Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Family Fun and Mood Matcher

Before I  tell you about our Thanksgiving  fun, let me talk about  what's inside the box  this month from Beauty Box 5.  As the BB5 Babe rule number #1 stated, "Your Basics Never Have to be Boring."  A perfect box to have to life your mood and some color to your day!
 This vegan matte cream lip and  cheek color  in dusky rose is my kind of  purse essentuial because it does double duty for your lips and cheeks.  This  is from All Natural Face, a g;irty flush  buildable and all natural  that fits your smallest clutch,  space saver!  I like it that it is  in a dusky rose  tone.
 There's nothing lke having a good day moisturizer especially now that the weather is getting so cold outside.  I can't go out  without cleaning my face and   applying a moisturizer before I go on my morning walk because my skin hurts when I go out without it.
Last Thanksgiving week, I have a little time for myself because  the kids only have three days of school then they were off.  I got the chance to use this anti-aging  facial mask from Kaunis.  IT is a luxe sheet of mask to give your face a glow in no time. 
I am falling into my old habit of going to bed late at night so my eye bags  are getting bigger each day.  I was  excited to see two of this Eye gel pads to address my undereye circle issue.  In just 30minutes, you can tell the difference !
The last but not the least is the mood matcher luxe twist stick.  I love this lipstick even though it is too bright because it lasts all day.  It's the lipstick that I am wearing on the photos below.  

After we decorated our home for the holiday we thought of  taking our family photo to be used  for the Christmas photo card.  I wore the lace skirt that I bhout for $4.99 at KMart and the top I bought for $3 online.
Our little lady is my partner in crime when it comes o taking photos.  We always have fun  every time.  The bpyus on the other hand is  always tryng to avoid to have their photo taken lol.
It's hard to include the fur babies in the photo because one of them is alwys trying to  leave when the camera is ready to capture the photo.
We were all ready on the second photo but Bolt decided to move and changed position lol.  He's good in photo bombing.  We finally got  a decent one.  It's not the best but  it's good enough to use for  the holiday photo cards that I orderd online.
 Disclosure: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the products mentioned  in exchange of my honest  opinion which may differ from yours.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Choose Your Crown Jewel with RoyalTea Candle #ProductReview

Our veteran has to work on Veterans Day which is a bummer so we wanted him to  come home  on a relaxing  setting.  The kids and I cleaned the house and  cooked him  a special dinner.  We  lit a candle  which  set the mood of our home as relaxing as it can be.  He works 10 hours  so I know that he is exhausted.  
 The vanilla bean candle  smells so  divine as soon as we opened the package from RoyalTea Candle.  I have worked with  some candle company in the past but RoyalTea is different in many ways.  For one, their candle  container is just beautiful.  The common  containers  out there are like  regular candle jars but theirs are shaped differently and so unique.  
I love their company name, RoyalTea.  RoyalTea not only  produces great smelling candles but they also include   sweet surprise element to it by adding  jewelry.  It's called RoyalTea for a reason, that's because you can choose your crown jewel.  You can choose to have a ring or  necklace to go with your preferred  scent of candles.  The jewelry  is safely  wrapped in foil and embedded in each candle.  The  hand selected piece of jewelry is valued $10 and up to $3,000. 
You can just pull  the chain when you see the foil to reveal your crown jewel.  I even liked the chain  and the little brand   tag that says "Pull Me"  It's pretty cute.  
It really  makes our home smells  delicious!  My husband  thought that we baked something when he opened the door and smelled the vanilla  scent from the candle.
This Vanilla Bean will be a great choice to light   for special occasion.  Each candle cost $25 which is cheaper than most candles with jewelry out there.
Shadow Shots
Here is the cute necklace that  got from the candle.  The key pendant is elegant, a good piece for a gift!  This would be a great gift idea for a librarian or a teacher.  The key necklace is simple bu0t  beauiful! It is  crafted in sterling  silver with a rhodium plating.  The pendant comes with an 18 inch chain.  
I can't wait to use the Christmas Tree scent for the holidays.  My kids have been wanting to light it already but I am saving it for Christmas so we capture the spirit of the holidays with its strong and festive scent.  This is supposed to be infused with pine and cedar wood essential oils, so this would really give our home that  Christmas atmosphere.  When I opened it, it smells like a fresh cut tree, it makes me miss my Dad actually.  I used to go with him  when we have to get some fire wood and the smell of  freshly cut tree is something that I haven't smelled in a long time.  This brings back  childhood memories for me.

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.