Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jewellery Ideas for New Parents

Becoming a parent for the first time is often regarded as the biggest moment of anyone’s life, so it’s no surprise that jewellers make the most of such a special event by offering personalized jewellery to symbolize the arrival of a new member of the family. If you know someone who has recently given birth or who is preparing for the event, you might want to get hold of some keepsakes in the form of jewellery. You are almost certain to add to the overwhelming joy that new parents will be feeling at this stage. There are all sorts of keepsake ideas available out there with a variety of fun designs that are guaranteed to suit anyone’s tastes.

A famously popular keepsake idea for new parents is the hands & feet design, which can symbolize the features of a child or the parent themselves. Either way, they look to represent the child’s first day amongst its parents, making it an extremely valuable keepsake as the years go by. It is certainly a unique design idea that is extremely likely to be cherished and not forgotten by both parent and child. You can get these particular design ideas in the shape of lockets, pendants or even cuff links.

Another form of keepsake that can really help to refresh the memory of the big day is a statistic piece. Whether it’s a pendant or bracelet, having the birth statistics imprinted on a fine piece of jewellery can pull at the heartstrings of any parent. With information as precise as birth statistics, the parent is likely to keep this thoughtful piece of jewellery close by at all times so that they can recall the date and time of the special event.

Many first birthdays are remembered by pictures taken on the big day and these can be kept safe and carried around on a daily basis if you have a locket to store the photo. Lockets are the ideal jewellery option if you need to store a cherished image. Parents are sure to be thrilled with a locket that possesses an image of their new born child or of the new family close together for the first time, making lockets an ideal gift idea for any first birthday. The outer casing of a locket can also be customized with a symbolic letter or statistic. 

If a child has a medical condition or an allergy, jewellery can be the perfect way to inform other people of this. It makes other people aware of their condition in a smart and relaxed fashion. As many children are incapable of informing people about their conditions for obvious reasons, a dazzling piece of jewellery seems the perfect way to get this type of information across. Jewellery is an attractive accessory so you can be sure that a child will appreciate it as they get older.

About the Author

Sally Tyler is a proud new parent who has contributed this post on behalf of Kate’s Jewellery, the online store for beautiful hand crafted and personalized silver jewellery that can feature your baby’s own hand or foot prints!


  1. Cute and given as a gift, it can have sentimental value too.

  2. The necklace would be perfect for parents as it has a personal touch in it.

  3. I really love personalized jewelries. They are so special.

  4. I always want to have locket of me and my family but I just don't know what shop or where to go to for this. I am sure the new parents would be much delighted if they will be able to received this from a friend.

  5. Awe! It is so sweet. I like that it has the handprints and footprints. Very special for those new moms. :)

  6. So cute!!<3 I want one! Really. And these are indeed nice gifts for new parents :D

  7. Those ideas are absolutely adorable! The hand print with the baby's name by its side is absolutely perfect. I'm sure these items, including the foot print would make great memories as well as a good gift to friend's and love one's. ;)

    Love, Angela Ricardo

  8. I actually want to have one of those maybe in the future hehe

  9. The jewelry is also a constant reminder of our love ones.

  10. Hi women, such outstanding concepts for the jewelry! I have more traditional Jewelry than I know what to do with, though I do use at least one product very day! Definitely inspired by some of your wonderful ideas.


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