Thursday, August 31, 2017

Let's Get Lost: #FamilyPictureAugust

Part of the plan on our   vacation to Las Vegas  (which I haven't blog yet), was visiting the Grand Canyon.  It was a far drive but we enjoyed the road trip.  It was  the day of our anniversary when we went.  Vegas was  nice but it is so busy and was too hot that a day on the road would do us good.  We got up really early and head on to Arizona after  we ate breakfast
Driving through the desert-like  view makes me appreciate our state of West Virginia more with all it's green scenery.  There is something  about looking through absence of trees  that made me feel a little down but as my husband said "it's quite unique" so we  tried to just enjoy the ride.
We stopped by at Williams, Arizona for a restroom break and put on our anniversary shirts that says 14 Years and Still Enjoying the Ride.
 I should have brought my tripod but it takes a lot of space in the suitcase so I didn't.  Our daughter took these photos so she wasn't in the picture.  
 I am grateful that my  husband love to travel and  doesn't mind driving because we get to  go places.
Both hubby and I  have terrible sense of direction so having the GPS saves us from getting lost all the time.  We still get lost from time to time when the GPS is late in telling us  about the exit but it is part of the journey.  I thought the  theme for this month's BeautyBox5 box is perfect for us.  Nobody wants to get lost but hey when you are enjoying the ride, why not.  Let's Get Lost box has Luseta Beauty argan oil hair masque, Styli Style line and seal yeliner, Manna Kadar Cosmetics Glo illuminator, Seraphine Botanicals Quince and Crimson crayon, and Nanacoco Rio 2 nail polish.    
My favorites are the Argan oil hair masque and the nail polish.  The heat of the summer makes my hair  a bit dry so I  gave  it a treatment using the Argan oil mask and  it's awesome.  It makes my hair so soft that I can  just stroke it with my fingers and it looks like I  brushed it or straighten with a hair iron.  
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It's been a while since I painted my nails so I was glad to see a nail polish in this month's box.  The color of the nail polish  kind of matches my shoes!  If you enjoy what you see in the box, head on to BeautyBox5 and try their  subscription.  It's fun and affordable

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the complimentary product/s mentioned  for testing purposes and to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

August Oasis

August is so much fun but a very  busy month for us.  Aside from squeezing a last  summer getaway, we have been busy  with the back to school stuff.  The problem I have when we go  for a vacation is that, it is hard  for me to get my mojo back to blogging.

Anyway, I want to share  this Oasis Voxbox that I got from Influenster this month.  It has  Eva NYC Mane  Magic hair primer, Covergirl Vitalis Healthy Elixir foundation, Aloha protien bars, Welch Fruit Rolls,  and Vera Wang Embrace  fragrances.  
My favorite is  the fragrances and the   energy bar.  I need more of this Aloha  energy bar since I  started running again.  I always look for something that could fuel my run  or jog each morning.  Now that my kids are back to school, I have time to  do my outdoor work out again.  I love going for a run  early in the morning after I drop the kids off to school but I never left home with an empty stomach, I gotta have something  before I go.  These energy bars are  perfect to grab on the go.

We recently lost  a dear friend to a cancer and it's a rude awakening for us and it made us  examine ourselves and made us aware of our own  health.  I am only 44 but sometimes I feel sluggish so I am trying to  be in shape before  Winter comes.  Winter is my least favorite season  because it prevents me from enjoying my cardio  outdoors.  Although I have  some machine to use at home, it can be so boring so I am taking  all the  opportunities that I have now to  get in shape while I can.  I am also encouraging my husband  to do the same because I want us to grow old and  see our children grow.  With that being said, eating healthy and   incorporating exercise into our routine is what we are  doing.  

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A post shared by Chubskulit Rose (@chubskulitrose) on
Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the complimentary product/s mentioned  for testing purposes and to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

Friday, August 11, 2017

14 Years and Counting: Ivory #WeddingAnniversary

Wow, I can't believe that it has been 14 years since I  committed myself to a great man, the love of my life.  He has been the best partner, supporter, companion, friend I can  share my thoughts and feelings, and the best husband I could ever ask for.  Thank you Hon for all these wonderful years  that we have been married.  

2003 -  Legazpi City, Philippines - The beginning of it all.   The foundation of what we had and still have  till today.
2003 Cebu City Philippines - Our honeymoon  after our Civil Wedding 
Our second wedding (church wedding)  - 2004
2005 our daughter was born - I was scared for the responsibility  of a Mom but you were there to assist me.  It made it easier knowing that I can lean on a strong shoulder.  
2006 - Pensacola Florida -our first travel  since our  daughter was born.  I feel in love with the  Florida weather.  I wish we could have that weather here in WV, that would be a dream come true lol.  It was nice  feeling like I was in the tropics again.
Pensacola Florida 2006
2007 - Our son  was born.  Motherhood was never an easy job but you were there for me every time I needed a boost so thank you for that.  I am so blessed to have a husband who truly love his children.  I could only wish that every father  would be like you.  Every children deserves a  Dad  like you.
2008 - Chinhae South Korea  - Spending the  last two years of your tour in the Navy with you  in the land of the morning calm  was a great adventure.  It was a great experience I will never forget.  To be able to  experience it with our children was  a blessing.
2009 - Seorak San Park, South Korea - Traveling in South Korea was  fun and a  great adventure for us.  
2010 - Celebrating our 7th Wedding Anniversary - I can still remember when you told me the  7 year  itch and I was like "What is that?"  So glad we never had an issues with that.

2011 - Disney World, Pensacola Florida - Another great adventure for us especially for the  kiddos.  It was a magical way of celebrating our 8th year anniversary.
2012 - First Niagara Pavilion, Burgetstown PA - Attended a  Jimmy Buffet  Concert, it was an experience I will never forget.  This was the second time we have gone without the kids.  It was short-lived but fun.  I realized that  attending concert is a not a good idea  for a person with  migraine like me lol.  I was trying to enjoy  the moment  despite the  migraine but when the drunk guy poured a beer on my back, we left.

2013 - Settlers Ridge, Pittsburgh PA - Even a simple  anniversary celebration turned out to be special because  you always find a way to turn  ordinary adventure into an extra ordinary one.

2014  Beaver Valley Mall, Monaca PA
2014 - special moment  at home.  
2015 - Jamestown, Virginia
2016 - Tappan Lake Park, Deersville, Ohio
2017 at Home
Dang, looking back at these photos makes me realize how much we aged in 14 years lol.  However, physical change is  normal, what is important is that we still love and respect each other .  Happiness  in marriage comes within.  I am so glad that God gave me a man who  truly appreciates  who I am and a man who loves his family dearly.  Together we will try to raise our  children the best we  can.  I pray that God will bless us with great health so we can grow old together.