Monday, June 30, 2014

Workout Recap - Week 2

Mownin' everyone.  So here's another recap of my  fitness goal  for last week. (2nd week).  I had a good  performance from the previous  week that it took me harder to  pass it but I did good as far as my standard goal.  So here's what I have accomplished (Yes, for me that is an accomplishment lol).

June 23 (Monday) - after a day off from my cardio, starting the week was a bit hard but I managed to burn 650 calories  in 51 minutes and looking back from my first week, I burned the same calories on my 4th day but my time was 2 minutes ahead this time, and I am happy with that.

*I also  rode  a bike with my kids for 15 minutes around our neighborhood!
* 5 minutes planking - 5 reps - 60 seconds each

June 24 (Tuesday) - I was  energized  on this day so I managed to burned 710 calories in 55 minutes.  Compared to my last workout the previous week,  the calories burned have increased and the time was decreased in 4 minutes, so yay!  Other workout includes 5 minutes planking,  20 sit ups, and  10 minutes hula hooping.
June 25 (Wednesday) - I up my game for this day burning 725 calories in 54.30 minutes.  I think the  milk shake (cucumber, kashi, and  honey dew eon + milk) that I made boost my energy.  I also did 5 minutes planking and 10 minutes hula hoops.
June 26 (Thursday) - I burned 730 calories this time in 54 minutes.  I only did 2 minutes planking and 20  squats today.
June 27 - I did not do any cardio today, my body wasn't feeling it.  However, I did 20 squats and  2 minutes planking.  Me and the kids played bean bag toss and horse shoe pitch at our  backyard so that was my main  work out.
June 28 (Saturday) - No cardio today as well, blame it on  the woman body routine.  I am glad it came a week early though because I can enjoy   my time in the beach  next week!!!  I did 20 squats and 2 minutes planking, that's all I can do  because my dysmenorrhea is so bad.  My two week challenge  is slowly paying off , I can see   a small result on my tummy.

June 29 (Sunday) - rest day for me as I was bleeding heavily.  Spent the time  with family and did some house chores (laundry and cooking), that was my exercise for the day.  Notes on my second week.  Still did walking  bu I  increased the speed from 3.0 to 3.5, still on 10% grade incline.
This week will be a new challenge.  I still can't do cardio today but will figure out something else.
I'll keep you updated  in the next week to come. Hope you can join me with my fitness goal.  I need a buddy to motivate me even if online lol.  Actually, my husband motivates me as he is doing the same.  He  lost  a good amount of unwanted fats  already as you can see in the  pictures below.
I know it is hard to get motivated sometimes but if you set your mind to it, you an achieve something even a small progress.  Jotting down/keeping a record of what you do helps too.  Have a great week everyone!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekly Recap of my Fitness Goal

I have been slacking  in my work out routine lately and our beach  getaway is coming up so I gave myself a  challenge after my 41st birthday.

I started last Monday (June 16).  Picture below was taken by my daughter after  I walked 2 miles and burned 450 calories.  
Forgot to take a snapshot of  my numbers in the treadmill but I wrote it down in my desk calendar.
June 17 - Only walked 1.597 miles for 30 minutes.  I did some hula hoops and 5 minute planking.
June 18 - I did not walk in the treadmill, I gave my legs a break for one day but I did some crunches and squats and two minute planking.
June 19 - I managed to  burned 551 calories  in 45 minutes.  I told myself that the next day, I would try to  up  burnt calories to 600.
June 20 - As I set my goal to 600, I ended up  burning 650 cals in 53 minutes.  Walked 3 miles this time.  I joked when I posted this on FB that maybe I could burn 700 next time.
June 21 - I almost walked in one hour but  burned 700 as I promised.  Distance walked was 3.218 miles.
June 22 - was my rest day.  I did not do any walking but we played basketball instead.
I may look skinny at 95 pounds but I can assure you that 5 pounds of my weight is the stubborn belly fats that I have been trying to get rid for years now since I became a Mom.
I am not giving up, I will try and try until I reach my goal of shedding  this unwanted fats in my belly.  In time.. with  hard work  and perseverance.  It might take till I am in my 70's but I am sure it will happen hahaha.

