Friday, December 24, 2021

Family Reunion at West Union, West Virginia

 My husband's paternal side of the family held a reunion on 9/11 at Doddridge County Park, a couple of hour drive from our city.  It was our first time attending so it was a little overwhelming for an introverted people like and the kids but I'm glad that we were able to attend because we got to meet some of my husband's relatives.

It was nice meeting other Cottrill relatives and also nice to see some familiar faces there.  My husband's siblings live near where we live but we don't really see them often, so this get together gave us an opportunity to catch up.

My husband's brother, Rick (left) and Aunt Peg's husband, Uncle Wes (right).  
My husband with Jill, Rick's wife. 

With Aunt Peg.  She's my father-in-law's sister, the very first relative I met since I came to the States.  She's such a loving Aunt.  We used to see her often when my FIL was still alive.  We love her!

My brother-in-law, Rick, and my husband.
Aunt Peg and her daughter, Renee.  Renee was the one who organized the reunion.  I am glad she reached out to me via Facebook or else, we would have not found out about it.

I feel bad for my kids because they don't get to see many family members especially my side of the family.  It's been 12 years since we went and visit my family in the Philippines and they were little back then so they can barely remember anyone.

The only cousins they know here are my sister-in-law's grandkids.

One thing that I failed to do during the reunion is make a video.  It would have been nice to get everyone's name on a record since it's hard to remember everyone's name.  I met some really nice ladies that I connected thru Facebook now.  Hope to see them again sometimes.

Aunt Peg brought some old pictures which was nice.  

I wish I am one of those people who can easily talk to people.  I find it really hard to break out from my introvert shell.

Here's a pic of the Cottrill clan who attended the reunion.

It was really nice to meet other members of the Cottrill family.