Friday, December 14, 2012

Old Pal Talk

Christmas is a  nostalgic time for me.  I miss my family back home and I also miss  my old friends.  I don't really have many friends out here whom I can talk to often so   whenever I miss them, I always contact them through text or chat in a social network.  I got lucky last week as I talked to my one closest  girl friend, she's a lady whom I confided  most of my deepest secrets hehehe.  We can pretty much talk about any topic without hesitation.  We would laugh  about talking silly things or reminiscing   the funny things that we did when we were still both working in school. She told me that her husband's  favorite  hobby now is tactical firing.

Oh how I wish I could spend Christmas back home.  It's  different and the feeling is different.  But this is my life now and I am happy where I am at with my  husband and  two lovely kids.    I am blessed with a very loving husband so I couldn't ask for more.   But as the saying goes, it's free to dream, so I dream of  being with my family back home sometimes.

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