabalizer enhanced, coated & high-polished!

The photos I took does not give  much justice to how   beautiful  it looks in person but  it is  one beautiful set to have.  Thank you so much Diamonius for  spoiling me with these beautiful set of Kate Middleton's engagement ring inspired jewelry, love them!

The only thing I would suggest as a customer is for Diamonius to  have a better packaging for their products.  As you can see, they are  in small  pouches.  As beautiful as their   jewelries are, I am sure that it would look more  luxurious if they will out it in a jewelry  box rather than these pouches but that is just my honest opinion.  Other than that, their jewelry selection are gorgeous and the price is just right!
Disclaimer:  The author of this blog did not received monetary compensation in writing the review.  The products mentioned above was  provided   for FREE for evaluation purposes.  Opinions expressed is  truly of the authors and not in  influenced in any way.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fitness Mom

I am not talking about me  but I am talking about the Asian woman, Maria Kang,  who posted a photo of her and her three kids on Facebook that says "What is your Excuse?"  Have you seen it?  They are all over the internet as well as it stirred up controversy.  Some got inspired and some got insulted too.  For me, it is very inspiring because she has three kids and she still managed to have a great looking bod!  The first photo  is the one she posted  in Facebook.

Maria Kang is  half Chinese and half Filipino (if I am not mistaken).  She is a business owner, a non-profit founder, creator of the "Belly Ball" and now known as the Fitness Mom or the  the "No Excuse Mom".  For me, she speaks the reality.  Being a Mom is no excuse not to be physically  fit,  unless of course,  you have a medical condition that is preventing you to do things physically for fitness.  Everyone has each own opinion and you really can't please everybody.  So even if her intention was not bad, some people might have interpreted it the wrong way.  

Anyway, onto another topic, it's time for me to take Maria Kang's challenge to all Moms out there lol. I would love to thank   empower Fitness for sending me this Fusion Fintness Disc, a new addition to my fitness tools at home.  Just like Maria Kang,  Empower Fitness also encourages  women to be active, be healthy, and be strong.  I  admire this company and other companies that do support Moms like me to be the best we could be by  providing us the tools that we need to be physically fit.

Sometime in  October, I participated in a survey about a  video that empower sent me  via email.  I tried doing the  10-minute Victoria's Secret Models workout and then I participated in a survey of how my experience was.   I was  surprised when they sent me an email last month saying that they are going to send me a  Fusion Fitness Disc as a Thank you for participating in the survey.

The video above  is a good one to do everyday, you can try it too.  The Fitness Fusion Disc that they sent comes with a  DVD that I can watch on the different kinds of  exercise you can do about this   7 lbs disk.  There are 10 different  work out routines that you can do with this fusion disc which includes: 
  1. sumo squats
  2. upward rows
  3. traveling push ups
  4. alternating twist lounges
  5. overhead triceps press (which is what I was doing in the photos below), 
  6. jumping jacks
  7. alternating arm swing
  8. side lunges
  9. squat with one arm overhead press
  10. burpees
I have been doing my workouts in our living room because it is called  at our mini gym at the basement.  I don't want to  turn on our portable electric heater because it dries out my nose.  I can say that this fusion disc is a true full body workout which provide an invigorating muscle conditioning, cardio and core workout.

To find out more about the  work out routines I have mentioned above, please  watch the video below.

Thank you so much once again empower!

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog  did NOT receive monetary compensation in writing this review.  Product mentioned was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes. Opinions expressed  is not influenced in any way.

Turbulent Years of Adolescence

It's normal for your teenager to start testing their boundaries and declaring their independence from family activities, but church is one area where you don't want to give any ground. Spirituality should be nurtured throughout one's entire life, especially the turbulent years of adolescence.
If you're currently struggling with a teen who just doesn't seem interested in God anymore, here are seven tips for steering them back on track and into the light of the Lord.