Above  workouts are done in the following notes:
  • 3:0 speed
  • Walking only
  • 10% grade incline, meaning  it is like walking up hill that's why I can't really run.  In a flat  surface, I could though.  
Goal this week is to maintain the same.  Hopefully, I could.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

BeautyBox5 June Edition

My Beauty Box 5,  June edition came perfectly on my birthday.  It was like a birthday treat for me.  I immediately opened the box to see what  it has for me this month.    I so love everything in it, once again!  BeautyBox5 never ceases to impress me.  I am so glad that I am  regular subscriber to this beauty box.
I love this Eslor Calming kit.  It has soothing refiner and cleanser, replenishing scrub, comforting mask, and soothing cream.  It's like  getting into the spa on my birthday, pretty cool!
I don't really use mascara but this could be a start for me to learn how to use it hehehe.   This Glam natural mascara  is gluten free, paraben free, and hypoallergenic.  For those who love to  put make up and eye makeup, this mascara could be a great additin.
I grow up using coconut milk.  In fact, my children shampoo has coconut milk in it and  they love it.  I  was glad to get a sample of this  Organix coconut water shampoo and conditioner.  It suited my hair perfectly.  I felt like I was in my younger years when I used to use coconut milk in my hair.  
The Vita Bar Body wash will be great for our next travel next month.  I could really use this one.
My favorite in the box is this Nicka K New York Nail Color.  Upon seeing it, I  decided to  add  some color to my nails just to pamper  them on my birthday.  
What I like about it is it's very smooth.
The photos above were taken on my birthday while the  photos below were taken   few days after.  I was impressed of how much longer they stayed in my fingernails considering that I do a lot of  washing dishes.  When I paint my nails it usually only last a couple of days and they are gone.  This one is quite different.
Thank you once again BeautyBox5 for this sweet surprise in the box!  It truly add  some excitement during my birthday.  What can I say, I am blessed, loved and   feeling fabulous even without makeup weee!

Disclaimer: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. Opinions expressed is not in anyway influenced by other factors. The product/s mentioned above was provided for FREE for evaluation purposes.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wedding Photographer

Hubby and I have been married for  eleven years now.  A solid proof that online dating  works and it prove the people who were judgmental wrong.  Our relationship was predicted  not to last long by some people but  it's their opinion and I don't care.  What matters is the love we have for each other.  
Anyhow, one of our neighbor's daughter just got  married a couple of days ago.  I saw their beautiful pictures.  I don't think they hire a raleigh wedding photographer but  all of their photos are gorgeous and romantic!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I am a year Older Today, Yippe!

  When I was a kid
I told myself  that 
I want to be married
 and have kids of my own.

Years have gone by, 
I'm now 41 and married for 11 years
I have a loving husband
and two wonderful kids

All I ask dear  God is good health
So I can  grow old with  my husband
and together we can  see our  children 
 have their own family.

Thank you Lord
for giving me another year
another chance to be with my  family
Thank YOU for giving me a wonderful life!
Yay, I am year older today and hopefully a year wiser hehehe.
Thanks to all  of you 
who sent me messages and greetings!  
Y'all made my day and makes me 
appreciate  every second of my existence!  
Thanks Acuvue for this birthday ecard.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Black & White

I won a giveaway from Mommy Nova's blog months ago and this is the prize I got from Rosewholesale. I love the design, the quality of the material but since this is one size, I did not have a choice to have the perfect size that I need so this is a bit longer and bigger. I altered the shoulder part of this just so I could try it on.
This dress would look great to someone is a bit taller and bigger than me.  I wear a size small and this could be a medium size.
If you are interested to swap for a dress or want to buy this one, don't hesitate to contact me hehehe.  Don't worry, I only tried it on for a couple of minutes.  If interested you may contact me via email or buzz me at my  FB. Thanks for visiting.