Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Boost your Bottom Line

I wondered who subscribed me from Shape Magazine as I  don't remember signing up for it.  It was also addressed at my FIL's a home addy so it's for sure I did not do it but I am grateful for it because I get to read some fitness  tips and do some of the routines   that celebrities  do to stay fit and in shape.   The first subscription that I received was for the month of March that showcased Sharon Stone as the celebrity  whose beauty still shines till this day.
 One of the articles that I love is this one that focus on how to boost your bottom line.  I must admit, I am one of those  who isn't lucky to have   big breast and big butt.  The breast I don't mind but  the butt, I am trying to improve its shape hehehe.  It's nice to be able to  wear a jeans  and when you look in the mirror, you like what you see.  Not only that, your husband will say "Nice butt" with a  gentle tap on your butt cheeks lol.
I love doing the Squeeze bridge , I do this  while watching the morning news on TV.  Squeeze Bridge  works butts and hamstrings.  I don't have  a loop band but I still draw my knees  away from each other, then bring them close together again and lower hips to  starting position which is lie faceup with knees bent and feet hip width apart on the floor.  You can do  do 20 reps and you will feel the  heat burning around  your legs, hi[ps, and even your upper body.
According to Andrea Orbeck, the trainer behind some of those Hollywood  hottest backsides, if you follow this (glute trifecta), you'll firm the flab and reverse it into tone tush.  This is a cardio  that Heidi Klum uses to  fire up the butt and blast fat.  It sculptors the target which is the largest muscles  in the lower body and moves that home in the glutes from every angle.
I received the April  magazine already featuring  super model Naomi Campbell.  NO wonder she's so toned  at her age.   Alrighty, next time folks.


  1. I have to work on these - thanks for sharing sis - matry nga !

  2. I would like to get that read jeans. :) I am doing squats now to see if I can have that round bottom. ;)

  3. hehehehe..... I love when you said "Not only that, your husband will say "Nice butt" with a gentle tap on your butt cheeks lol." I am working on mine because I want to be comfortable wearing a bikini or a swimsuit this summer with a tight behind and nicely shaped. Makes you feel sexy and confident. Well, at least for me. I don't really need to have a huge one, but I just one a toned and defined shape. :) Work it mommy! I guess I better get to sweating. :)

  4. You've got well-toned glutes sis! :) Good for you and you did justice on those jeans :)

  5. Wow!! So fast and you got the result already? Or you were just born with a nice bottom? Lol. I need to work on mine too, I think sitting incorrectly can make the bottom flat and I have done it so many times.

  6. You have a nice butt and awesome body shape, because of your fitness program. Keep it up and your hubby too.

  7. Good luck on your goal of boosting your bottom.

  8. i do a lot of squats for a firmer, nicely shaped behind too. lol


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