Thursday, June 25, 2020

I'm Grateful for 47 Years of Good Life

I’m not sure how much time I have time left in this Earth but I’m grateful for every single day that I wake up and breathing.    I have to admit though that  the age is catching up to me physically.  There are things that I find it difficult  to do especially certain exercises. I no longer have the flexibility that I had in my 20s but I like testing myself anyways so I practice yoga every chance I get.  
I can't believe that in three years, I will be in the golden years weeee, here I come!  My husband asked me if I wanted to go somewhere on my birthday but I told him I just want to stay home and if he really wants to take me somewhere, I'd love to go to Lowe's lol.  He took me there and I found some plants, yay!  He also got me a chocolate vine, so hopefully I can let it grow so when it blooms it will remind me of my birthday (just in case I became forgetful in the future).
My son took these pics as a little token for my birthday, thanks my Love!
It rained the night before my birthday with a strong gust of wind so all the peonies were down the next morning. I cut them all and made a bouquet and displayed it in our living room.  Peonies doesn't have a great scent but they are beautiful.  
My son was very proud that he shopped for a birthday present by himself  and he spent his own money.  He said it made him so happy that he could do that now where in the previous years, he would just make some things to give me.  I told him that homemade gifts are the best anyway but I do appreciate his thoughtfulness.  I'm also grateful for a friend who never forget my birthday, thanks sis Dhemz.  As always, my daughter makes the  best homemade cards.