Thursday, April 3, 2014

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I started blogging  in 2008 when a friend told me that I can find  opportunities online.  I was hesitant but then gave it a try  and now I am hooked with it.  It is my addiction now aside from my kids.  I don't think I will be able to rehabilitate even if I admit myself to blog rehab hahaha. Is there such a thing as blog rehab?  Just kidding here  peeps but on the serious side, I love blogging.

Here is the list of my blogs with it's stats updated April 4th, 2014.  Maintaining multiple  blogs is quite a  challenge but I  I love doing it.  Time is my big constraint when it comes to having them updated  regularly.

- this blog is originally created for my husband.  He wrote on it  for a while  and then  he had to go back to school after retiring from the Navy so he could not keep up with it anymore and  I took over.  I changed the theme from  nautical to   home improvement, gardening, and other hobbies that we do.  This was created in 2008.
  • Alexa Ranking - 33,476
  • Domain Authority - 31
  • Google Page Rank - 3/10
  • Email Subscribers - 615
  • Google Followers - 646
  • Total Page Views - 482,906
  • Networked Blogs Followers - 46
  • Facebook Fan - 154
- this blog serves as my journal for my children's milestone and other aspects that affect  their lives and well being.  I created this blog back in 2011, my daughter is my co-author on this.  I only let her blog during  school break.  Come and see some of my children's growth, achievements, struggles, and giggles.
  • Alexa Ranking -39,446
  • Domain Authority - 31
  • Google Page Rank - 3/10
  • Email Subscribers - 22
  • Google Followers - 574
  • Total Page Views - 347,115
  • Networked Blogs Followers - 79
  • Facebook Fan - 165
- I created this blog in 2010 to feature my experience in food exploration.  Cooking is not my cup of tea when I was single so I  challenged myself and I  slowly learn how to cook.  My husband even said that I am a natural cook, woot!  Anyway, this blog does not only showcase food but  all other  spices that  affects my family's life.  So come on  down and have a cup of coffee with me.

  • Alexa Ranking - 44,512
  • Domain Authority - 30
  • Google Page Rank - 2/10
  • Email Subscribers - 612
  • Google Followers - 624
  • Total Page Views - 569,531
  • Networked Blogs Followers - 156
  • Facebook Fan - 177
- this blog is my avenue to showcase my family's travels and family adventures.  I created this in 2008 when we  started exploring the Land of the Morning Calm, South Korea.  You can find our travels  overseas and in  here in the States.  Travel with me, come and see the places we've been to.

