Thursday, December 19, 2013

Children Sang at the Hospital

The photos were taken  at the Weirton Medical  Center when the choir from my  children's school got invited to sing at  a Christmas Party of the Volunteers in the Hospital.  It's just a bummer that we were not allowed in the venue, the parents had to wait  at the conference  room where we all met.

My son was the only first grader in the group.  I signed him up because  he wanted to do it  too and I thought that it would be a good experience for him.  It was indeed a great experience for them.  I tried to involve them with a lot of activities this year in school.  I don't want them to grow up like me who is  intimidated with big crowds.  It is better to train their social skills while they are young.  

We are planning to enroll the little Miss into a violin lesson maybe this summer as she wants to try it aside from the piano lessons that she is  currently taking.  The little man hasn't  arrive into a decision yet on whether or not he wants to take any music related lessons.  Okay, I am leaving you this link to save on shure mixers at Musicians Friend if you are looking for some  money saving coupons or discounts.  


  1. i lvoe when childrendo these nice things for others it teaches them so mcuh

  2. it is a bummer why can't you see them perform? that's weird though.

  3. It is nice that the children had a chance to do this because it teaches them from the time they are young to the importance of giving back and helping others.

  4. I am sure you would have loved to be in there, maybe they did not have room for all the parents and the volunteers. It was nice that the hospital did this for the volunteers.

  5. That is nice that they are always willing to be involved in something mommy. I want my kids to learn how to play any kind of instruments. So far I have not had any problems with Harley being shy since he always loves being around with people.

  6. I have to get my kids involved in some kind of musical activity. But with Spanish classes and soccer for my little guy and Spanish and horse back riding for my gal there is not much time left.

  7. It's a wonderful gesture. And that helps kids to enhance their confidence.


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