Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

As you drove away to work today (and everyday),
I pray to God to keep you safe and be protected
Especially today that it's your birthday.
We are so blessed to have you in our lives
You taught us how to be brave, to be patient,
and to love unconditionally.
For that, we love you dearly!
 You are the hero in our children's eyes,
You inspired them to do their best
You continue to show them how to be respectful,
how to be polite to others, and how to value what matters most in life.
Thank you for being fun and playful father that you are.  
Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and father.
Thank you for showing the kids that life is not forever so enjoy it while you can. 
Above all, thank you for being there  for us every step if the way.
   May God continue to bless you with good health.  We love you very much!  Happy birthday!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Aurorae Yoga Mat Tote #ProductReview

This month wasn't good in terms of my babies health including my big baby. All of the three got sick last week, they had high fever, headache and nausea. I am just so glad that I was  fine and not affected of what they've got.  I am also glad that they have an extra day off today due to the President's day.  Hopefully, their bodies will fully recuperate  and  be ready to go back to school tomorrow.  They are still coughing but seems to be feeling alright.  

This is the main reason, I keep my active lifestyle because I don't want to be sick.  Having a strong immunity system and strong body is important especially during the  Winter months.  
I don't go to the gym but we have a mini gym at home.  Treadmill is my regular body when cold  season rolls in and I can't do my regular walks outside.  I don't walk everyday so when I am not walking, I am using  the other things that I have.  Love this new Aurorae Yoga Mat Tote that I got from Aurorae.  I finally have  something where I can put everything that I need downstairs when I  am working out.  O usually do two trips when I do my yoga downstairs but not that I have this tote, I can put everything theat I need in it.  
This Yoga Mat Tote Bag  can carry all the things that you need.  It has  plenty of room for standard and premium yoga mats that is  up to 28 inches wide.  As you can see above, I have my yoga towels, my jumping rope, bottle of water, and my yoga mat in there and there's still a lot of rom.  The magnetic snap closures allow for easy access to your yoga accessories, clothing, and personal belongings and it's very easy to snap on.  You can secure your valuables in the one external zip pocket or the one internal zip pocket.
  When I  work out, I always have my cellphone with me because I listen to music so the easy access for the  cellphone pocket in interior is pretty awesome.  The interior of this tote is fully lined with durable heavy duty polyester for easy clean up, and is designed in our unique Yogi Pose print pattern.
This tote  is available in colors grey, purple,  and stripe as shown in the photo below taken from Aurorae's website.  I would have love the stripe but this purple is alright too because it goes p[erfectly with my purple towels.  You can buy this via link or by visiting directly to the link I have provided above.  This tote is on sale right now so if you need a yoga tote for your yoga mat and  other  fitness accessories, I highly recommend this!

I am supposed to hit the treadmill in a bit after I am done with this article.  I  am doing  my laundry today so while I am doing that, I will take time to walk on the treadmill again.  I cleaned and sanitized the whole  house earlier today  trying to get rid  all of the germs and what not  that brought by the sickness.  I stripped down all our beds and washing  all of it.  I also   replaced our toothbrushes with new ones, I always do that when  one get sick.  Lastly, the   chicken  that I  started cooking in the slow cooker  is smelling so good (makes me hungry!).

Alright, before you get bored with what's going on with my day, I will end this post with the yummy  banana milkshake that I made  yesterday.  My husband  decided to hit the treadmill so I rewarded him with this.  Hope you all have a great week!
Disclosure: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the products mentioned  in exchange of my honest  opinion which may differ from yours.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Simple but Mauve-olous Valentine

So how did your Valentine's day celebration peeps?  Hubby and I  just stayed home because both of our children  was feeling under the weather.  We didn't even go to church for the same reason.  The kids were fevered for two nights and they are still recuperating from it.  Although the fever is gone, the coughing is still bad.  I am just glad that they are  off today from school, it gives them an extra day to  get well and hopefully get back to their own selves and go to school tomorrow.  

We only exchanged cards and I cooked for  our family date at home.  For me, the best celebration of love is  with your family.  You don't need extravagant gifts to show  your  feelings for them. Just being there and showing them how much you care  is enough.
 Glad to have this  month's Beauty Box 5 to play with.  Staying at home doesn't mean you have to be looking dull, a little sparkle on and lathering up  can brighten up your mood.  Included in this month's box  is Manna Kadar Beauty's 3 in 1 shadow - highlight and blush fantasy, Elizabeth Taylor's Thank Me Later eye shadow primer, Starlooks custom lip liner in sultry sangria, Epic Blend's premium lip balm, and Hemp Nation's kiwi mango body wash.
I love this  custom lip liner in sultry sangria.  A perfect tool to have if you want to create  a trendy shade and  look mauve-olous!
This 3-in-1 shadow  highlight and blush in fantasy  is perfect  in creating a rose gold pigment look.  A great way to accent your eyes and cheek with a soft glow.  I don't use make up very often but for special occasion, a simple  touch up is great.
This eye shadow primer is what you need if you want to get the best  color payoff and prevent creasin.  You can smooth this lifesaver  onto your lid before applying your favorite shadow.
I love this body wash infused with exotic kiwi and mango.  I used it when I showered and the fruity smell makes you feel relaxed.  My daughter even tried it in her  hot bath.
This Epic BLend  premium lip balm is my favorite   this month because the weather here is  terrible that it makes opur lips so dry and cracking.  The root beer flavor is so addicting that if you put it on your lips  before bed, you'll have a very soft lips when you wake up.
So that's the round up for this months Beauty Box 5.  

A simple celebration with a mauve-olous look made for a perfect Valentine's date at home.  Hubby's birthday is three days after the Valentine's day so we don't normally celebrate for the heart's day.  It's Valentine's  day almost everyday in our home anyway.

Disclosure: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the products mentioned  in exchange of my honest  opinion which may differ from yours.