1: Look Into Youth Groups

Most churches have some kind of youth program where your teen can read, worship and socialize with other people their own age, a much more welcoming environment than pews of silent spectators all old enough to be their parents. If a youth group doesn't already exist at your church, encourage your child to spearhead one.

2: Start A Project

A lot of teens grow frustrated with Sunday sermons because they "don't see the point" or "could be doing other things with their time." By starting some kind of community project, like a clean-up, soup drive or outreach program, you'll give them a sense of purpose, something that makes church worth the trip. They'll have a goal to focus on and a cause they can look forward to furthering every week.

3: Find Hip Pastors

It may not be the preaching they object to, just the delivery system. An older pastor might be seen as uncool or out of touch with contemporary teen culture. Look for a fun, understanding spiritual leader who can really connect with a younger audience and find them back into the fold, like the Creative Pastors Ed Young.

4: Embrace New Media

Just because they outgrew picture books of David and Goliath doesn't mean they're ready for the full and heavy text of scripture. Buy a "common English" Bible so your child can fully understand the words, warnings and messages of God. Arrange for Bible studies with friends and other members of the church.

5: Encourage Involvement

Get your teen re-interested in church by letting them come up with their own unique ways to contribute. For example, you might not have thought of remixing a Lady Gaga song with traditional Christian hymns, but it might be a really fun project for the youth choir.

6: Answer Questions

Teens are quick to point out any flaws or perceived weaknesses in your faith, which is why you'll so often find yourself at the end of pointed questions like "Isn't it sexist that Eve was blamed more than Adam?" and "Why is there suffering in the world if God is so great?" Instead of taking these questions as an attack, think of them of signs of intelligence and critical thinking, and answer them to the best of your ability. If you don't have an answer, admit that it's a thought-provoking inquiry and that you'll have to pose it to the minister next Sunday.

7: Ask For Help
If all else fails, simply ask your teen what you can do to make their church experience a better one. You might be surprised by the answer you get back! Regular dialogue can become a great tool in understanding your child's mindset and guiding them back to God's path, so keep an open channel of communication for their questions, opinions and concerns.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bootights, Legwear, Liberated

I have never   own a  pair of boots until I came here in the US.  We don't really need to wear boots  from the  country where I came from because its tropics and the  weather there is  always  hot or warm.  Boots   can be really uncomfortable if you wear it without proper legwear.  Thankfully, somebody came up with a brilliant idea of  combining  tights and socks in one.

The fabulous Ms.  Shelby Mason designed  a smooth and sleek fit of a trouser sock with a comfort of a performance ankle sock to create an  ultimate and stylish bootsock.  I am blessed  to received 
 one Bootights Sport and one Darby knee hi socks.   Thank you Ms. Shelby Mason for these fabulous  legwear.
First up is the Luxe Microfiber Tight, this cost  $38.   This super soft luxe opaque microfiber tight will totally pamper your feet  with pure luxury  and comfort.  What I like about it is that it keeps your feet cool and dry.  As I have mentioned, I was born and raised from a tropical country so you can just imagine how I feel during Winter season, my dogs are always cold.  
I love that it has an arch  support that hugs feet for a contoured fit.  It also has an extra cushion in  the toe and heel.  Your feet won't feel tight  because it has a flat toe seam.

Below is the set of Darby's Tabu Cheetah,  a fitted fashion knee high and performance ankle sock in one. You can buy this for $25, this is also available in charcoal, sand, and chocolate colors.   Just like the bootights above, this one is also very comfortable to wear.  Unlike any other  knee-hi socks, this one does not slips.

I know that this bootights is  exclusively designed for boots but I wore my  clogs just to show you the   bottom part.  All of these by the way are made in the US so high quality is guaranteed!

Flirty, fitted, and functional that's what  Bootights and Darby's knee-hi socks are.  You can choose from a variety of fun colors and patterns, just visit the website or you can get in touch with  Shelby Mason's  team by following and liking them via Facebook,  Twitter,  Pinterest, and  Instagram.  Thank you so much for  sending me  these awesome legwear!

