Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fashion that Fits Bod-get

I got this on sale for under $15 at Macy's when we went to Robinson Mall after the Black Friday. While the kids were busy enjoying themselves at Smiles and Giggles, my husband asked me if I want to walk around the mall and check if I see something that I like. So off I went and found two outfits on sale.  I seldom shop for clothes and if I do, it's always something that fits my budget and fit my body of course.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Wurlitzer Piano

We went back to Wintersville, Ohio last weekend and bought  the piano that we liked.  Hubby and I leaned towards getting the Kimbal but Ms. Burrito  really liked the Wurlitzer so that's what we got them.  I was happy as  the Kimball is $1,600  but the Wurlitzer is $1,400, so my baby saved us a couple of hundred dollars.  
According to the piano teacher who assisted us, both  brands are "working horses"  so either way, it's good.  They haven't  called us to when they are going to deliver it but I hope soon, preferably before Christmas, I hope!

Center for Music & Arts

We went to the Center of Music & Arts last weekend to canvass the prices for piano as we want to buy our children one.  There was only one working there so he couldn't assist us but he showed us where the  display of the pianos are.  Since nobody  was there but us, I busied myself taking photos lol.

There are so many piano's to choose from.  There are new ones and there are also used ones.
Mr. Burrito immediately sat in one of the chairs at the art room.
Ms. Burrito was drawn to the rack of  drawing  books.  I am not sure if the rack of the guitars has violin but they are  pretty colorful.
Anyhow, we did not buy one yet as the  worker wasn't much of a help.  We are planning to  go back there maybe this weekend.  We were told that  the price for  tuning  a piano ranges from $75 to $100 and it has to be done twice a year.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Join the Party

Time flies isn't it?  I will be turning  a milestone  in 6 months, the age where some people say "Life begins at 40".  The good thing about advancing in age is that, you get to get wiser each time the year adds to your age hehehe.  Sometimes, when I  am visiting other blogs, it amazes me how their age does not show in their physical looks.  They are so good in taking care of themselves and maintaining their young looks.

Well, as for me, I maybe turning 40 but I still feel  young just like 20 years ago.  I think it is just my physical aspects that is changing because I feel like nothing has changed except  the tummy fat of course  and some wrinkles on my face.  But as many  optimists says, as long as you  feel good about yourself, it  is that  matters.  Won't it be nice if your age is  40 but you look younger than your age?  I would be great actually.  Anyhow, when it comes to birthdays, Spencers is a great place to stop by for birthday  gift ideas.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Style Made Easy

I got my two products to try  from No nonsense just today.  A box was laying at our front porch when I  went out to check  the mail.  The No nonsense tights and leggings are free complimentary that I got as a blogger from IZEA.  The first set of photos  showcases the Cobblestone Copper Opaque Tights which I really love.  It is in size small so just perfect for me.  Wearing with it is the  formal  outfit that my husband got me for Christmas last 2009.  The red  top is the best deal I got  last year from Mac's, it was on sale  for$4.99.
The second set of photos showcases the Espresso Cotton Leggings in small size.  Unfortunately it is  big for me so I had to tweak a little bit so I could wear it.  The boots I am wearing  is the very first pair of boots that I have of living here in the States.  MY husband got it for me for Christmas  7 years ago.  The Fossil bag was also a gift from my dear husband  when we were still in Korea when we celebrated our 7 year anniversary.
Even though the leggings was bigger, I still like it as it is made of cotton and it is very soft and comfortable on your skin.  The No nonsense  tights and leggings can be easily found in food and drug stores or in  mass retail stores.  The prices are affordable and  you won't regret  buying it  because of its high quality.  If you want to check out more about these products,  check out and like No nonsense on Facebook or follow them on twitter.  These tights and  Leggings from No nonsense makes style easier for women.

For those of you who follows celebrities and stuff, I am sure that you know who Jill Martin is.  She is an Emmy award winning TV personality and co-author of  "I Have Nothing to Wear".  She's also a NY correspondence for  Access Hollywood, and now she is joining the No nonsense as the Be Brand Ambassador and Style Expert.  So tune in and see   her  fashion expertise through  No nonsense.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Planet Gold

Here's another steal deal that I got from Macy's the day after the Black Friday. It's a Planet Gold top that I really liked. It's originally priced at $17.99 but I got it for only $4.99.  I love deals like that as I can shop on a budget.
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Old Pal Talk

Christmas is a  nostalgic time for me.  I miss my family back home and I also miss  my old friends.  I don't really have many friends out here whom I can talk to often so   whenever I miss them, I always contact them through text or chat in a social network.  I got lucky last week as I talked to my one closest  girl friend, she's a lady whom I confided  most of my deepest secrets hehehe.  We can pretty much talk about any topic without hesitation.  We would laugh  about talking silly things or reminiscing   the funny things that we did when we were still both working in school. She told me that her husband's  favorite  hobby now is tactical firing.

Oh how I wish I could spend Christmas back home.  It's  different and the feeling is different.  But this is my life now and I am happy where I am at with my  husband and  two lovely kids.    I am blessed with a very loving husband so I couldn't ask for more.   But as the saying goes, it's free to dream, so I dream of  being with my family back home sometimes.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trekking is Fun

Before my PC crashed, we went to the nearby woods and did   some trekking.  We hiked the  steep hill, went around the lake, and found some cool things.  Trekking is one  fun activity that we all enjoy doing as a family.
It's beautiful out there, the only sad  part is that people are throwing old stuff  like tires,  mattress, couches, and all those things that they suppose to be dumping at a proper dumping sites.
Exploring mother nature  is better than going to the mall.  I am glad that  both of our Burritos enjoy doing outdoor  activities like this.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weekend at Home

Our weekend was started with fun in the kitchen. After we ate dinner, the kids wanted to goof around so hubby and I played along.  Of course the fun won't be complete without the shutterbug hehehe.

This is a great way to unleash stress and start the day with fun and love.  This is also one of our parenting technique to get involve with our kids.  I think part of having unruly kids is the lack of attention that parents give to their children.