Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Style Made Easy

I got my two products to try  from No nonsense just today.  A box was laying at our front porch when I  went out to check  the mail.  The No nonsense tights and leggings are free complimentary that I got as a blogger from IZEA.  The first set of photos  showcases the Cobblestone Copper Opaque Tights which I really love.  It is in size small so just perfect for me.  Wearing with it is the  formal  outfit that my husband got me for Christmas last 2009.  The red  top is the best deal I got  last year from Mac's, it was on sale  for$4.99.
The second set of photos showcases the Espresso Cotton Leggings in small size.  Unfortunately it is  big for me so I had to tweak a little bit so I could wear it.  The boots I am wearing  is the very first pair of boots that I have of living here in the States.  MY husband got it for me for Christmas  7 years ago.  The Fossil bag was also a gift from my dear husband  when we were still in Korea when we celebrated our 7 year anniversary.
Even though the leggings was bigger, I still like it as it is made of cotton and it is very soft and comfortable on your skin.  The No nonsense  tights and leggings can be easily found in food and drug stores or in  mass retail stores.  The prices are affordable and  you won't regret  buying it  because of its high quality.  If you want to check out more about these products,  check out and like No nonsense on Facebook or follow them on twitter.  These tights and  Leggings from No nonsense makes style easier for women.

For those of you who follows celebrities and stuff, I am sure that you know who Jill Martin is.  She is an Emmy award winning TV personality and co-author of  "I Have Nothing to Wear".  She's also a NY correspondence for  Access Hollywood, and now she is joining the No nonsense as the Be Brand Ambassador and Style Expert.  So tune in and see   her  fashion expertise through  No nonsense.


  1. looking great sis! I haven't posted mine yet...waaa!

  2. You look gorgeous on those free wears, sis! I have mine, too, but I haven't done it yet. Tsk tsk!

  3. You look very professional in the first set of photos Sis Rose just like an excited corporate girl ready for work.

    Despite the size of the leggings, you look great in it as you have a slim and fit body structure.

  4. You're looking pretty as always Rose!

    I, too have a collection of leggings and warmers. Since I live in a cold country, I need lots of pairs! I haven't tried a pair from No nonesense but will definitely check 'em out later.

  5. I have the same problem with tights. I can't find the right length for me. You may find it funny but sometimes I look at the kids section to find what fits me well.
    I like that cobblestone copper opaque tights. It fits you nicely.

  6. Looking good! :) I used to love tights until I noticed I get UTIs more often when I wore them frequently.

  7. You have good fashion sense. The tights fit you well in both pictures.

  8. I love your Bangs. joke lang Rose. But you look nice wearing those tights. wala lang, para kang taga Ayala.

    1. Hahaha, kaw talaga Kuya Donald. Thank you!

  9. very nice leggings rose! mine was purple and black. the purple tights was hard to paired, but the black goes on any clothes. =)

  10. The design looks nice and it truly fits in you too...

  11. Awww! You look fabulous Sis Rose :-) I love your outfits and the leggings/tights make it more perfect to match with your outfit. I received two leggings/tights but have not write a review yet :-)

  12. I seldom see tights and leggings here in Singapore, very hot weather! You look great though with the two ensembles.

  13. I wear sheer tights as a flight attendant but not as an everyday wear. It's just not my style.:) But you look great in it.

  14. so many freebies for you guys out there. i want, i want :)

    they looked great on your lovely thighs.


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