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  Opinions   expressed is  not in anyway influenced by other factors.  The product/s   mentioned above was provided for FREE  for evaluation purposes.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Healthy Back

In today’s competitive work environment, working eight hours a day isn’t enough. Most people feel the need to go a few extra hours making the work day 10 to 12 hours a day. It is no surprise that most of us live sedentary lives. Years ago, most work required us to move around the office or warehouse. However, as time has passed, most of us are finding that we can do our jobs sitting at a desk in front of a computer. The human body isn’t designed to sit in one position for a long time, and many people end up with injuries due to sitting too long because they don’t have adequate back and neck support. Consequently, ergonomic chairs, like the ones sold at, have become a popular choice of seating while working in the office. 
The study of ergonomics involves designing equipment and devices to fit the human body and accommodate the way the body moves. Today, ergonomics is an important design consideration in the office. Just as one focuses on the fabric and color of a chair, we should also pay a lot of attention to how comfortable a chair is when we have to sit in it for hours. If you are the person in charge of buying the office furniture for your employees, you should keep in mind that your team members will be working in the chairs you choose many hours a day. Studies have shown how ergonomic chairs increase office productivity. A chair that isn’t designed well can cause neck and back pain as well as many other medical problems. 

Without adequate lumbar support, you stand the chance of having a recurring strain injury. This type of injury has an adverse impact on your day-to-day living, and it can last for years. Today, ergonomic chairs are made to give a person the best possible support, and they are designed for users who spend hours a day sitting in them. Ergonomic chairs will keep you more comfortable, and they are adjustable so you can set them up to fit your specific needs. Most ergonomic chairs can be tilted forward or backward, lowered or raised for maximum comfort. 

To remain free of back pain and stay strong all your life, be sure you are using an ergonomic chair when sitting for hours. 

Anatomie, Experience the Italian Elegance

Trying different kinds of clothing style is so much fun.  Let us  try some Italian fashion this time.  Anatomie sent me two products to review and I am very delighted.  First of all, I love their live virtual model because you get to see what the clothing looks like when it is worn. 

First up is this very unique Shelley Long Sweater style top with hood and asymmetrical zipper. I won't be able to afford one of this because this cost $215, thank goodness for their product review program, I am able to experience the true Italian elegance. As you all know, I am a shorty so if a top's length is  longer than normal, I could wear it like a dress.

I tried wearing it like a dress and accessorized it with a belt and of course my favorite Swedish clogs.  See the benefits of being short?  Lol.  I kind of like wearing it as a dress and not as a sweater.

I wore the sweater with pants below.   I tried to wear in two different ways, first is to hide the black bottom so  it is not very long and then as you can see on the rest of the photos,  it is long when the bottom part is  down.

I like that the  hood  is  big because it covers my whole head plus more.  The asymmetrical zipper is what drawn me to this style.
The Cargo Capri Pants in black below cost $149.  I love the adjustable waistband  on each sides because I get to adjust it to my size.  Both of these products are size extra small but they are still  bigger for my size.  Fortunately, there is a way to adjust it.  I like the versatility of this  cargo capri pants, you can wear it with just about  any style of top.  This would be great  during summer time but for now, I will be enjoying it  inside the house.

I love the material as it is lightweight, protective and  resistant.  It is designed for quick drying and   maximum comfort.  Being forty does not mean  that you  need to  hide in a baggy pants or Mom jeans, you can still  be hip and fabulous right?  Well, at least I feel fab even though I don't look like one hahaha.  
Do you want to be updated with  true Italian  style fashion?  Follow Anatomie  via Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter and never missed their  deals and  fashion trends.  Thanks Anatomie!

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  Opinions  being expressed is  not in anyway influenced by other factors.  The product/s   mentioned above was provided for FREE  for evaluation purposes.