  • Alexa Ranking - 49,859
  • Domain Authority - 38
  • Google Page Rank - 2/10
  • Email Subscribers - 531
  • Google Followers - 904
  • Total Page Views - 528,360
  • Networked Blogs Followers - 254
  • Facebook Fan - 166
- this blog is also my husband's back when he was still blogging.  We created this in 2009, a year after his first blog.  This originally showcased his  experiences  as a sailor and then when I took over, I changed the them to  shopping.    I am a frugal  wife  and this blog showcases that hence the title "iShoppe.. when finances let me, the frugal way".
  • Alexa Ranking - 56,558
  • Domain Authority - 31
  • Google Page Rank - 2/10
  • Email Subscribers - 530
  • Google Followers - 542
  • Total Page Views - 373,539
  • Networked blogs follower - 48
  • Facebook Fan - 184
- in our quest to live a healthy  lifestyle, I created this blog in 2012 to share  things that we do as a family to stay fit.  This also showcase our sense of fashion, might not be the acceptable norm of fashion to true fashionistas but hey, everyone is different right?  So come and get fit with us!
  • Alexa Ranking - 36,406
  • Domain Authority - 29
  • Google Page Rank - 0/10
  • Email Subscribers - 155
  • Google Followers - 131
  • Total Page Views - 210,901
  • Networked blog Followers - 126
  • Facebook Fan - 248
- this is the second blog I created.  This has a travel domain but I basically post pretty much everything on this, hence the title Etcetera Etcetera.  I planned on converting it into a travel blog as a niche but I have never got around it, again time constraints.  This was created in 2008, shortly after I  got the taste of how addicting blogging is.
  • Alexa Ranking - 52, 289
  • Domain Authority - 35
  • Google Page Rank - 2/10
  • Email Subscribers - 658
  • Google Followers - 635
  • Total Page Views - 637,546
  • Networked Blogs Follower - 234
I created this blog for my youngest sister in 2012.  This showcases her challenges as a college student and also share some family news from back home.  She was a working  student in school so she did not have much time in posting on this blog so I manages this one also.
  • Alexa Ranking - 83, 701
  • Domain Authority - 92
  • Google Page Rank - 1/10
  • Email Subscribers - 2
  • Google Followers - 54
  • Total Page Views - 41,413
  • Facebook Fan - 133
- this is my very first blog that I created in 2008 when we first arrived in South Korea.  I did not know anyone  there so my friend  encouraged me to try blogging.  I remember asking her once "What the heck is blogging" lol.  Yeah I know, I am a cave woman who did not know back then that blogging exists.  I wish I could have know blogging when I was in  college, it could have helped me  practice my English lol.  This used to have it's own domain but Google took away the page rank so I  switched back to the free hosting which is blogspot.  I will be working on cleaning this up.  I resubmitted this to Google for reconsideration because they said that it has unnatural links.
  • Alexa Ranking - 69,988
  • Domain Authority - 93
  • Google Page Rank - 0/10
  • Email Subscribers - 102
  • Google Followers - 1,160
  • Total Page Views - 617,428
  • Networked Blogs Followers - 304
  • Facebook Fan - 221
- My family love animals  so I thought of creating a blog that solely  showcase pets and critters.  We used to have three dogs now down to two and two  bunnies now down to one.  A perfect avenue to showcase  beautiful critters in the world.  This blog was created in 2012.
  • Alexa Ranking - 97,030
  • Domain Authority - 23
  • Google Page Rank - 1/10
  • Email Subscribers - 70
  • Google Followers - 64
  • Total Page Views - 52,531
  • Networked Blogs Followers - 17
  • Facebook Fan - 109
- this used to be my food blog but then I had a hard time  understanding their  setting in getting a domain so when  the domain for this expired, I changed the theme to reviews and then  created a different food blog.  This used to have a page rank of 4 but then I  did not have much time updating it so it went down to PR1.
  • Alexa Ranking - 22,326
  • Domain Authority - 67
  • Google Page Rank - 1/10 
- this is a relatively new blog that I started this year.  We saw  some artistic  potential to our kids trough music so I said I will  create a blog that will showcase their  progress and experiences.
  • Alexa Ranking - 156,445
  • Domain Authority - 9
  • Google Page Rank - 0/10
  • Total Page Views - 7,766
  • Networked Blogs Followers - 3
  • Facebook Fan - 86

You may contact me at if you want to work with me.  I do product reviews and other related offers online so don't hesitate to  shoot me an email.  Thanks for reading and commenting.


  1. I don't think I can maintain it if I have blogs as many as yours! Great Job, mommy Rose!

  2. wow.. andaming blogs and yet the alexa rankings are great. that's why your having lots of success as a blogger sis, you're hardworking!

  3. You have positive results for your blogs and hoping for another level of blogging, especially using the more responsive blogger templates.

  4. Wow you are already able to establish your sites end accumulate followers.

  5. wow, i didn't realized you do have plenty of blogs and how are you managing to update all of them way to go mommy, sometimes we need to take risk in order to see what they've been telling us.

  6. It's amazing that you're a die hard blogger platform sis. You have so many blogs! Take it easy and take time to relax the mind. I know you already know how to manage that, but just a friendly thought to yah :) I have several blogs, not as plenty as yours, and it can squeeze and drain the heck out of our brains. Good luck and keep up the good work! <3

  7. WOW! Mommy, I don't think I can keep up with all that blogs. I only have two, but I can barely keep up with one, so I am going to have to decide whether to keep the other one or not. But more likely to focus on one blog. We will see. Kudos to you though!

  8. Hurray mare!!! Yup, blogging is fun. Sounds like there's more blog coming soon? :)

  9. Woot woot! 12 blogs? and here I am still struggling with my one and only blog. :)

  10. WOW I would never be able to keep up with this many blogs. Very ambitious!!

  11. I believe that having a blog is sometimes can help you to stay stress free. you can always have a diversion and knowing that you have plenty of blogs there's an addiction to it esp if you earn every day from it.

  12. i look up to you in blogging Rose, and I thank you for your generosity in sharing whatever you have learned in blogging aspect. you are modeling a very good example that if we manage our time wisely, all these can be done. and this is a very self-sufficient addiction, coz you are earning, a lot better than FB addiction I believe. :)

  13. Congrats to all of your blogs Sis Rose :-) I am one of those thousands of visitors :-) You are doing awesome job sharing updates of you and the your family :-)

  14. You are a super blogger, sis! The ranks of your blogs are outstanding! Congrats for maintaining them that good! As for me, about to retire na, haha!


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