Monday, March 31, 2014

Build a Rock-Solid Immune System with FitTea #FitTeaDetox

Last Friday was the weigh in for the "Biggest Loser" program at my husband's  work.  The company have started this  program for all the employees to encourage all of them to stay fit.  My husband did not participate last year because  he was new but this year, he signed up for it.  The company  has been divided into teams.  The team who loses most weight will each win $500 in cash and  one will have an addition $100 for  over all biggest loser.

Anyway, he bought some colon cleanse low carb diet to help him  with his goal and I got him this  Decaf FitTea.  I have read and   See what other people think about FitTea and their results and it's very inspiring.  My husband's goal is to lose  30 pounds over the course of  6 months.  He was 197 lbs during the weigh in and he is now 190 lbs which isn't bad.  He lost 7 lbs already  by exercising and using the  colon cleanse  diet.

I like it that FitTea has  All natural ingredients in it which I think the reason why  The pro pack will naturally double your results and your energy so this  is perfect for my husband in achieving his goal.  FitTea will boost your metabolism, aids in digestive health and boosts fat-loss naturally in problem areas. Since one of my husband's main goal is to detox his body, FitTea is absolutely perfect for him since it is  an all-natural detox tea. He can build a rock-solid immune system with FitTea!  Aside from the  tings I've mentioned, it will also help him  super charge and boost his overall immune system and gives him more energy, which is very important at his line of work.
Here are the natural  ingredients of FitTea: 
  • Organic Green Tea, 
  • Oolong Wu Yi, 
  • Organic Rooibos, 
  • Ginger, 
  • Pomegranate, 
  • Guarana, 
  • Birch, 
  • Stevia, 
  • Corn and 
  • Honey Powder. 
Aside from fast-working and natural detox that these ingredients provides, it also  have other benefits such as  weight loss, increased energy levels, suppressing the appetite, and natural antioxidants.  You can Buy FitTea online if you want to detoxify your body with natural ingredient products like Fit Tea.

I challenged my husband  so he challenged me back.  I  am not trying to lose weight but I am trying to tone down so that is my goal, side by side to his goal.  I told him that if he  managed to pull a 165 lbs weight, I will be giving him 500 bucks every six months and he said "Game on".  So now I am in trouble  hahaha.  We both drank a glass of FitTea and liked it.  It's like a mixture of  flowers, it smells good and it tasted good.

So tune in,  "Give us a few weeks and we'll give you a new waistline".

We participated in a sponsored post for #FitTea. However, all opinions are our own.


  1. That looks awesome and it's organic too! <3

  2. This is one step for him to lose more weight in a healthier life, its reminds me of my brother he did also signed up for this kind of activity and he eventually won 20K i think i beat all..and when i saw my brother oh boy, being too skinny is not also right.

  3. I want to give this a try - baka pumayat ako lalo, hahaha!

  4. I will let my husband know about this too. He needs to shed some weight.

  5. Good luck, looks like Fit Tea is effective.

  6. can't wait to see the new waistline sis. i think you are really in trouble! haha!

  7. Truly, your husband needs to tone down his stomach for a better American image. More and more Americans are into fitness program for good physical physiques.

  8. I can relate to you sis. ME and my husband is also on the heavy side, so we did join crossfit community here in Davao to work out at least twice a week and bought sauna suit then boxing once in awhile. I will try to check if that product is available here in Davao. I might try to drink that too. I always believe if there's determination and strong will to lose weight, then your husband would surely hit his target weight. Good Luck!

  9. I can't wait to see some results from you guys to see if it really works. I am curious in trying out some. Hmmmm... maybe I should? Sounds like a good one and love that it is natural.

  10. This sounds like a great product to try! Will check this out!

  11. Yes, I would like to lose weight too and would like something that will aid me to achieve that aside from proper eating and regular exercise.

  12. This might be something my hubby will like, he is a trucker and losing weight is really hard for him. I can't wait to see how much your hubby shed on his weight. I also join your giveaway, I hope I win lol.

  13. It is important to lose weight and get in the best possible life and the longest life possible.

  14. My husband and I are thinking of working out together and maybe get one of those Insanity DVDs. Never bought any kind of detox tea or stuff like that, but I really want a juicer this summer so we can juice a lot of veggies and fruits that we are going to have in our garden. It will be a great Detox for us too. :) LOL! I'll wait for your results. :)

  15. wow..this is inspiring! in the house, it's my hubby who's always challenging me to exercise and minimize rice on our meal...i'm also taking a tea with ingredients something like your tea to help cleanse my body...cheers to good health!

  16. How I wish I could just win one for my brother! Hahahaha It's always a challenge to work out and keep a healthy bod :D Let's wait and see for the positive results.


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